It’s the slammer / Es la carcel

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I MANAGED TO FORCE MYSELF out the door yesterday for a walk. While I was out, Kathleen noticed my blog post and texted me to meet them at our nearby Roman ruins park. That was a major uplift. My pal Luke is as exceptional and kind as ever. And his little brother Beckett now likes me. I know because he kept picking up gravel and putting it in my hands. Luke painted a picture for me and one for San Geraldo. I’ll share those tomorrow. It’s always a pleasure to see Pedro and Kathleen. When I received Kathleen’s message, I was admiring a wall of flame vines. Then this morning I woke to a flaming sunrise.

I found a set of 20 postcards online that should please The Kid Brother’s requirements for something “not boring.” He tired of my local tourist postcards (and I was running out of options anyway). Above is what I sent this week.

He told me he received another postcard from “You know… the guy you better watch out for.” “David the lawyer?” I asked. “That’s right. Or else it’s the slammer for you!” We chatted for a while. He said the postcard was of a lamb, which would be a sheep. I asked if it was a drawing or a photo and he told me it was “real” (a photo). He said it was really, really funny. But that was as much description as I could get. The Kid Brother was in a great mood. And he had his first COVID vaccine Monday. Anyway, thanks David (Travel Penguin) even though I have to watch out for you.


AYER LOGRÉ FORZARME A SALIR por la puerta a dar un paseo. Mientras estaba fuera, Kathleen notó la publicación de mi blog y me envió un mensaje de texto para reunirme con ellos en nuestro cercano parque de ruinas romanas. Eso fue un gran impulso. Mi amigo Luke es tan excepcional y amable como siempre. Y ahora le agrado a su hermano pequeño Beckett. Lo sé porque seguía recogiendo grava y poniéndola en mis manos. Luke pintó un cuadro para mí y otro para San Geraldo. Los compartiré mañana. Siempre es un placer ver a Pedro y Kathleen. Cuando recibí el mensaje de Kathleen, estaba admirando un muro de enredaderas en llamas. Luego, esta mañana me desperté con un amanecer llameante. 

Encontré un conjunto de 20 postales en línea que deberían satisfacer los requisitos de The Kid Brother para algo “no aburrido”. Estaba cansado de mis postales turísticas locales (y de todos modos me estaba quedando sin opciones). Arriba está lo que envié esta semana. 

Me dijo que recibió otra postal de “Tu sabes … el tipo con el que es mejor que tengas cuidado”. “¿David el abogado?” pregunté. “Eso es correcto. ¡O si no, es la cancel para ti!” Charlamos un rato. Dijo que la postal era de un cordero [que sería una oveja]. Le pregunté si era un dibujo o una foto y me dijo que era “real” [una foto]. Dijo que era realmente, muy gracioso. Pero esa fue la descripción que pude obtener. El Hermanito estaba de muy buen humor. Y recibió su primera vacuna COVID el lunes. De todos modos, gracias David, aunque tengo que cuidarte.

Dudo this morning waiting for Isabel to arrive.
Dudo esta mañana esperando a que llegue Isabel.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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46 thoughts on “It’s the slammer / Es la carcel”

  1. Great sunrise photos.

    Don’t know why, but the song, “The Look of Love” (Sérgio Mendes & Brasil ’66 version) immediately came to mind when I saw that photo of Dudo. (Try not to hum it the rest of the day…. 🙂

    1. Mary:
      THAT was almost the caption under Dudo’s photo! And I did hum it for at least a little while.

  2. First of all, since Mary stuck Sergio Mendes in my head, I had to switch it over to Mas Que Nada. I’m in more of a samba mood. I don’t know how to samba, but it is a good mood. Better than humming Sunrise, Sunset my original earworm. That sunrise is beyond gorgeous! More resting cat face, yay!

    1. Deedles:
      Such a great song, but I don’t see mas que nada in Dudo’s eyes! But I’m now listening to it for the third time!

