Cold Cats and Crag Martins / Gatos Frios y Roqueros

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THE CRAG MARTINS have been back for several weeks and the cats love to spend their days, especially sunrises and sunsets, on the terrace stalking the birds that roost in our awnings (oh shit), which hang outside our glass curtain. Dudo and Moose are convinced one of those poor suckers is going to venture onto the terrace. Either through an open window or one of those drain holes.

A week ago, we had a beautiful sunrise and sunset and the cats were on patrol. But Tuesday through Friday, it was mostly rainy, sometimes heavy, and with gusting winds. Although the wind is still wailing today, the sun is shining. In addition, it’s been what passes for cold around here this time of year, high of 18C (64F) and low of 13C (55F). Scarf weather! Dudo spends as much time as he can next to any heat source, which includes our laps. Even well-padded Moose prefers to be inside.

But both cats regularly do what cats do. They sit by a window or door and beg for it to be opened; we open it. They sit half in and half out. We push them out; they want back in. We pull them in; they want back out. They run out and the minute it’s shut behind them, they want in. Cats.


LOS ROQUEROS HAN regresado durante varias semanas y a los gatos les encanta pasar sus días, especialmente amaneceres y puestas de sol, en la terraza acechando a los pájaros que se posan en nuestros toldos (oh mierda), que cuelgan fuera de nuestra cortina de vidrio. Dudo y Moose están convencidos de que uno de esos pájaaros se aventurará dentro de la terraza. Ya sea a través de una ventana abierta o uno de esos agujeros de drenaje.

Hace una semana, tuvimos un hermoso amanecer y atardecer y los gatos estaban patrullando. Pero de martes a viernes, fue mayormente lluvioso, a veces pesado, y con fuertes vientos. Aunque el viento todavía gime hoy, el sol brilla. Además, ha sido lo que pasa por frío en esta época del año, con un máximo de 18C (64F) y un mínimo de 13C (55F). ¡Clima bufanda! Dudo pasa todo el tiempo que puede al lado de cualquier fuente de calor, que incluye nuestras vueltas. Incluso Moose bien acolchado prefiere estar adentro.

Pero ambos hacen regularmente lo que hacen los gatos. Se sientan junto a una ventana o puerta y ruegan que se abra; lo abrimos. Se sientan mitad adentro y mitad afuera. Los expulsamos; quieren volver a entrar. Los atraemos; quieren volver a salir. Se les acaba y en el momento en que se cierra detrás de ellos, quieren entrar. Gatos.

Sunrise and a crag martin one week ago. / Amanecer y un roquero hace una semana.
Sunset that night. / Atardecer esa noche
The next day. / El proximo día.
Moose. Patience. / La paciencia.
Dudo. Stealth. / El sigilo.
They get annoyed when they catch me watching them watch.
Se molestan cuando me atrapan mirándolos mirar.
Friday night. / Viernes por la noche.

This cat is happy because it’s finally cold enough to wear the beautiful scarf my friend Susan made for me.

Este gato está contento porque finalmente hace suficiente frío para usar la hermosa bufanda que mi amiga Susan me hizo.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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23 thoughts on “Cold Cats and Crag Martins / Gatos Frios y Roqueros”

  1. If only the cats could talk, stay warm in the brutal winter weather. It is just below freezing here this morning.

    1. David:
      Moose almost never shuts up. We often have no clue what he wants. One thing I always understand is when he wants to have something to eat. Although the bowl is always filled in the kitchen, he doesn’t like to eat alone. He leads me into the kitchen and I kneel on the floor and pet him while he eats. If I stop, he barks at me. Dudo vocalizes very little and it’s always clear what he wants. Different sounds for every instance. Fascinating.

    1. anne marie:
      Susan did crochet the scarf. She does absolutely exceptional work. I can’t believe how perfectly she chose the colors for me, too. As for the pussies… so photogenic.

    1. Debra:
      Susan randomly chose that yarn having no idea that’s one of my absolute favorite combinations. I had to buy the sunglasses to go with it (well, not really, but it works).

  2. Love the photo of 4 and 5 looks like one ! Beautiful skies also.
    You need to put in a small window in the outside wall for the cats to really get a better look. My gud dugs love the one in the studio wall. Ground level to see everything

    1. Parsnip:
      Oh, the cats have loads of high viewing perches all over the terrace. They can see everything. And Moose is often on that table while he monitors the birds. But this is them being stealthy.

    1. Kirk:
      Here, it’s scarf weather when the temperature drops below 65F. I have a collection of scarves to help me through our “frigid” winters.

  3. Patience is a virtue they say, my dear little kitties. Hang in there…..your reward will come!!
    That top header photo (along with the rest) are beautiful! Good capturing the Martins….as I know they are very ‘swift’ little critters.

    1. Jim:
      There were dozens of crag martins soaring all over the place. I managed to catch just a few individuals. I’m going to keep trying!

  4. The cats are thinking: You know, I ask him if he wants to go out, so I go over to the door to lead the way. He follows, opens the door, then just stands there. So I go halfway out, again, to show him that it’s ok and he’s not alone, but he closes the door as soon as I’m out and stays on the other side. Coward. Naturally, I’m worried and I need to find out if he’s ok, so I get him to let me back in. Owning humans has its rewards, but sometimes they’re just a pain in the paws!

    1. larrymuffin:
      Our blood has definitely thinned over the years. I remember 40F being nice in Connecticut. Now just the thought of it makes me shiver.

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