From squid to volcanoes / Del calamar a los volcanes

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY DINNER WAS delightful. We sat on the beach at Chiringuito (beach bar) Oasis under another completely overcast sunset. (The photo at top is Chiringuito Oasis in 2016.) We taxied there and Alexander gave us a lift home. The company was perfect, although I have few photos to prove it (the lighting made it difficult — and the fact that I didn’t get up off my ass to take pictures of Tynan and Alexander on my side of the table). The food was exceptional, as you’ll see below.


LA CENA DEL 40º ANIVERSARIO fue una delicia. Nos sentamos en la playa de Chiringuito (bar de playa) Oasis bajo otra puesta de sol completamente nublada. (La foto en la parte superior es Chiringuito Oasis en 2016). Tomamos un taxi allí y Alexander nos llevó a casa. La compañía fue perfecta, aunque tengo pocas fotos para demostrarlo (la iluminación lo hizo difícil — y el hecho de que no me levanté de mi culo para tomar fotos de Tynan y Alexander en mi lado de la mesa). La comida fue excepcional, como verá a continuación.

• For starters, I had fried calamaritos (delicious little squid lightly battered and lightly fried).
• Para empezar, tuve calamaritos fritos.
• Everyone else had grilled sardines.
• Todos los demás tenían sardinas a la plancha.
• My bacalao al pil pil (Spanish cod in pil pil sauce)
• Mi bacalao al pil pil.
• Chicken croquettes. When Paula saw the English translation, croquettes (which is French), she asked if there was an actual English word for them. Croquettes!
• Las croquettas de pollo de Elena y Paula. Cuando Paula vio la traducción al inglés, croquettes (que es francés), preguntó si había una palabra en inglés real para ellos. ¡Croquettes!
• Elena kept rearranging things to allow me clear views for my food photos. She always does that, although I always manage just fine. At one point she moved every glass and bottle in front of San Geraldo — just to be helpful. San Geraldo was not pleased.
• Elena siguió reorganizando las cosas para permitirme vistas claras de mis fotos de comida. Ella siempre hace eso, aunque yo siempre me las arreglo bien. En un momento dado, movió todos los vasos y botellas frente a San Geraldo, solo para ayudar. San Geraldo no estaba contento.
• Alexander chose from the barbacue menu.
• Alexander eligió del menú de barbacoa.
• I think this was sea bass [lubina].
• Creo que era lubina.
• Boquerones al limon.
• Anchovies with lemon.
• Brownie
• Coulant de chocolate (what we might call molten lava cake).
• Coulant de chocolate.
• A few of us had a complementary glass of pacharán (Spanish spelling) after dinner. (Patxaran, from Basque Country, is made from crushed and fermented sloes, the fruit of the blackthorn tree. Elena’s cousin sends them to her from her home town.)
• Algunos de nosotros tomamos una copa de pacharán complementaria después de la cena.
• San Geraldo’s opinion of my pacharán. I love it, but Elena’s homemade pacaharán is so much better (click here).
• La opinión de San Geraldo sobre mi pacharán. Me encanta, pero el pacaharán casero de Elena es mucho mejor (haz clic aquí).

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22 thoughts on “From squid to volcanoes / Del calamar a los volcanes”

  1. Lol – the many faces of SG! He is rivaling Maria for the variety of his expressions. Glad you had a good time, good friends and excellent food to celebrate your anniversary.

  2. Ditto what Mary said. Also, I read made from crushed and fermented shoes. I need to drink my coffee, stat!

    1. Deedles:
      Well, as far as SG is concerned, I think crushed and fermented shoes would taste better.

  3. Looks like a memorable evening! The Pacharan sounds interesting. I love it that Elena is having so much fun, though SG looks a little incredulous.

    1. Steve:
      I do very much like the pacharan, but Elena’s is exceptional and was the first I ever had. I don’t know if I would enjoy it as much otherwise.

  4. Oh, fresh fish cooked to perfection…how I long for it. No calamares here in New Mexico…

    1. Frank:
      These calamares (well, my calamaritos) were the best I’ve had. So fresh and perfectly prepared.

    1. Wilma:
      The calamaritos were the best I’ve ever had. Exceptional seafood exceptionally prepared.

  5. As usual, San Geraldo’s expressions are priceless. I think you could you a whole blog dedicated to the looks on his face. But then we wouldn’t have that delicious food to look at.

    1. Kirk:
      At times, it seems like my blog is all about SG. He’s my muse… and a really good sport.

    1. David:
      It was a pleasure. And we even went as far as hugging each other… with our faces turned. THAT has been so missed.

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