Lockdown Day 3: No Butt Shots / Encierro Día 3: Sin Culos

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AS I MENTIONED Sunday, I took a walk (in my ignorance) before being interrupted by a policeman who told me to go home. I managed to get a 45-minute walk in before I was stopped, and that meant I got a number of photos, as well. The rain was only a drizzle around here but that clearly wasn’t the case in the hills and mountains to the north. There was a surprising amount of run-off, clogged sewers, and flooded streets.

The sun is once again shining and we can enjoy it from our terrace and windows. Some of you are wondering what San Geraldo and I will do to keep ourselves occupied. We’ve got SG’s two books (the one I’m editing and the one he’s still writing) to keep us busy. Together, we’ve got a major filing (and culling) project we’ve been putting off for months. Since we’re spending more time inside, Dudo and Moose are now expecting us to spend more time attending to them. I’ve got my blog and my photos, which can keep me very busy. I recently bought an Apple Pencil, with which I’ll now have plenty of time to perfect my skills. And I’m organizing all my home workouts so I can stay in shape. The most difficult adjustment for us, as you might imagine, is not being able to go out for meals — and morning coffee, at least, at Mesón Salvador. We miss our friends. But in that, we are among the very fortunate.

Meanwhile, I might just slip on my Speedo, roll it down below my butt, and head out to the terrace to work on my special tan line. If I do, I promise to have SG snap a photo or two.


COMO MENCIONÉ EL domingo, salí a caminar (en mi ignorancia) antes de ser interrumpido por un policía que me dijo que me fuera a casa. Logré caminar 45 minutos antes de que me detuvieran, y eso significaba que también obtuve varias fotos. La lluvia era solo una llovizna por aquí, pero ese claramente no era el caso en las colinas y montañas del norte. Había una cantidad sorprendente de escorrentías, alcantarillas obstruidas, y calles inundadas.

El sol vuelve a brillar. Algunos de vosotros se preguntáis qué haremos San Geraldo y yo para mantenernos ocupados. Tenemos dos libros de SG (el que estoy editando y el que todavía está escribiendo) para mantenernos ocupados. Dado que pasamos más tiempo adentro, Dudo y Moose ahora esperan que pasemos más tiempo atendiéndolos. Juntos, tenemos un proyecto de archivos (y eliminación) que hemos estado posponiendo durante meses. Tengo mi blog y mis fotos, lo que me puede mantener muy ocupado. Recientemente compré un Apple Pencil, con el que ahora tendré mucho tiempo para perfeccionar mis habilidades. Y estoy organizando todos mis entrenamientos en casa para mantenerme en forma. El ajuste más difícil para nosotros, como se puede imaginar, es no poder salir a comer, y al menos para el café de la mañana en Mesón Salvador. Extrañamos a nuestros amigos. Pero en eso, estamos entre los muy afortunados. Mientras tanto, podría ponerme mi Speedo, bajarlo por debajo de mi trasero, y salir a la terraza para trabajar en mi línea especial de bronceado. Si lo hago, prometo que SG tomará una foto — o dos.

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29 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 3: No Butt Shots / Encierro Día 3: Sin Culos”

  1. moose & dudo must be SO happy to have more cuddle time! and SG will be doing all the cooking. are the grocery stores still open?

    1. anne marie:
      Grocery stores are open and shoppers are being very carefully managed. I feel for the poor staff being exposed to so many people, but they’re doing their best to stay safe. It’s fascinating to see how the government has stepped in with very clear safety measures. MOST people are following the rules. Some idiots are putting others at risk. A guy on the beach (banned) had a physical altercation with the police, putting the police at risk. A woman at a resort was swimming in the pool (banned) and refused to get out. A cop had to jump in and physically remove her… and she didn’t go easily. HE was put at risk. These people really piss me off. (So far, I haven’t heard of any Spaniards around here being uncooperative.) Moose and Dudo are already used to our constant presence. We love them and they regularly drive us nuts.

    1. Bob:
      I do miss my walks. Crossing the street to dump the trash doesn’t quite do it. But I will NOT complain. We’ve got it made compared to so many others. You stay safe, as well.

  2. Good you were able to get these shots…….deserted streets look so unusual .
    Good you guys have lots to do. Keep busy and stay out of trouble.
    We suspect that Canada will soon have a lockdown…..more announcements coming today from Prime Minister.
    Take care.

    1. Jim:
      It is SO quiet. No traffic noise. No construction noise. Just the sound of the very rough surf. So glad you guys are already being careful.

  3. It’s going to be an interesting exercise (for all of us) to make blog posts out of indoor confinement. A butt shot would definitely add a bit of zing, LOL!

    1. sillygirl:
      I can’t promise anything. SG’s not as good as I am at grabbing those flattering shots… and if it’s not flattering I’m not sharing.

    1. Debra:
      I’ve cleaned the cache on my hard drive! About to take out the recycling… I get to go outside!!!

  4. I’d like Scoot butts and I cannot lie! No I am not going stir crazy. Balder Half still has to work. A fat lot of good it does me to stay in if he ends up bringing something home. So, same ol’ same ol’. I shall continue to do laundry and binge on Everybody Loves Raymond DVDs. Maybe take a shower.
    Keep reaching out and touching, Scoot.

    1. Deedles:
      Yeah, maybe take a shower! Everybody Loves Raymond would be some good binge-watching.

  5. And I bet you thought the empty streets were because of the rain! I wonder if Moose and Dudo would like an obstacle course? Maybe you could put their treats at the end. If necessity is the mother of invention, then desperation must be the father!

    Schools here will be closed until April starting on Friday. And the borders have been closed except for the big international airport and the big shipping port with major restrictions for entry. I imagine there will be some sort of lockdown or limiting of movement soon. So glad we always keep 3 months of hurricane supplies at the ready.

    1. Wilma:
      In California, we always had 1 or 2 months of earthquake supplies. We don’t do anything like that here. But we’re doing OK. SG will make his first trip since lockdown to the supermarket today. The thought is a bit unsettling, but shoppers and staff are being managed very carefully. I’ve been throwing (and often fetching) toys for Moose and Dudo. Moose doesn’t understand fetch. Dudo does. Dudo, however, makes it clear in which direction he wants something thrown. If I miss the cue, I have to fetch it myself!

  6. Thank goodness you have your lovely patio and fur kids and each other. We too have lots of projects and although we are not on lockdown they really are asking us to not go out unless necessary for work. 2 of their kids lost their jobs this week and suddenly the young adults now know how real it is. My stepdaughter was oblivious until Thursday, mainly because she doesn’t watch tv except netflix. Now she is without a job as most restaurants are shutting. I just hope she has one when they reopen. We will make sure she is ok though. The other kids are ok financially at least for now.

    1. Cheapchick:
      Too bad the weather isn’t cooperating here. Crummy weather projected through the end of the month. Unheard of! But at least the sun usually returns briefly at some point. Right now, rough surf, the winds have settled (cyclonic overnight, some of the worst we’ve had), and the sun is out. It’s going to be so hard for so many people who will have no work, no pay, and nothing to return to. Your family is lucky to have you! May you all stay well!

    1. Urspo:
      Remember, we’ve got a glass-enclosed terrace. If there’s even a bit of sun… and there is most days, the terrace heats up. I was out there naked this morning (hope no one was looking… oh, what do i care!)

  7. lovely photos despite the rain. Apparently this could last months, I am really not ready for that at all.

    1. Laurent:
      Confinement is not an easy thing to adjust to, but I’m so grateful for the steps that are being taken here. It WILL get difficult if a lot of time passes. Maybe restrictions will change with time. For not… I’m about to take out the trash!

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