      1. I don’t see it in Dudo’s eyes either. I just like that particular song more than the other one. I need a faster beat to get things done around the house. The Look of Love is too darn slow!

  3. Oh just a wall of Flame Vines, eh? Oh for a wall of Flame Vines here in the Arctic Circle!! lol
    Actually our weather has been pretty good (as he knocks wood).

    So happy you had a chance to meet up with your friends and pals. Makes all the difference doesn’t. I got a phone call from my oldest friend this morning from Toronto. Gave me a boost.

    Haven’t forgotten about sending postcard…….just being too particular I guess. Now I have a better idea.

    1. Jim:
      What a day. Flame vines are thriving all over town right now. So great that you could reconnect with your oldest friend. I also got a surprise call from my oldest friend from university last week. An uplift!

  4. Amazing wall of flaming flowers, wall-to-wall flaming sunrise, and flame-eared Dudo! Lucky you to get to meet up with Luke, Becket, and Kathleen. We haven’t seen anyone socially since March, not that we are ever very social given our remote location.

    1. Wilma:
      I loved Dudo’s flaming ears. I’m glad you picked up on that. The post started out with the title “Flaming, but then I decided to write a bit more. COVID numbers are soaring here again as a result of all the holidays. So rules are stricter and we’re even less inclined to be out and about.

  5. the sky’s on fire! cute dudo. and that meetup is just what your spirits needed! I sent chuck a card with a fish on it; maybe he’ll get it next week.

    1. anne marie:
      He loves fish and fishing! I had tropical fish that he inherited when I went away to school. That’s another story I’ll have to tell.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      I use both my iPhone and a Canon PowerShot SX730 HS. I can’t be bothered with too much fiddling. And, funnily, the only photo take with my Canon was the one of Dudo. And thanks for the compliment!

  6. Hahahahaha, the slammer for you! If all the postcards are like that giraffe, they will indeed be a hit!

    1. Debra:
      The postcards are all funny animal close-ups. He WILL love them. When it’s not “the slammer” for me, “it’s curtains!”

    1. Steve:
      Flame vines thrive here and are in bloom all over town. We tried a wall of them in planters on our terrace but they just weren’t worth the trouble. I think they’re easier in the ground.

  7. We’d all better watch out or we’ll end up in the slammer. I’m a pretty naughty girl. I’m glad Chuck was happy and has had his first shot.


      1. janie:
        It’s already 1:30 and I haven’t made a move. I’ll have to force myself after lunch. It sure isn’t easy and you’ve had quite the time recently, which makes it harder.

    1. janiejunebug:
      Chuck loves quoting old gangster movies. Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney were favourites. “It’s curtains, Lefty!”

  8. Glad you got out and played with little friends, and very glad that Kid Brother got his first round of the vaccine. My mom is 83 and is getting her first one tomorrow. It’s such a relief to at least have that start for her.

    Glorious photos, as always!

    1. Michelle:
      It IS a relief to know the vaccine is getting around. Don’t know when we’ll have ours, but we’ve been told we’ll be contacted and don’t have to do anything.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Yeah, it stuck with me for a while yesterday. But Deedles planted Mas Que Nada in my head today!

      1. At least it wasn’t The Girl from Iwo Jima. Seriously, I didn’t know from Ipanema when I was little.

  9. That Dudo pic is one of his best ever – in fact so good I’m now going to save it for future ‘reference’.

    1. David:
      Harmless until we do something wrong. You notice Chuck doesn’t worry about himself. If I tell him HE’D better watch out, he says, “I didn’t do nothin’!” Then he follows with “You’re the one, wise guy.”

  10. All of those photos put a huge smile on my face, and, then, I got to the close-up of Dudo–that one was the best! I so miss rubbing my nose in a kitty’s fur 🙂

    1. Judy C:
      Oh, I love doing that! I haven’t seen Dudo most of the day. He came in for a pee, a snack, and water, and headed right back out to the sun on the terrace. He’s in heaven. Hugs!

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