What about the shirts? / ¿Qué pasa con las camisetas?

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YESTERDAY AFTER LUNCH, I WALKED into the city of Mijas, nearly 13 km / 8 miles in 2 hours and 15 minutes, plus stopping at the pharmacy and shopping at Leroy Merlin (like Home Depot in the USA or B&Q in the UK). I picked up plant food and a liner Isabel recommended for the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. I do what Isabel tells me, which is why I also ordered a new vacuum cleaner that arrived Saturday. She’s going to be so happy.

Karen, in Switzerland, told me to try Lidl Supermarket’s dark chocolate. She knows chocolate, so I made a quick stop at Lidl’s, too. The chocolate is excellent and I‘m definitely not complaining. But, Karen, I still like Lindt better.

We just finished lunch at home after an hour spent at Ilunion Hotel where we met Tynan, Elena, and Isa for coffee (T&E had beer). I get so overjoyed to spend time with them. We laughed, we caught up, we told stories. Given my current brain chemistry, however, the minute I got outside for the walk home I crashed. It was the same during my wonderful walk Saturday, and my weekly video chat with Susan, which always elevates my mood. I am so happy and grateful and then comes the crash. But at least I’m still experiencing the highs, the happiness, and the gratitude. When I’m home and I feel the crash coming on, I find San Geraldo and get a big, long, hug and kiss. That grounds me again.

Tuesday, The Kid Brother gave me his weekly bowling scores to be added to the Excel spreadsheet. We talked about the possibility that softball might resume this spring. He demanded, “Hey, what about the shirts?!?”

Every year, per his instructions, I have two custom baseball shirts printed for him. He provides two different numbers for the backs of the shirts. We’re up to 62 and 63, but I have no idea the meaning of the numbers. All I know is that it means, instead of getting a discount for ordering two of the same shirt, I have to pay for two individual shirts. But, it makes him happy even if it makes him no less demanding. And it makes me happy, too. You can see this year’s shirts above and views from Saturday’s walk below. And the chocolate.


AYER DESPUÉS DEL ALMUERZO, CAMINÉ hasta la ciudad de Mijas, casi 13 km / 8 millas en 2 horas y 15 minutos, además de parar en la farmacia y comprar en Leroy Merlin (como Home Depot en los EE. UU. o B&Q en el Reino Unido). Recogí comida para plantas y un forro que Isabel recomendó para el cajón de las verduras en el refrigerador. Hago lo que me dice Isabel, por eso también pedí una aspiradora nueva que llegó el sábado. Ella va a ser tan feliz.

Karen, en Suiza, me dijo que probara el chocolate negro del supermercado Lidl. Ella conoce el chocolate, así que también hice una parada rápida en Lidl. El chocolate es bueno y definitivamente no me quejo. Pero, Karen, todavía me gusta más Lindt.

Acabamos de terminar de almorzar en casa después de pasar una hora en Ilunion Hotel donde nos reunimos con Tynan, Elena e Isa para tomar un café (T&E tenía cerveza). Me llena de alegría pasar tiempo con ellos. Nos reímos, nos pusimos al día, contamos historias. Sin embargo, dada mi química cerebral actual, en el momento en que salí para caminar a casa me estrellé. Fue lo mismo durante mi maravillosa caminata el sábado y mi video chat semanal con Susan, que siempre eleva mi estado de ánimo. Estoy tan feliz y agradecido y luego viene el choque en el estado de ánimo. Pero al menos todavía estoy experimentando los máximos, la felicidad y la gratitud. Cuando estoy en casa y siento que se acerca el choque, encuentro a San Geraldo y recibo un abrazo y un beso grandes y largos. Eso me vuelve a poner a tierra.

El martes, El Hermanito me dio sus puntajes semanales de bolos para agregarlos a la hoja de cálculo de Excel. Hablamos sobre la posibilidad de que el softbol se reanude esta primavera. Exigió: “Oye, ¿qué pasa con las camisas?!?

Cada año, siguiendo sus instrucciones, imprimo dos camisetas de béisbol personalizadas para él. Proporciona dos números diferentes para las espaldas de las camisetas. Estamos en 62 y 63, pero no tengo idea del significado de los números. Todo lo que sé es que significa que, en lugar de obtener un descuento por pedir dos camisetas iguales, tengo que pagar por dos camisetas individuales. Pero lo hace feliz aunque no lo hace menos exigente. Y me hace feliz, también. Puedes ver las camisetas de este año arriba y las vistas de la caminata del sábado a continuación. Y el chocolate.

• Thirty-five minutes done.
• Treinta y cinco minutos terminados.
• A quiet street along the way, lined with orange trees in fruit and bloom (ah, the fragrance).
• Una calle tranquila a lo largo del camino, bordeada de naranjos en flor y fruta (ah, la fragancia).
• The quickest way to the shopping center ends with this foot bridge, which adds quite some distance.
• La forma más rápida de llegar al parque comercial termina en este puente peatonal, que añade bastante distancia.
• Taking it from the top. With the water park center right
• Tomándolo desde arriba. Con el parque acuático a la derecha
• Nothing picturesque here. Leroy Merlin logo is the green pyramid left of center.
• Nada pintoresco aquí. El logo de Leroy Merlin es la pirámide verde a la izquierda del centro.
• Lidl at center behind roundabout.
• Lidl en el centro detrás de la rotonda.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

30 thoughts on “What about the shirts? / ¿Qué pasa con las camisetas?”

  1. I recently took some lectures on the topic of regret.
    We tend to regret more the things we didn’t do (than the things we did do). For me that includes ‘eating more quality chocolate’.

  2. I am not a fan of The Chocolate so I have no candy in this fight.
    That walk is pretty, but looks like a kina cold day.
    And now I, too, will be wondering why the KB needs two different numbers.
    I might need one of SG’s Hugs™.

