Lockdown Day 18: What’s He Got in the Case? / Encierro Día 18: ¿Qué Tiene en el Caso?

TUESDAY NIGHT PASSED without my reaching The Kid Brother. So, I’ll try again tonight. I might try a bit earlier than usual since I can’t imagine he’s working today.

Like all of you, I’ve had lots of time to think lately. And even more these past days having my fat ankle to contend with. So many stories are coming to my mind. Some are classic Kid Brother. In the late ’80s, we took The Kid Brother and The Dowager Duchess to see the revival of the musical “Cabaret” in New Haven, Connecticut during its opening run before it went to Broadway. After a few days with The Mother and The Brother together, I was burnt out and had lost much of my sense of humor. The Duchess had been difficult and The Kid Brother had been tense. One of their usual visits.

The Kid Brother tends to mutter and comment throughout a film or television show, so it was no surprise when he did the same during this live production. I had to keep hushing him. In one scene, the character, I think Ernst Ludwig, is seen exiting the stage with a suitcase. I was a bit tuned out at that point and wasn’t completely engaged in the details. The Kid Brother, in a stage whisper, said, “What’s he got in the case?”

I whispered, again, “Chuck, you can’t talk during the show.” We continued to watch, he continued to mutter comments, and I continued to touch his arm to quiet him.

When the final curtain came down and there was a momentary hush in the theatre, The Kid Brother declared in full voice, “I’d still like to know what he’s got in that case!”

By the way, Ernst was smuggling cash. Click today’s sunrise images and maybe you’ll find some. I’ll be here with my foot up. Life is a cabaret.


EL MARTES POR la noche pasó sin que yo llamara a El Hermanito. Entonces, lo intentaré de nuevo esta noche. Podría intentarlo un poco antes de lo habitual, ya que no puedo imaginar que esté trabajando hoy.

Como todos vosotros, últimamente he tenido mucho tiempo para pensar. Y aún más estos últimos días teniendo que lidiar con mi gordo tobillo. Tantas historias me vienen a la mente. Algunos son clásicos Hermanito. A finales de los años 80, llevamos a El Hermanito y La Duquesa Viuda para ver el renacimiento del musical “Cabaret” en New Haven, Connecticut, durante su estreno antes de ir a Broadway. Después de unos días con La Duquesa y El Hermanito juntos, me quemé y había perdido gran parte de mi sentido del humor. La Duquesa había sido difícil y El Hermanito había estado tenso. Una de sus visitas habituales.

El Hermanito tiende a murmurar y comentar a lo largo de una película o un programa de televisión, por lo que no fue una sorpresa cuando hizo lo mismo durante esta producción en vivo. Tenía que seguir callando. En una escena, el personaje, creo que Ernst Ludwig, es visto saliendo del escenario con una maleta. Estaba un poco desconectado en ese momento y no estaba completamente involucrado en los detalles. El Hermanito, en un susurro, dijo: “¿Qué tiene él en el caso?”

Susurré, nuevamente, “Chuck, no puedes hablar durante el show”. Seguimos observando, él continuó murmurando comentarios, y yo seguí tocando su brazo para calmarlo.

Cuando cayó el telón final y hubo un silencio momentáneo en el teatro, El Hermanito declaró en voz alta: “¡Todavía me gustaría saber qué tiene en ese caso!”

Por cierto, Ernst estaba contrabandeando efectivo. Haz clic en las imágenes del amanecer de hoy y tal vez encuentres algo de efectivo tú mismo. Estaré aquí con el pie en alto. La vida es un cabaret.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

22 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 18: What’s He Got in the Case? / Encierro Día 18: ¿Qué Tiene en el Caso?”

  1. I feel for you, Mitch. Makes us wonder at times why one bothers to go beyond. But we know that answer…..it could have been worse, right!!
    From my vantage point I find your kid brother hilarious…….easy for me to say. You have collected tons of ‘brownie points’ for your efforts.

    1. Jim:
      I’ve always had loads of patience for Chuck. Sadly, that patience was sorely tested when my mother was around. She made us all very tense, which made me lose my patience and my humor. It’s very different now.

    1. David:
      The view sure is appreciated! I just hope I don’t run out of stories before lockdown ends.

  2. hope you can reach chuck today; it’s very worrisome the stories coming out of NYC.

    1. anne marie:
      I did and he’s fine. He’s still working, however, which really surprises me. But I know he’s as careful as can be and is following instructions.

    1. Deedles:
      Chuck’s processing is a thing of wonder. WHICH one of your siblings? And does she know you said that?

      1. All of them, Scoot 🙂 We call it Carter Girl thinking. I’m included in that peculiar bunch. Chuck would fit right in there. We’d probably drive him out of his mind, though.

      2. Deedles:
        Yeah, Chuck likes straight answers. Go figure.

  3. Here’s hoping you connect with the Kid Brother today and have a good chat!

    1. Debra:
      Relieved to have spoken with him. And let’s just say it was “a chat.” Not one of our good ones, but at least we chatted.

  4. Made me chuckle, Chuck!
    Loving the Coney Island banner photos, as well as the gorgeous sun and sky photos. Keep us posted on Chuck!

    1. Judy:
      Getting info from Chuck is like pulling teeth! I’m having a blast creating more and more banners. Thanks so much for enjoying them.

  5. WOW!!!! Now those are some really happy, beautiful pictures!!!!!!!

    I was laughing at being caught between the brother and your mother. And his case worries of what was in it. Wonder you don’t drink earlier.

  6. Lovely picture today. I am sorry you didn’t get ahold of your brother but maybe he was out walking. Or maybe they do have him working still. I am sure you will reach him today and you can pull the big brother routine on him

    1. Cheapchick:
      I simply couldn’t get a line through Tuesday night. Don’t know why. We spoke last night and he’s doing fine. Thanks!

    1. Steve:
      Yep, obsessed with that suitcase. That’s my brother. You just never know.

  7. What views you have – of the scenery from your windows and your past! Thanks for sharing both with us.

    It is a beautiful day here. Belize is now on lockdown with a strict curfew; people have been arrested for violations. Only 3 known cases, but probably the tip of the iceberg. I am very pleased with how Gov’t of BZ is taking this seriously and making hard decisions for the good of its population. Was able to get 3 months paid in advance for the phone and internet, which I have to pay in person if I want to use my US credit card.

    Hope your ankle is not as colorful as that sky.

    1. Wilma:
      My ankle is actually much more colorful than the sky and a lot less beautiful. I’ve taken photos but it looked so hideous I decided to not even share them. MUCH improved today… although still elevated on my desk right now. So glad you could take care of that 3 month payment. One less thing to worry about. Great that Belize is being proactive. Spain started late (hindsight is 20/20) but I think have been exceptional during the lockdown. Stay well and enjoy that beautiful location of yours.

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