Here, fishy fishy / Aquí, pezito pezito

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IN 1989, WE TOOK MY Mother the Dowager Duchess and The Kid Brother to South Dakota with us. And, although it was stressful and often difficult, there were some wonderful moments. One was when Jim, San Geraldo’s father, took us and The Kid Brother for a morning of fishing on the Missouri River in the city of Pierre. The Kid Brother had a new horseshoe on a cord around his neck given to him by Alice, SG’s mother. Made of actual Pipestone from the Native American quarry, The Kid Brother knew it would bring him luck. We all sat and sat without a bite. KB smiled most of the time. Finally, he lifted the horseshoe from his chest and shook it in all directions, like he was spreading holy water. He intoned in pure New Yorkese, “Here fishy fishy. Time for lunch.” He was the only one to catch anything that day.

This morning, San Geraldo and I had another legal appointment (the Dowager Duchess left a bit of a headache for us to sort out). After today’s meeting, and getting one last document notarized at the US consulate on Monday, we’ll be able to send everything off to the company in London that intends to finalize this mess. Who knows? It may be settled before the end of the year — although I’m not holding my breath. November will be five years since we started this process.

As a reward for all our hard work, we decided to have lunch at Mesón Salvador. Let me tell you, that was some reward. You can see all we enjoyed (and some of what we saw) below. I’m so full I can barely move and yet, when I look at the photos, my mouth starts to water. Imagine superbly delicious and then multiply that by any number you choose.


EN 1989, LLEVAMOS A MI Madre La Duquesa Viuda y El Hermanito a Dakota del Sur con nosotros. Y, aunque fue estresante y a menudo difícil, hubo algunos momentos maravillosos. Una fue cuando Jim, el padre de San Geraldo, nos llevó a nosotros y a The Kid Brother a pescar por la mañana en el río Missouri en la ciudad de Pierre. El Hermanito tenía una nueva herradura de la suerte en un cordón alrededor del cuello que le dio Alice, la madre de SG. Hecho de pipestone [piedra de la pipa] de la cantera de los nativos americanos (del cual se hicieron las pipas de la paz). The Kid Brother sabía que le traería suerte. Todos nos sentamos y nos sentamos sin un bocado. KB sonreía la mayor parte del tiempo. Finalmente, levantó la herradura de su pecho y la agitó en todas direcciones, como si estuviera esparciendo agua bendita. Entonó en puro neoyorquino: “Aquí pezito pezito. Hora de almorzar.” Él fue el único que atrapó algo ese día.

Esta mañana, San Geraldo y yo teníamos otra cita legal (la duquesa viuda nos dejó un poco de dolor de cabeza para solucionar). Después de la reunión de hoy, y de obtener un último documento notariado en el consulado de los EEUU el lunes, podremos enviar todo a la empresa en Londres que tiene la intención de finalizar este lío. ¿Quién sabe? Puede que se resuelva antes de fin de año, aunque no estoy conteniendo la respiración. En noviembre se cumplirán cinco años desde que comenzamos este proceso.

Como recompensa a todo nuestro arduo trabajo, decidimos almorzar en Mesón Salvador. Déjame decirte que fue una recompensa. Puede ver todo lo que disfrutamos (y algo de lo que vimos) a continuación. Estoy tan lleno que apenas puedo moverme y, sin embargo, cuando miro las fotos, se me hace la boca agua. Imagínese deliciosamente delicioso y luego multiplíquelo por cualquier número que elija.

• Anchovies with lemon.
• Boquerones al limón.
• Chicken croquettes.
• Croquetas de pollo.
• On a bed of potato sticks (shoestring potatoes).
• En una cama de
• Café con leche.
• Apple crumble with house-made caramel ice cream and whipped cream. I suggested we share one; San Geraldo suggested not.
• Crumble de manzana con helado de caramelo casero y nata montada. Sugerí que compartiéramos uno; San Geraldo sugirió que no.
• Apple crumble is not a Spanish dish. So, Chef David made it better than the original.
• El crumble de manzana no es un plato español. Entonces, el chef David lo hizo mejor que el original.
• As we readied to go home, Sergio brought out a pan of seafood paella and offered me a photo op. Sorry I didn’t share more of Sergio. Sigh…
• Mientras nos preparábamos para irnos a casa, Sergio sacó un sarten de paella de mariscos y me ofreció una sesión de fotos. Lamento no haber compartido más de Sergio. Suspiro.
• Sea bass.
• Lubina.
• Monkfish. It’s out of this world (and it’s not served whole)!
• Rape. ¡Está fuera de este mundo (y no se sirve entero)!
• Jim with the proud Kid Brother and his catch.
• Jim con el orgulloso Kid Brother y su captura.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

30 thoughts on “Here, fishy fishy / Aquí, pezito pezito”

  1. Love that shot of the Kid brother and his catch!
    God, I went fishing ONCE and never ever again!!

    Now, croquettes and cafe con leche, please,

    1. Bob:
      To be honest, I find fishing to be incredibly boring and enjoyed that day simply because KB was in heaven. When he returned home with the fish, we couldn’t figure out where he was and discovered him outside waiting for someone to take a picture of him with his catch (as he’d seen so many times).