    1. Bob:
      Today is sunny and warm. Yesterday was in the 60s but felt colder. I carried my sweathshirt there, and was a little chilly, and wore it on the return. However, my shirt was soaked when I got home. Couldn’t win. KB started with 51. The next year, he wanted two numbers, 52 and 53. It’s been two numbers ever since. When I asked him why numbers 54 and 55, he said, “Cause last year was 53!” Anyone who’s had one says SG gives the best hugs.

    1. For me, walking is the best medicine. I miss my old place as there were a lot of places to walk. Here at Michael’s not so much, so sometimes I have to drive to a place just to walk, but at least I can do that. PS: Chocolate is my passion! Michael got me some chocolates from Barbados for Valentine’s Day. I savor one chocolate each evening after dinner.

      1. mcpersonalspace54:
        I love to walk, as you already know. It’s always been an important consideration whenever we’ve moved. We lived in “the country” in Connecticut for a number of years. Beautiful, but the country roads left no room for pedestrians, so we had to drive first to go for a walk. I hated that. One chocolate each evening? YOU are a saint!

      2. My brother lives in Connecticut and lives out in the country, but there is no way that they can walk on the roads. They are narrow and winding with little to no shoulders on either side.

      3. mcpersonalspace54:
        Exactly. I had these imaginings of walks on country lanes. I tried and was nearly hit by cars. (And some actually seemed to aim for me.)

    2. Debra:
      I have always been a solo walker. Started when we moved to Brooklyn when I was 10. Probably some deep-seated psychological reasons (actually, I know there are), but it sure is healthy.

  3. I had to cut the. dog walks short this morning due to impending rain. Maybe you should set up a day bed on you lovely terrace to maximize the outdoor effect. Ooooh, or even a hammock!

    1. Wilma:
      I bought a really wonderful comfortable chair for the terrace last year — that I have never yet used. I prefer to be moving anyway. SG thinks he would like a hammock. We’ve talked about it. But we don’t think either of us would find it comfortable for long.

  4. How curious about the numbers on the shirts. I guess they must mean SOMEthing, at least to your brother!

    Nice scenery! (Well, except for the Burger King. 🙂 )

    1. Steve:
      As I told Bob in an earlier reply. The year Chuck asked for the numbers 54 and 55, I asked “Why?” He said, “Cause last year was 53!”

      I used the Burger King toilet to pee before I headed home. (And then I didn’t buy anything.)

  5. With the knee problem (osteoarthritis/torn meniscus/warn out cartilage) my walking has been minimal. Got a cortisone shot on Friday and walked 1.2 miles today! A new recent record. We used to hike and walk for miles. I’ve been seeing a therapist and find my depression has been less. Maybe becoming used to lowered expectations? I only wish I looked half that good in a jersey!

    1. Frank:
      That‘s great news about the walk! The guy in the baseball shirt is a Zazzle model. He gets paid for it to fit like that.

  6. Oh, we’re going to Torremolinos, back to the palm trees, going to see Mitch and Gerry, in the southern sunny Spanish bay.
    We’ll bring Lindt chocolates too!

  7. ‘Taking it from the top’ photo…..is that your area way way in the background? If so that, THAT was quite the walk alright! I don’t think I could keep up with you.
    Are the numbers representing KB’s age?

    1. Jim:
      Our neighborhood is way off to the right and further back before the mountains. Can’t even see it from the bridge. Good guess regarding the numbers, but no — especiall since he goes through two numbers every year. Hasn’t had new shirts since before the pandemic. And still wanted the same number he had requested at that time. I’ll share what I’ve told Bob and Steve: The year Chuck asked for the numbers 54 and 55, I asked “Why?” He said, “Cause last year was 53!”

  8. I miss those walks along streets with flowering fruit trees, we had them in Rome, it was wonderful. Here in our small town there is 3 ladies who make chocolates in small batches, always fresh and all kitchen/home made, it is unlike any other company made chocolates. The taste is so rich, it is a little more expensive to buy but makes the perfect gift. Home the sunshine of Andalusia elevates your mood.

    1. Larry:
      There’s always something flowering here. Ooh, homemade gourmet chocolates. You are so lucky.

  9. Wow, 8 miles in 2 hours — you’re ready for serious walking marathons! It must be thrilling to pick a ripe orange, lemon or pomegranate right off a tree instead of a pile at the grocery store. Too bad Lindt chocolates don’t grow wild, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      The oranges are bitter oranges, used for marmalade. It Sevilla they have more than 1,000 of them planted in the city and they harvest them every year. It used to be fun to watch the tourists pick oranges from the trees and try to eat them. Ooh, Lindt chocolate trees! We’d have them lining our terrace. We did plant chocolate daisies in Palm Springs. I don’t know what they tasted like, but they smelled like chocolate.

  10. Take care of yourself, and do the things that work for you. I need to go find the Lidel store, we have Aldi, I think a new Aldi is opening near home.

    1. David:
      We have Aldi around, too, but not right here in the city. The two Lidl stores I’ve visited haven’t been very impressive. But I understand the prices are good. And, well, the chocolate is good. And I noticed they do have a great food-to-go department. All different kinds of empanadas and things like that at unbelievably low prices.

  11. I miss my longish walks with Tasha. While she’s recuperating, we have short walks. I’m starting to extend them a little now that we’re over four weeks in.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Do you still go on longish walks by yourself or do the walks with Tasha take up enough time that there’s no time for more?

      1. I started going by myself, but now I find excuses not to. It’s too cold. It’s too wet. It’s too windy. I’m too lazy.

      2. Walt the Fourth:
        And there’s always the excuse of not wanting to upset Tasha who would LOVE to go for a long walk with you.

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