Shine on, harvest moon / Brilla, luna de la cosecha

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

WELL, STILL NO RAIN SINCE that little drizzle early yesterday afternoon. There were severe storm warnings overnight. I debated removing the screens on the terrace and closing the glass curtain, but San Geraldo didn’t have much faith in the forecast and he was right. I’m sure it rained somewhere, just not here.

But the surf is higher and, since we have all the windows and the terrace door open, we can hear that relaxing white noise throughout the apartment. Ahhhhhh. Sunrise was interesting and the sky was clear last night for our view of the harvest moon.

I spoke with The Kid Brother last night. He was in a great mood. Two care packages in two weeks may have had something to do with it. Instacart gave me $15 off an order of $35 or more — as a welcome, they said — if I ordered within a week. That cost me $31. Then, I received another coupon for $15 off if I ordered again within a week. I think I’ll pass.

The Kid Brother had a new mobile phone recently. I was pleased to learn that and thought I could set him up with Skype when I next visit, so we can once again do video chats. But he told me last night, “The phone is kaput!”

“What happened?” I asked. “I don’t know! It got bent!” “Bent? Bent how?” “I don’t know. But it’s kaput!” ‘How does one bend a smart phone?’ I wonder. See more of our conversation with his baby photo below.


TODAVÍA NO LLUVIA DESDE ESA pequeña llovizna temprano ayer por la tarde. Hubo advertencias de tormentas severas durante la noche. Debatí quitar las mamparas de la terraza y cerrar la cortina de vidrio, pero San Geraldo no tenía mucha fe en el pronóstico y tenía razón. Estoy seguro de que llovió en alguna parte, pero no aquí.

Pero el oleaje es más alto y, como tenemos todas las ventanas y la puerta de la terraza abiertas, podemos escuchar ese relajante ruido blanco en todo el piso. Ahhhhhh. El amanecer fue interesante y el cielo estaba despejado anoche para nuestra vista de la luna de la cosecha.

Hablé con El Hermanito anoche. Estaba de muy buen humor. Es posible que dos paquetes de ayuda en dos semanas hayan tenido algo que ver. Instacart me dio $15 de descuento en un pedido de $35 o más — como bienvenida, dijeron — si ordenaba dentro de una semana. Eso me costó $ 31. Luego, recibí otro cupón por $15 de descuento si volvía a ordenar dentro de una semana. Creo que paso.

El hermano menor tuvo un nuevo teléfono móvil recientemente. Me alegró saber eso y pensé que podría configurarlo con Skype en la próxima visita, para que podamos volver a hacer videollamadas. Pero anoche me dijo: “¡El teléfono está roto!” “¿Qué pasó?” yo pregunté. “¡No sé! ¡Se dobló!” “¿Doblado? ¿Doblado cómo?” “No sé. ¡Pero es kaput!” ‘¿Cómo se dobla un teléfono inteligente?’, me pregunto. Vea más de nuestra conversación a continuación.

“Hey, Chuck,” I said, “I found a photo of you from when you were just 1 day old. You had your hands up. I think you were being arrested.”
“Hey!” he snorted. “I didn’t do nothin’, wise guy!”

“Oye, Chuck,” dije, “encontré una foto tuya de cuando solo tenías 1 día de edad. Tenías las manos en alto. Creo que te estaban arrestando.”
“¡Oye!” resopló. “¡No hice nada, payaso!”

• And speaking of “The Shining”
• Y hablando de “El Resplandor”


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Shine on, harvest moon / Brilla, luna de la cosecha”

  1. The cats do appear to be saying ” Play with us”. But all is good as long as you don’t have the annoyingly creepy and loud Shelly Duvall causing ruckus.

    A bent cell phone?!?!?!?

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Yep, a bent cell phone. And I’ll probably never know how. The cats were saying, Give us our fucking treats!

  2. Sounds like KB may have sat on his cell phone?
    Good thing he is clear of all charges!! lol
    Things must be beginning to slow/calm down at the beach, eh?
    You will have it back to yourself soon.

    1. Jim,
      I still don’t know how you bend a smart phone, and I probably never will. Just like when his iPad went “kaput.” Yes, things are finally quieting down. We love it!

  3. What are the odds we would BOTH use a photo of the moon today? (It was quite a spectacular moon.)

    Love those cat eyes! And yes, that’s very strange about the “bent” phone. Maybe he had it in his back pocket and sat down hard?

    1. Steve,
      I laughed when I saw your photo. Great minds think alike. YOUR mind is great, at least. KB never puts the phone in his back pocket, but I still don’t know how a smart phone gets bent. Wait, unless it was a flip phone!

  4. Carlos would say something like a bent phone, so I get the Kid Brother.

    And The Boys … I feel like I need to either hide in my house, or catch a flight and bring them treats. It’s something about their eyes!

    1. Bob:
      I always think of you when the boys do their “The Shining” routine. Would Carlos say it’s kaput? THAT would be scary.

    1. Ron,
      What are you talking about. The planet revolves? Around what? Haven’t you heard the earth is flat?

  5. It’s fun to get care packages! We saw that gorgeous moon briefly last evening as it rose over the sea. Then it was consumed by clouds. Great images.

    1. Wilma,
      I was surprised by he decent view of the moon. It was completely above the haze at that time.

  6. Now the cats will haunt me for the rest of the day! I can’t believe you have “moon” in your title without a picture of your butt. Nice to know that Chuck was in a good mood.


    1. Janie,
      One personal butt shot might be my limit. It’s always a relief when Chuck is in a good mood.

  7. Your cats remind me that my mother recently had to give up her own. He was a biter and she got an infection that sent her to the hospital. I understand why, but it still saddened my heart

    1. Adam,
      We’ve never had a cat that was a biter. But we discourage it from the start and have been fortunate I guess. Hope your mother is now ok. I’ve heard those infections can be horrible.

    1. Mcpersonalspace54:
      Thanks for enjoying it. This time of year we begin to have dramatic sunrises and sunsets. I’ll probably end up boring you with them.

  8. Love the cats. Bending a phone, I broke the screen on a Kindle one time, leaning against the arm rest on an airplane.

    1. David,
      I’ve realized as I’ve been writing replies that maybe Chuck had a flip phone. I understand THAT getting bent. His iPad went “kaput” some time back. Never did learn how.

  9. Well, Liza certainly made that song sound like I was hearing it for the first time!

    As for your brothers “bent” phone, the only thing I can think of is he put it on a hot stove. But that might have caused an explosion, and I’m sure he would have mentioned that to you.

    1. Kirk,
      I agree with you about Liza’s interpretation of the song. I realized he may have had a flip phone. That getting bent makes more sense.

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