  2. First of all, those potato sticks are more like potato kindling. So short. I don’t blame SG for not sharing. I wouldn’t either. He’s a big man. I’m a fat woman. Logical. I think ( I know, actually) that I would rather see pictures of Sergio than that creepy looking paella! SG looks so much like his father, only handsomer 🙂 Chuck is a hoot.

    1. Deedles:
      That crumble was supposed to be simply crumble and not an entire feast, but we didn’t complain when we saw it. Besides, it was clearly intended to be served with at least the caramel ice cream. SG actually looks almost exactly like his mother and the Norwegians, but as he aged (and put on weight) you can see a resemblance with his father. Both big handsome men although built completely differently. Chuck IS a hoot!

    1. Wilma:
      Chuck shook that horseshoe over many a slot machine, too. I’ll have to share a photo of his big one (with the horseshoe visbile).

  3. I will eat it all except those fish..monk fish has got to be the ugliest fish I have ever seen… and no way in hell am I eating those crawfish things with eyes still on them. Yuck. Just pass those croquettes will ya….

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Before I knew what monkfish looked like, I had it in Sevilla. It was the best fish I had ever tasted. I’m kind of sorry I know what it looks like now. It’s so good. I’m not big on peeling my own shrimp, so probably wouldn’t enjoy that paella as much as I might. Once, we were at a local tapas bar with friends. San Geraldo ordered shrimp. He didn’t eat any that day but peeled mine for me. What a guy!

  4. So many things in this post…how much SG looks like his Dad…how happy KB must have been catching his magic fish…how disgusting Monkfish looks…how absolutely delicious the apple crumble, caramel….okay, I can’t look anymore. Time for lunch. And nothing that will taste half as good as your offerings.

    1. Mary:
      As for SG and his father, I’ll share my response to Deedles… SG actually looks almost exactly like his mother and the Norwegians, but as he aged (and put on weight) you can see a resemblance with his father. Both big handsome men although built completely differently.

      SG makes what he calls apple crisp. It’s exceptional. But I have to admit, Chef David’s crumble was even better (and I’m sure SG would agree). Monkfish is exquisite (as long as I don’t look at it before it’s prepared).

  5. I echo the last sentiments OMG….that paella!!
    Have to try those anchovies some day.
    Does SG look like his Dad or what!?
    KB was ruling the world that day I bet!

    1. Jim:
      As I’ve mentioned, I hate anchovies… until I had good ones here in Andalusia. These are always amazing. Rather than make you search for other replies, here’s what I’ve said about SG and his father… SG actually looks almost exactly like his mother and the Norwegians, but as he aged (and put on weight) you can see a resemblance with his father. Both big handsome men although built completely differently. KB was ecstatic. That photo is framed and sits on his dresser. And he idolized Jim. It was difficult making him understand that Jim had two young grandsons he had to pay attention to, as well.

    1. Debra:
      We expected apple crumble. Period. But it was meant to be served with the caramel ice cream. The whipped cream was overkill… but oh so delicious. Just witnessing KB that day of fishing was worth all the aggravation of that trip. (He and our mother never got along when they visited us. She hovered and he wanted to be alone with us… and especially that time with Jim.)

  6. I’ll have the olives, chicken croquettes, cafe con leche and the apple crumble please! i sure wish Sergio could deliver to Canada….

    Wilma’s suggestion sure made me LOL — let’s hope more competent legal help won’t need lucky horseshoes for a speedier resolution!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      If you paid his way, I’m sure Sergio would deliver. And it’s impossible to not fall in love with him. An exceptional human being. Oh, the legal nightmare that has been the last five years. Nearly done (touch wood).

  7. Oh, what a great photo that is of Jerry’s father and Chuck! Jim looks like a very nice man. And… those Mesón Salvador dishes… oh my heavens!

    1. Judy C:
      Jim WAS a very nice man and he was wonderful with Chuck, who wouldn’t leave his side for a minute.

    1. Urspo:
      Oh, I persevered alright. Dare I say it? We should be finished with EVERYTHING within two months.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      SG still hasn’t cooked any local fish at home. We used to grill fresh fish on the barbecue year-round when we lived on the Connecticut shoreline. So many of the fish were new to us here that he wants Elena to shop with him and then prepare them with him the first times. They’ve been talking about it for 7 years.

  8. Oh the paella! When travel reopens, we are going to come and take you out to lunch and order that, and the croquettes.

  9. The sea bass appears quite content; the monkfish not so much. Though the latter does bear a certain resemblance to certain former colleagues of mine, or at least to their souls…

    1. wickedhamster:
      I love the lips on the sea bass. Cartoon-like. Don’t look again at the monkfish. The first time I had it in Sevilla (at best seafood tapas bar in town, and it was in our building), I thought it was the best fish I had ever tasted. (And I know what you mean about former colleagues!)

  10. Have you ever seen the Monty Python movie “The Meaning of Life”? The “Here, fishy fishy fish” scene is one of the strangest in their vast repertoire. I bet it’s on YouTube.

    That food looks amazing!

    1. Steve:
      I’ve never seen it. SG doesn’t get Monty Python. I’ll find the clip, but I should watch the entire film on my computer. I adore Monty Python.

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