Have you ever had a Mai Tai? / ¿Alguna vez has tenido un Mai Tai?

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I’ve been saving my energy for friends and food. We met Tynan and Elena for coffee Saturday morning. San Geraldo and I then stayed at Mesón Salvador for lunch. We had dinner Friday night with our pals Luke and Beckett, their parents, and grandfather (who has been visiting from the States). It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other.

Having a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old means there’s always some germ being passed around. Kathleen always warns us when someone in the family has “something,” which is most of the time, and we usually choose to keep our distance. This time, Pedro was feeling the start of a cough and Beckett’s nose wouldn’t stop running. Kathleen said, “Oh, hell. Mitchell has pneumonia!” So we got to enjoy each other’s company while keeping a bit of distance. Besides, I don’t have pneumonia; I had pneumonia. It made us so happy to see them. Luke remains one of my favorite people and he now speaks for himself in the restaurant, which filled me with pride (and surprise). Beckett could not be more adorable.

Thursday night, we went to a new restaurant called Tapa y Tai (by My Thai). Friends Lulu and Rita discovered it shortly after it opened late last year and Lulu said we’d love it. She was right. It began when we walked in the door and were welcomed like old friends. The food was absolute perfection. And there’s a heat level for every taste. I tend to like my Thai food mildly to moderately spicy. At the moment I can’t tolerate much spice at all. I chose a dish that had so much flavor. Lulu, Rita, and San Geraldo like very spicy and they were all in heaven. The food isn’t spicy just for the sake of the heat (there was one spicy dish we all shared); it’s all about flavor. Besides, we’ll take any excuse for an evening out with Lulu and Rita, whose visits to Fuengirola tend to overlap throughout the year. It’s a 9-minute walk from home and SG and I agree we’ll make this a regular stop. We already plan to return this week.

So, right now, I get in a walk in the sunshine, do what I can around the house, and spend a couple of hours back in bed to build some more energy for dinner out. Yesterday afternoon was spent mostly in bed and we enjoyed dinner and a movie — at home. Today is looking better. I just got back from a good walk where I only coughed once. There’ll still be a siesta after lunch.


He estado guardando mi energía para amigos y comida. Nos reunimos con Tynan y Elena para tomar un café el sábado por la mañana. San Geraldo y yo luego nos quedamos a almorzar en el Mesón Salvador. Cenamos el viernes por la noche con nuestros amigos Luke y Beckett, sus padres y su abuelo (que ha estado de visita desde Estados Unidos). Ha pasado demasiado tiempo desde que nos hemos visto.

Tener un niño de 3 años y un niño de 7 años significa que siempre se transmite algún germen. Kathleen siempre nos advierte cuando alguien en la familia tiene “algo”, que es la mayor parte del tiempo, y generalmente elegimos mantener la distancia. Esta vez, Pedro estaba sintiendo el comienzo de la tos y la nariz de Beckett no dejaba de moquear. Kathleen dijo: “Oh, diablos. ¡Mitchell tiene neumonía! Así que pudimos disfrutar de la compañía del otro manteniendo un poco de distancia. Además, no tengo neumonía; Tuve neumonía. Nos hizo muy felices verlos. Luke sigue siendo una de mis personas favoritas y ahora habla por sí mismo en el restaurante, lo que me llenó de orgullo (y sorpresa). Beckett no podría ser más adorable.

El jueves por la noche fuimos a un nuevo restaurante llamado Tapa y Tai (de My Thai). Las amigas Lulu y Rita lo descubrieron poco después de que abriera a fines del año pasado y Lulu dijo que nos encantaría. Ella tenía razón. Comenzó cuando entramos por la puerta y nos recibieron como viejos amigos. La comida era la perfección absoluta. Y hay un nivel de calor para cada gusto. Tiendo a gustarme mi comida tailandesa de leve a moderadamente picante. Por el momento no puedo tolerar mucho picante en absoluto. Elegí un plato que tenía mucho sabor. A Lulu, Rita y San Geraldo les gusta mucho el picante y estaban todos en el cielo. La comida no es picante solo por el calor (había un plato picante que todos compartimos); se trata de sabor. Además, cualquier excusa la sacamos para una velada con Lulu y Rita, cuyas visitas a Fuengirola suelen coincidir a lo largo del año. Está a 9 minutos a pie de casa y SG y estoy de acuerdo en que haremos de esto una parada regular. Ya tenemos pensado volver esta semana.

Entonces, en este momento, salgo a caminar bajo el sol, hago lo que puedo en la casa y paso un par de horas en la cama para tener más energía para cenar afuera. La tarde de ayer la pasamos mayormente en la cama y disfrutamos de una cena y una película en casa. Hoy pinta mejor. Acabo de regresar de una buena caminata donde solo tosí una vez. Sin embargo, todavía habrá una siesta después del almuerzo.

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26 thoughts on “Have you ever had a Mai Tai? / ¿Alguna vez has tenido un Mai Tai?”

  1. You only coughed once – I know how monumental that is when you have been coughing every hour in the past days!!!

  2. Not having had children of my own, I join you in marveling at the learning and developing process that other people’s little ones go through. Watching this happen with my niece’s two little girls (4 and 2) has been so much fun.
    All good positive things happening for you, as you continue to get stronger!

    1. Judy C:
      I’m saving today’s activity for the afternoon. This morning is kind of the pits. I adore kids… probably because I never had my own. So grateful when their parents are happy to share them.

  3. Oooh you’re right. That place looks great!!! Yum! It was sooooo nice to see you, I can’t get over it! Beckett’s snot has progressed to Pedro Man Cold. Here we gooooooo. :p

    1. Kathleen:
      Aw, so you didn’t get date night? Hope these latest germs disappear quickly. I’m still dragging.

  4. Food porn!
    I do love me some spice but,. like you, not for the spicy but for the flavor.
    All those dishes look fantastic.

  5. So glad you’re feeling well enough again to do most of the things you want to do. The food looks delicious, but Thai spice is a bit beyond my heat tolerance. I’m a wimp.

    1. Kelly:
      What’s nice at Tapa y Tai is that there are plenty of options without any spice at all. Something for every taste. I haven’t done anything this morning. I’m saving up for this afternoon.

  6. Yes, I HAVE had a Mai Tai — it was my go-to drink when I was a freshman in college, for some weird reason. (I know — SO gay.)

    The food looks amazing. I like moderate heat but not super-hot heat.

    1. Steve:
      I don’t even remember every being around anyone who ordered a Mai Tai. I missed out on so much. (?) I look forward to our return trip to Tapa y Tai.

  7. I love Thai food, but where we live, I have to make it myself. I know a pretty good Thai place in Paris (I last ate there in 2018), but that’s a long way to go for lunch.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Although one of Fuengirola’s drawbacks can at times be the expat community, it also brings some excellent international cuisine. The city is filled with surprises. This has got be the best Thai I’ve ever had.

  8. Happy to read you’re improving. We have been slowly increasing our social dates with friends and it’s really improving our quality of life.

    1. Sassybear:
      I hope you feel completely better quickly and can enjoy life, friends, and martinis.

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