I can see your halo / Puedo ver tu halo

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO GET more comfortable going out. Things are progressing in Spain. All parts of the country are down to Level 1 of the pandemic. We remain cautious and wear our masks wherever we go. I take mine off when I’m out of doors, but slap it back on the minute someone gets too close.

We had dinner at Mesón Salvador last night. Just the two of us. We tried to be sociable, but our friends who are willing to go restaurants were all otherwise occupied. Their loss. Well, truly ours. We enjoyed each other’s company, and the love from Sergio and the staff helped. After my night and day of reflux due to overindulgence, I decided to take it easy. I did, however, have a small beer plus my after-dinner drink (pionono, click here) and SG’s.

While San Geraldo had ribs, I ordered a salad (OK, it did have a creamy dressing). Popular with the ribs are French fries (chips). San Geraldo, being the saint that he is (ahem), ordered a baked potato. But the kitchen made a mistake and when they were about to replace the chips, SG said, “No. No. It’s fine.” He was very happy with the mistake. We decided to have coffee after dinner and I said “no, thanks” to dessert. San Geraldo looked in the dessert case and decided to have a slice of mango cheese cake. I told him I’d have a bite or two and told Sergio, “No whipped cream.” I had two bites. It was incredible. But I stopped at that. San Geraldo admitted this morning that maybe he should have stopped, too. Then, after a moment of thought, he said, “Nah.”

Today, we went back for lunch. More lemon anchovies and croquettes. The croquettes are called croquetas de puchero, which translates to croquettes of stew. It’s chicken but tastes a bit like cream of chicken, only a hundred times better. The texture is perfect.

I find often that croquettas can be too mushy inside. I find it funny that I translate the Spanish word, croquetas, into the French word, croquettes, and act like it’s English. Anyway, no alcohol and no dessert.


HEMOS INTENTADO SENTIRNO MÁS CÓMODOS saliendo. Las cosas van bien ahora en España. Todas las partes del país están en el nivel 1 de la pandemia. Seguimos siendo cautelosos y usamos nuestras máscaras dondequiera que vayamos. Me quito la mía cuando estoy al aire libre, pero la devuelvo en el momento en que alguien se acerca demasiado.

Anoche cenamos en Mesón Salvador. Apenas el dos de nosotros. Intentamos ser sociables, pero nuestros amigos que están dispuestos a ir a restaurantes estaban ocupados de otra manera. Su pérdida. Bueno, verdaderamente nuestro. Disfrutamos de la compañía del otro y el cariño de Sergio y del personal ayudó. Después de mi día y noche de reflujo debido a los excesos, decidí tomarme las cosas con calma. Sin embargo, sí tomé una cerveza pequeña más mi bebida para después de la cena (pionono, haz clic aquí) y el pionono de SG.

Mientras San Geraldo tenía costillas, pedí una ensalada (bueno, tenía un aderezo cremoso). Entre las costillas son populares las patatas fritas. San Geraldo, siendo el santo que es (ejem), pidió una papa asada. Pero la cocina cometió un error y cuando estaban a punto de reemplazar las papas fritas, SG dijo: “No. No, esta bien.” Estaba muy contento con el error. Decidimos tomar un café después de la cena y dije “no, gracias” al postre. San Geraldo miró en la caja de los postres y decidió tomar una rebanada de tarta de queso con mango. Le dije que tomaría un bocado o dos y le dije a Sergio: “Sin nata.” Tuve dos bocados. Fue increíble. Pero me detuve en eso. San Geraldo admitió esta mañana que quizás él también debería haberse detenido. Luego, después de pensarlo un momento, dijo: “No.”

Hoy volvimos a almorzar. Más anchoas al limón y croquetas. Las croquetas se llaman croquetas de puchero, que se traduce en croquetas de cocido. Es pollo, pero sabe un poco a crema de pollo, solo que cien veces mejor. La textura es perfecta. A menudo encuentro que las croquetas pueden quedar demasiado blandas por dentro.

Me parece gracioso que traduzca la palabra española croquetas al francés croquettes y actúo como si fuera inglés. De todos modos, sin alcohol y sin postre.

• Another opening, with the amazing olives kept far away from San Geraldo who doesn’t even like the smell.
• Otra apertura, con las increíbles aceitunas alejadas de San Gerardo a quien ni siquiera le gusta el olor.
• Ribs.
• Costillos.
• Tropical salad.
• Ensalada tropical.
• Mango cheesecake. Served with love from Sergio.
• Tarta de queso de mango. Servido con cariño de Sergio.
• Anchovies and lemon.
• Boquerones al limon.
• Croquettes.
• Croquetas de puchero.
• Sergio. Can you see his halo?
• Sergio. Puedes ver su halo?


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

22 thoughts on “I can see your halo / Puedo ver tu halo”

  1. Can we, will we, return to some semblance of normal? I almost asked Jay if he wanted to go out to lunch yesterday. We are going the Kennedy Center this evening for the first time since February of 2020 – showing our vaccination cards to get inside. The food looks amazing. The deli on the lower lobby of the building my office is in reopened a couple of weeks ago for the first time in 18 months. I am going everyday, I am tipping 20% or more. I really want them to be there. I didn’t know how much a part of my life they are, until I returned and they were closed.

    1. David:
      I haven’t yet received my vaccination card. But, so far, we’re not required to show it anywhere here. It’s not the problem it is in the states and there are still restrictions on those large events. SG was dumping huge tips every time he did take-out during our serious restrictions. I am so ready for at least a little bit of normal.

  2. Not sure what normal looks like anymore. Heading to UK next month and actually feel safer about being there than here. My 7yr old GS had to quarantine after only six days into the school year because a classmate got Covid. Fortunately, my GS didn’t get it and tested out negative. Only missed four days of school, but missing any school matters! OTH, my oldest (vaccinated) son got Covid from an unvaccinated coworker (got results this morning)…as did all his other vaccinated coworkers. It took my son three days just to find a place that could test him and he had to drive to another town to get it–demand is so high right now for testing. He has a mild cough and lost his senses of taste/smell, but said he has had worse colds. So glad he had the Moderna vaccine. But now he has to stay out of work another ten days. His company finally told folks that if they aren’t fully vaccinated by November, they will be terminated.

    1. Mary:
      I’m so glad your family is OK. What an ordeal. Thrilled that your son’s company has laid down the law. We were just talking today about possibly visiting friend’s in England.

      1. Will be there Oct 17-28. Part of the time in Scotland. In London, several days before and after.

      2. Mary:
        The trip sounds wonderful. I’ve never been to Scotland and have always wanted to visit. Not a big trip from here.

  3. I KNOW that we would going to Meson Salvador if we lived there! The food and service always looks SO good! I am very intrigued with those anchovies.

  4. What wonderful meals, if only I could go to Europe now. Portugal would be a destination. Spain too, love to go back to Granada, that city fascinates me.

    1. Laurent:
      I was in Portugal on business 15 years ago. Haven’t been back since, which is frustrating since it’s now such an easy trip. Granada is incredible (and that’s where Sergio is originally from).

  5. That light DOES look like a halo! Maybe Sergio is divine? The anchovies and croquettes look great. I wonder if Sergio would give you your salad dressing on the side? Is that a terrible thing to request in Spain? Like WCS above, I would put a trip to Meson Salvador on my schedule if I ever get to Fuengirola.

    1. Steve:
      Well, Sergio IS divine, but the halo had some help from me. I took the rays and turned them into a halo. I’ve had the salad dressing on the side before and should remember to do that. Not a terrible thing to request here and quite common.

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