In the clearing stands a boxer / En el claro, hay en pie un boxeador

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

THE FIRST PHOTO, BOXING LESSONS on the beach, immediately had me singing Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer,” and today’s title is a line from the song. Yesterday was a wonderful day. San Geraldo and I had another outing in the car.

During the key fob fun the other day, we realized the Prius was overdo for regular maintenance. We tend to forget because, in the 4-1/2 years we’ve had the car, we’ve only put about 15,000 km on the odometer. Service was to take about an hour and a half, so we went to the very pleasant café next door and relaxed. We then had lunch at home (left-over goulash).

After lunch I met Kathleen, Pedro, and the kids, at the Roman ruins park. I spotted the boxing class along the way. I had gifts for the boys, which I wrapped in tissue paper. As you might expect, the tissue paper was an enormous hit. Great to throw in the air and watch it float. The perfect cape for a superhero. Brilliant for filling with pebbles and tossing over your shoulder — until the tissue tears and the pebbles hit you in the head. And, finally, deliriously fun to tear to shreds (which was quickly stopped). For me, it made the day so sweet.

On my way home, I stopped at my favorite flower kiosk and picked up a bunch of tulips for San Geraldo. And then I bumped into Lolo (click here), his wife, Lara, and their son. We haven’t seen each other in months, and I learned they’ve opened their own café/restaurant right on the train line. About a 30-minute ride or drive. They told me they carefully adhere to all Covid regulations. The name of the place is El Duende (The Goblin). Lolo and Lara are both charming and true pros, so I know it will be a great place. We can’t wait to visit.

We then had a long FaceTime call with our friends in Colchester, England, Nick, Alyson, Penny, and Edward. That filled our hearts with joy — and made us miss them even more.

After our call, San Geraldo had made pulled pork for dinner. And to top off the truly sweet day, I didn’t trip, I didn’t fall, I didn’t hit my head on anything, I had a good night’s sleep, and I woke up without a scratch or bruise (well, without a new scratch or bruise). Lai la lai lai la la la lai la lai!


LA PRIMERA FOTO, LECCIONES DE boxeo en la playa, inmediatamente me hizo cantar “El Boxeador” [The Boxer] de Simon & Garfunkel, y el título de hoy es una línea de la canción. Ayer fue un día maravilloso. San Geraldo y yo tuvimos otra “aventura” en coche.

Durante la diversión del llavero el otro día, nos dimos cuenta de que el Prius estaba exagerado para el mantenimiento regular. Tendemos a olvidar porque, en los 4 años y medio que hemos tenido el coche, solo hemos puesto unos 15.000 km en el cuentakilómetros. El servicio duraría aproximadamente una hora y media, así que fuimos al agradable café de al lado y nos relajamos.

Luego almorzamos en casa (gulash sobrante). Después del almuerzo conocí a Kathleen, Pedro y los niños en el parque de las ruinas romanas. Vi la clase de boxeo en el camino. Tenía regalos para los niños, que envolví en papel de seda. Como era de esperar, el papel de seda fue un gran éxito. Genial para lanzar al aire y verlo flotar. La capa perfecta para un superhéroe. Brillante para rellenar con guijarros y tirar por encima del hombro, hasta que el tejido se rasga y los guijarros te golpean en la cabeza. Y, finalmente, delirantemente divertido de romper en pedazos (que se detuvo rápidamente). Para mí, hizo que el día fuera tan dulce.

De camino a casa, me detuve en el quiosco de flores y compré un ramo de tulipanes para San Geraldo. Y luego me topé con Lolo (haz clic aquí), su esposa, Lara, y su hijo. No nos hemos visto en meses, y supe que habían abierto su propio café/restaurante justo en la línea del tren. Aproximadamente 30 minutos en tren o en coche. Me dijeron que se adhieren cuidadosamente a todas las regulaciones de Covid. El nombre del lugar es El Duende (El Duende). Lolo y Lara son encantadores y verdaderos profesionales, así que sé que será un gran lugar. Estamos ansiosos por visitarlo.

Luego tuvimos una larga llamada de FaceTime con nuestros amigos en Colchester, Inglaterra, Nick, Alyson, Penny, y Edward. Eso llenó nuestros corazones de alegría y nos hizo extrañarlos aún más.

Después de nuestra llamada, San Geraldo sirvió su excelente cerdo desmenuzado para la cena. Y para rematar el día verdaderamente dulce, no me tropecé, no me caí, no me golpeé la cabeza con nada, dormí bien, y me desperté sin un rasguño o moretón (bueno, sin un nuevo rasguño o moretón). ¡Lai la lai lai la la la lai la lai!

• Beckett demontrates his jumps (and pebble toss) while Luke fills his cape with pebbles.
• Beckett demuestra sus saltos (y lanzamiento de guijarros) mientras Luke llena su capa con guijarros.
• Luke was excited to find pollen on the blooming palm tree. Becket was excited to find rocks.
• Luke estaba emocionado de encontrar polen en la palmera en flor. Becket estaba emocionado de encontrar rocas.
• Today’s sunrise — before I went back to sleep.
• El amanecer de hoy — antes de que me volviera a dormir.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

32 thoughts on “In the clearing stands a boxer / En el claro, hay en pie un boxeador”

  1. Oh! You always capture the magic! I’m so thankful for you! The ball was a big hit last nght. It’s very bouncy. Luke is excited to start his little projects today.

