Not Another Peep Outa You / Sin Decir Ni Pio

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I HAVE ONE package of marshmallow Peeps remaining. The blue bunnies will be distributed individually to some friends who are interested in sampling one without the risk of a sugar overdose. My pal Luke would have inhaled his big white Peeps bunny had Kathleen not rationed it out over a few days. Everyone else seemed to manage one or two bites. Sergio at Mesón Salvador commented, and not happily, that it was pure sugar. I did warn him. When I gave him the package I specifically said it’s a marshmallow chick made entirely of sugar, coated with sugar, and decorated with sugar. He said I didn’t exaggerate.

Speaking of sugar, my Diabetes is not the concern I was told it was a few weeks ago. I’m watching my diet, but my new doctor looked at my lab results and told me my actual sugar was perfect. And that’s a good thing, because our friend Elena made traditional Easter torrijas. Some people call torrijas “Spanish French toast.” But they really are nothing like American French toast. When prepared correctly, the bread soaks long enough to make the interior the consistency of custard. Click here for the first torrijas ever made by San Geraldo in 2017. That post includes Elena’s mother’s recipe.

Oh, I almost forgot: Before Elena gave us the torrijas, San Geraldo had baked brownies. But here’s where you’re not to make a peep. I didn’t have that many, nor have I had one single solitary Peep.


TENGO UN PAQUETE de malvavisco Peeps restante. Los conejitos azules se distribuirán individualmente a algunos amigos que estén interesados en probar uno sin el riesgo de una sobredosis de azúcar. Mi compadre Luke habría inhalado su gran conejito blanco Peeps si Kathleen no lo hubiera racionado en unos pocos días. Todos los demás parecían manejar uno o dos bocados. Sergio en Mesón Salvador comentó, y no felizmente, que fue completamente de azúcar. Yo le advertí. Cuando le di el paquete, específicamente dije que era un pollito de malvavisco hecha completamente de azúcar, cubierta con azúcar, y decorada con azúcar. Sergio dijo que no exageraba.

Hablando de azúcar, mi diabetes no es la preocupación que me dijeron que era hace unas semanas. Estoy observando mi dieta, pero mi nueva médica miró mis resultados de analisis y me dijo que mi azúcar es perfecto. Y eso es algo bueno, porque nuestra amiga Elena hizo torrijas de Semana Santa. Haz clic aquí para ver las primeras torrijas hechas por San Geraldo en 2017. Esa entrada incluye la receta de la madre de Elena.

Oh, casi lo olvido: Antes de que Elena nos diera las torrijas, San Geraldo había horneado brownies. Pero aquí es donde “sin decir ni pio.” No tuve tantos, ni tampoco tuve un solo, solitario, Peep.

NOTA: “Sin decir ni pio” significa en inglés “Not another peep” y hablamos hoy de Peeps de malvavisco. Entonces, todo esto tiene sentido. Al menos para mi.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “Not Another Peep Outa You / Sin Decir Ni Pio”

    1. Adam:
      The truth is I always enjoyed ONE individual one. And this last package, now that it’s open, is really tempting. But I’m rationing my sugar! So far, I’ve resisted temptation.

  1. How strong of you to resist the Peep. Friends of our toast them, they are basically sugar coated marshmallows. There is a Peeps retain store in National Harbor just across the river from the Condo. Glad to hear the sugar was an overreaction by the doctor. All good things in moderation, and stay active.

    1. Parsnip,
      I’m saving two more f the Peeps bunnies for Luke… even though he told me he wanted pink ones!

      1. Jim:
        I thought of Road Runner, but then I think that is more Meep Meep.

      1. Cheapchick,
        The new doctor does want me to stay on the new meds though, at least until my next blood work in a month. But the doctor at the health center may have gotten carried away, especially without seeing my history. At least she cares.

  2. “That many”? Hmmm,wonder what that actual number might be?
    Good news on the medical front, though. i imagine that’s a weight lifted.

    1. Bob,
      Two brownie squares a day for three days. For me… that’s amazing. Three slices of torrijas… because that’s what Elena gave us (each). Normally I would have begged Jerry to make some.

  3. Good medical news! I’m so happy for you! I personally don’t care for peeps, probably because I’m not a big marshmallow fan. I wonder if you could make s’mores with peeps. I don’t like those either, so I guess I’ll never know.

    1. Deedles,
      Yes, you can make s’mores with Peeps. I LOVE s’mores and Peeps a e much better that way.

      1. Honey, with my soaring, uncontrolled, glucose levels, it’s a good thing I don’t like that stuff along with cheese cake. Now, to get off of this popcorn spree!

      2. Deedles:
        Sorry about those glucose levels but glad you don’t like it in the first place. I sometimes enjoy popcorn (and chips) but could live without them.

    1. Jennifer:
      I’m continuing to be good … although I sure did enjoy those brownies! Luke is amazing.

    1. Kirk:
      Jerry makes the best brownies I’ve ever had. We have a friend who hates brownies (which is sick, I think) but he can’t get enough of Jerry’s brownies. He politely tasted one one time, ate three more, and now asks for them… but only from Jerry.

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