I’m coming out / Estoy saliendo

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Thursday was a big day here in Los Boliches. I was up early to catch the sunrise. At 10:30, San Geraldo and I went together for coffee at Mesón Salvador. I thought I would perhaps last long enough to enjoy one cup and be back home in a half hour. I had two cups and was home in just under 2 hours. Oh, bliss. The owners, José and Evie, have been texting me throughout these past two weeks to see how I’m doing and the greeting I received when I walked in the door was priceless. We visited here and there with staff but mostly settled down to our usual routine since we arrived during the busiest time of the morning. It was about to pick up again for lunch by the time we left. So, yes, I can honestly say I’ve improved significantly. Still a long way to go, but not as long as it was a few days ago. I was done in last night and I’m not as perky today, but still so much better.

I finally checked the scale. I’ve lost nearly 13 pounds (6 kilos) and it’s obviously mostly muscle. It will come back quickly — once I can work out again.

We’ve had two perfect days in a row. Warm temps with a refreshing breeze. Doors and windows open to let the fresh air in. Maybe today will be the same. Yesterday did feel like my debut.

El jueves fue un gran día aquí en Los Boliches. Me levanté temprano para ver el amanecer. A las 10:30, San Geraldo y yo fuimos juntos a tomar un café al Mesón Salvador. Pensé que quizás aguantaría lo suficiente para disfrutar de una taza y estar de vuelta en casa en media hora. Tomé dos tazas y llegué a casa en poco menos de 2 horas. Oh, felicidad. Los propietarios, José y Evie, me han estado enviando mensajes de texto durante las últimas dos semanas para ver cómo estoy y el saludo que recibí cuando entré por la puerta no tuvo precio. Visitamos aquí y allá con el personal, pero en su mayoría nos adaptamos a nuestra rutina habitual desde que llegamos durante el momento más ocupado de la mañana. Estaba a punto de recoger para el almuerzo cuando nos fuimos. Entonces, sí, puedo decir honestamente que he mejorado significativamente. Todavía queda un largo camino por recorrer, pero no tanto como hace unos días.

Finalmente revisé la báscula. He perdido casi 6 kilos (13 libras) y obviamente es principalmente músculo. Volverá rápidamente, una vez que pueda hacer ejercicio nuevamente.

Hemos tenido dos días perfectos seguidos. Temperaturas cálidas con una brisa refrescante. Las puertas y ventanas se abren para dejar entrar el aire fresco. Tal vez hoy sea igual. Ayer se sintió como mi debut.

• Dudo Wednesday evening. Note the filthy screen at right. Isabel washed it Thursday!
• Dudo miércoles por la noche. Tenga en cuenta la pantalla sucia a la derecha. Isabel lo lavó el jueves!
• From the vacation rental next door. I wonder if that was what Dudo was staring at. Creepy.
• Del alquiler vacacional de al lado. Me pregunto si eso era lo que Dudo estaba mirando. Espeluznante.
• San Geraldo made Caprese salad for lunch yesterday.
• San Geraldo preparó ensalada Caprese para el almuerzo ayer.
• They really don’t care how I feel, unless it influences when I start providing the treats again.
• A ellos realmente no les importa cómo me siento, a menos que influya cuando empiezo a dar los aperetivos nuevamente.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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36 thoughts on “I’m coming out / Estoy saliendo”

    1. dinamow:
      So much better. No daily walks until I’m also permitted to stretch and workout. Walking alone kills the sciatica.

  1. Woo hoo, good news!!! Great to hear that you got out and about for a little while. That’s the best medicine.

    And The Boys care, they just don’t want you to know.

    1. Bob:
      You’re right, the boys do care. Yesterday was not quite as great. Today is starting off slow. Two steps forward, one step back. Better than last week.

  2. I’m glad your incision has healed so nicely — and with the staples gone, we won’t have to change your nickname to FrankenScoot, LOL!

      1. Deedles:
        I do, too! Although it reminds me of a boss I had years ago whose actual name was Frank N. Steen. HIs parents must have been jerks.

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      I love Franken Scoot. I actually had a boss years ago whose real name was Frank N. Steen. His parents thought it was funny.

  3. Betcha can’t tell which is my favorite picture here. Hint- it features a beautiful toothy (so jealous) smile and a big teddy bear in the background. Too subtle? I’m glad you’re up and about, Scoot. Don’t overdo it though. I mean normal people overdo, not mine. Mine is walking from my ejector chair to the fridge 🙂
    Lord, I’ve got to get me some teef!

    1. Deedles:
      Yeah, Tuesday was an overdo. Paying for it, although it could be worse.

  4. How fabulous! Your friends at Méson Salvador are fabulous, too!
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Judy C:
      Two steps forward, one step back. But better progress than before.

  5. I’d imagine seeing a dead baby on the next door balcony was enough to send you back into spasm 😋.

    Good to know you’re up and about again! Jx

  6. Slowly, but surely. I’m so glad it’s all improving! That first photo could be on a postcard. Gorgeous!

  7. Welcome back to the real world. So happy that you are so much better. Muscle mass takes priority, so get back to the gym. Speaking of Jim, he says Hi and glad you are on the rebound. He is laptop’less’ – wink wink. It needed a major cleaning which then turned into a new keyboard and internal stuff. So we wait patiently for the keyboard to arrive. Have a great w/e and hugs to the both of you!

    1. Ron:
      Glad to at least have had a glimpse of the real world. Now I need a few days rest. As for the gym August 10th can’t come too soon!

  8. I have been in upstate NY visiting my mom, so I am behind on my blog reading. I just went through all of your most recent posts. I am glad to hear that you have been improving. I guess slow and steady wins the race.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      Loved your recent photos! So much better, but the sciatica is still making the days challenging. I’m at least headed in the right direction. And less than 2 weeks until I can exercise again. That will change everything.

  9. Hi Handsome! You look great. Everyone is happy to see you because you are loved!


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