    1. Kathleen:
      That’s because you always bring the magic. Looking forward to seeing what Luke thinks of the latest projects. That ball looked like fun.

  2. LOVE luke’s shirt and the pretty tulips! and look how big becks is getting! and a new cafe to try – oh my! you also did not cut/burn yourself “cooking” yesterday, so that’s another plus.

      1. Mistress G Borghese:
        Incredible, isn’t it? And we see each other so rarely that the changes are always a shock.

    1. anne marie:
      Luke has always had the best clothes. I’ve often asked him if I could wear them, too. Beckett was wearing Luke’s hand-me-downs that day — gifts from Kathleens mother who died before Beckette was born. Heartwarming. I had no new injuries yesterday either. I’m about to head out the door. Keep a good thought!

  3. I love two lips this…err… I meant tulips, yes tulips, in the house this time of year. I’m heading shorty to get some fresh flowers and ingredients to make some Easter bread and hot cross buns.

    Those boy are like cats…more enthralled by the wrapping and packing then the gift itself, LMAO!!!!!!! Which proves simple things are better to enjoy.

    1. Mistress G Borghese:
      I knew exactly what you meant! We had more torrijas this morning. And now I’m going to try and walk them off! It was no surprise when both boys went nuts for the tissue paper. But I’ve been told once they got home, they enjoyed what was inside.

  4. Wow. A beautiful day, gorgeous friends, adorable little boys and no injuries! Living the life of Riley there Scoot 🙂

  5. Life works in mysterious ways. Never as a teenager back in 1970 did I ever think that I would be learning the lyrics in Spanish some 51 years later!!! Not too sure how useful they will be to me in Spain but you never know!!! An interesting lesson for today, thanks.

  6. Friends, boxers, tissue paper capes, good food, flowers and no trips falls bruises or bumps?
    That is a faaaaaaabulous day!

    1. Debra:
      I should have recorded Beckett’s sounds every time he picked up another rock to show me. OHHHHHHHHHHH!

  7. What a joyous day! I’m so glad. You were due for a few. Like how you captured the boys enthusiasm for life. Nothing like tissue paper and rocks and pollen and jumping. They are growing so fast…it is good of you to share the glimpses into the best things of life. Happy kiddos ranks right up there.

    The throwing of tissue paper reminds me of my 6 yr old GS’s virtual PE class. How you may ask? Well, we’ve done just about every conceivable exercise/sport within my home office (his desk/laptop is behind mine) these past six months…sock soccer, yoga, jogging in place, softball/football (rolled socks again), beach ball drumming, various calisthenics and most recently, juggling–not with balls, but with three floaty, empty plastic grocery bags which, like the tissue paper, can be batted up in the air repeatedly to keep from touching the ground. So much easier than juggling balls. We just have to keep scooting the laptop around so the PE teacher can see him. I won’t comment on just how many things in my office have been knocked off the walls, desks, etc. during these exercises, but hey, it’s just things. And, as most of us know, the most important things in life aren’t things. I’d rather he remember our laughter. I know I will.

    1. Mary:
      We’re all due for days like that. Online PE class sounds hilarious. Kathleen (a teacher) is teaching Luke at home this year and Pedro is a PE teacher. So, they’ve got everything covered. And nothing broken in the house — that isn’t already getting broken due to the regular activities of Luke and Beckett.

  8. Great pictures and a busy day. This is what I like about Europe, easy places where you can have a coffee and small flower kiosk on the streets.

  9. I just really enjoyed listening to “The Boxer”. I have always loved Simon and Garfunkel, particularly Paul Simon, and have several of his albums. Sadly I don’t listen to music much these days as I used to have CDs in the car, but my latest car doesn’t have a player, just a hole for a memory stick thingy and I don’t know how to put cds on it. My son showed me over a year ago, and I have long since forgotten. It will be his first job when he is allowed in the house again!!

    1. Frances:
      I, too, have always loved Simon (and Garfunkel, but mostly Simon). We didn’t realize our car had a CD player until we had it a year! Now I just need to remember to load up our traveling CD case and stick it in the car. We bought the car in 2016!

  10. This song was indelibly impressed on my memory when, during a visit to my then girlfriend’s house, her sister was playing this on unending repeat in her own bedroom as it had just been released – showing just how long ago this was. When I asked why she was doing this I was told she was studying and always needed music on in the background. I know that in my own study days any distraction at all, music or otherwise, would have made studying absolutely impossible.
    Good to see the lyrics in print. Until now they had never properly registered.

    1. Raybeard:
      I have always loved this song (and so much of Paul SImon’s music). But, like you, I couldn’t study or read with music playing — especially not music with lyrics. Still can’t.

  11. The minute I read your post title I had that song going in my head. I’ll probably be hearing it all day now! But at least it’s a GOOD song.

    Kids are like cats — you get them a present and they’re infatuated with the packaging! I love that GIF of Beckett jumping and throwing his pebbles.

    1. Steve:
      The stong still hasn’t left my head! Not a bad ear worm. Beckett has warmed up to me, which makes me happy. He was demonstrating his jumps. A new skill.

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