Six-Day Birthday / Cumpleaños de Seis Días

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I’VE FINALLY FINISHED celebrating my birthday. Well, at least I think I have. I’ve never in my life been sung to so many times, and in so many languages. We had our official birthday dinner Wednesday night. Twelve friends joined us and the family of Mesón Salvador. I didn’t take many photos nor any of the entire group. And no one thought of it. I’m glad they were all too busy having a good time.

My pal Luke, of course was there. Three-and-a-half years old and three hours spent sitting in a restaurant with 13 adults. He was charming and of course adorable the entire time.

After Luke helped me open my presents at my first birthday dinner, at his house Saturday, he jumped in my lap and whispered so only I could hear, “Do you have a present for me?” His mother has told him it’s not polite to ask for presents. I explained that it was all about me that day. After Wednesday’s dinner, when he hugged me before he went home, he whispered, “Next time, bring ME a surprise.” I said I would. He added, again in a whisper, “I want a BIG surprise!”


FINALMENTE HE TERMINADO de celebrar mi cumpleaños. Bueno, al menos creo que sí. Nunca en mi vida me han cantado tantas veces y en tantos idiomas. Tuvimos nuestra cena oficial de cumpleaños el miércoles por la noche. Doce amigos se unieron a nosotros y a la familia de Mesón Salvador. No tomé muchas fotos ni ninguno de todo el grupo. Y nadie lo pensó. Me alegra que todos estuvieran muy ocupados pasando un buen rato.

My compadre Luke, por supuesto que estaba allí. Él tiene tres años y medio y pasó tres horas sentados en un restaurante con 13 adultos. Fue encantador y por supuesto adorable todo el tiempo.

Después de que Luke me ayudó a abrir mis regalos en la cena de mi primer cumpleaños, en su casa el sábado, saltó a mi regazo y me susurró para que solo yo pudiera escuchar: “¿Tiene un regalo para mí?” Su madre le dijo que no era educado para pedir regalos. Le expliqué que todo se trataba de mí ese día. Después de la cena del miércoles, cuando me abrazó antes de irse a casa, susurró: “La próxima vez, tráeme una sorpresa”. Dije que lo haría. Añadió de nuevo en un susurro: “¡Quiero una sorpresa grande!”

Chocolate cheesecake. A birthday gift from SG’s sister Linda and her husband, Tom. (Baked by David at Mesón Salvador.)
Tarta de queso de chocolate al horno. Un regalo de cumpleaños de la hermana de SG, Linda, y su marido, Tom. (Horneado por David en Mesón Salvador.)

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Six-Day Birthday / Cumpleaños de Seis Días”

    1. Kirk:
      My actual birthday was Sunday the 16th. The party began Saturday the 15th at Pedro and Kathleen’s. Wednesday was the official celebration because Mesón Salvador is closed Sundays AND two of our friends have only Wednesday off when they close their restaurant for the day, so they could come.

    1. Bob:
      We all could stand to be a bit like Luke. (Well, except maybe the asking for presents part.)

  1. Luke will fully expect a week of celebrations on his 4th birthday too – and mucho presents from you lol. What a charmer. Holy birthday celebrations! That’s awesome, I am sure you never had cake at all of them 🙂

    1. Cheapchick:
      I ONLY had birthday cake (of some sort) four times. I’m a saint. I’ve got to do some Luke shopping… quick.

    1. Debra:
      I’m still feeling loved. Hope the feeling lasts a long, long time.

  2. luke looks like his mama; pedro is muy caliente! and chocolate cheesecake! man, mitchell, you certainly ARE loved!

    1. anne marie:
      Apparently Luke actually looks more like Pedro when Pedro was a kid. And, yes, Pedro is muy caliente. So is Kathleen… even at 7 months pregnant. They’re quite the pair. AND quite the pair of human beings, friends… and parents.

    1. Parsnip:
      All our friends have been talking about Luke… again. He’s impossible to not fall in love with. And the cheesecake! The chef, David, is truly amazing. Traditional Spanish cheesecake doesn’t get baked. This IS baked and it’s the only cheesecake I’ve had here that truly compares to New York style cheesecake. Even better!

    1. sillygirl:
      And we just went to Mesón Salvador for an afternoon snack of a couple more slices! David made an extra for the restaurant while he was making the big one for my birthday. Thank god I walked 6 miles before the snack today!

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