The sixth food group / El sexto grupo de alimentos

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AS I MENTIONED YESTERDAY, WE had dinner Wednesday night with Tynan, Elena, and Alexander to celebrate Alexander’s 21st birthday. We went to a local favorite, Pizza Maestro. San Geraldo and I had take-away pizzas from there Tuesday night, so although our three friends had pizza, we both opted for something different.

I had canneloni that were perfect and San Geraldo had nachos. Yes, we know it’s an Italian restaurant, but they have really good nachos (SG’s favorite food group) and good nachos are not easy to find around here. Tynan and Alexander love pizza with “kebab” (what I would call gyros, meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie). I’ve never had it, but I like gyros and I like pizza, so maybe I’ll try it some time. The food and company were, as always exceptional. Alexander was a great, sweet, funny, and kind kid (we’ve known him eight years). And he’s only improved with age.

Tynan had invited us and planned to pay for the meal. When he asked for the bill, the waitress told him, while Alexander grinned, that it had already been paid. We were all stunned. Tynan asked (proudly), “When did you do that?” Alexander laughed, “Why do you think I went to the bog? (Bog is English slang for toilet, a word Alexander picked up from his father.) Tynan and I both laughed and said, “Well, we thought maybe you had to pee!” Anyway, as Alexander commented, “It’s Spanish tradition [which is true].” I don’t think we could love him more.

I had lab analysis done today. San Geraldo gave me a lift to the health center at 8:30. It was (still) supposed to rain heavily and I figured I’d get caught mid-downpour during the 20-minute walk. We forgot that I could drive myself. But, then I’d still have to walk in the rain from outdoor parking a bit of a distance beyond the center. I told SG he could just drop me off. I wouldn’t mind walking home in the rain. It drizzled on our way over. It rained steadily but never heavily on my way home. What a thrill. It stopped once I walked in the door and it hasn’t rained since.

The forecast says we could get 2.8 mm / one-tenth of an inch in the next few hours. And only a 19 percent chance at that. Late tonight there’s a 92 percent chance. Of the same amount? I don’t know.

We’re going to Pedro and Kathleen’s tonight for a late dinner without kids. Pedro’s cooking. I think I’ll have a siesta. I didn’t sleep at all last night. Maybe the stress of providing a urine sample was just too much for me. It involved a vacuum cup and a test tube. I figured it out.

COMO MENCIONÉ AYER, CENAMOS EL miércoles con Tynan, Elena, y Alexander para celebrar el cumpleaños número 21 de Alexander. Fuimos a un favorito local, Pizza Maestro. San Geraldo y yo comimos pizzas para llevar allí el martes por la noche, así que aunque nuestros tres amigos comieron pizza, ambos optamos por algo diferente.

Comí canelones que estaban perfectos y San Geraldo tenía nachos. Sí, sabemos que es un restaurante italiano, pero tienen muy buenos nachos (el grupo de comida favorito de SG) y no es fácil encontrar buenos nachos por aquí. A Tynan y Alexander les encanta la pizza con “kebab” (lo que yo llamaría “gyros,” carne cocinada en un asador vertical). Nunca la he probado, pero me gustan los gyros y la pizza, así que quizás la pruebe alguna vez. La comida y la compañía fueron, como siempre, excepcionales. Alexander era un niño genial, dulce, divertido, y amable (lo conocemos desde hace ocho años). Y solo mejora con la edad.

Tynan nos había invitado y tenía previsto pagar la comida. Cuando pidió la cuenta, la camarera le dijo, mientras Alexander sonreía, que ya estaba pagada. Todos quedamos atónitos. Tynan preguntó (con orgullo): “¿Cuándo hiciste eso?” Alexander se rió, “¿Por qué crees que fui al aseo?” Tynan y yo nos reímos y dijimos: “¡Bueno, pensamos que tal vez tenías que orinar!” De todos modos, como comentó Alexander, “Es tradición española [que es verdad].” No creo que podamos amarlo más.

Hoy me hicieron un análisis de sangre. San Geraldo me llevó al centro de salud a las 8:30. Se suponía (todavía) que iba a llover mucho y pensé que me atraparían en medio de un aguacero durante la caminata de 20 minutos. Olvidamos que podía conducir yo solo. Pero entonces todavía tendría que caminar bajo la lluvia desde el estacionamiento al aire libre un poco más allá del centro. Le dije a SG que podía dejarme. No me importaría caminar a casa con él bajo la lluvia. Lloviznaba en nuestro camino. Llovió constantemente, pero nunca mucho, de camino a casa. Qué emoción. Se detuvo una vez que entré por la puerta y no ha llovido desde entonces.

El pronóstico dice que podríamos obtener 2.8 mm / una décima de pulgada en las próximas horas. Y solo un 19 por ciento de posibilidades de que eso suceda. En las últimas horas de esta noche hay un 92 por ciento de posibilidades. ¿De la misma cantidad? No lo sé.

Vamos a ir a casa de Pedro y Kathleen esta noche para una cena tardía sin niños. Pedro está cocinando. Creo que tendré una siesta. No dormí nada anoche. Quizás el estrés de proporcionar una muestra de orina fue demasiado para mí. Se trataba de una taza orina de vacío y un tubo de ensayo. Lo resolví.

• Garlic cheese bread.
• Pan de queso con ajo.
• San Geraldo and Tynan wouldn’t cooperate, so this is the photo they get. Anyway, the photos were a waste in that light. All four of them have the most amazing color eyes — the guys’ brilliant shades of light blue and Elena’s green.
• San Geraldo y Tynan no cooperaron, así que esta es la foto que obtienen. De todos modos, las fotos fueron un desperdicio bajo esa luz. Los cuatro tienen los ojos de los colores más asombrosos: los tipos tienen tonos brillantes de azul claro y Elena tiene tonos de verde.
• Before sunset yesterday.
• Antes del atardecer de ayer.
• Sunrise this morning.
• Amanecer esta mañana.
• Poor Moose. He usually starts it. And he usually gets the worst of it. There were several tufts yesterday.
• Pobre Moose. Por lo general, lo inicia. Y, por lo general, es él quien se lleva la peor parte. Ayer hubo varios mechones.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “The sixth food group / El sexto grupo de alimentos”

  1. That kid is such a cutie! My baby is 43, so that is a kid to me 🙂 I don’t suppose, Scoot, that you’d be willing to come to California and walk around for awhile? We could sure use your rain bringing talents.

    1. Deedles:
      That strong drizzle was the extent of my rain-bringing talents. Sunshine today. Argh! And, yeah, that kid is a cutie. Our younger nephew turns 43 today!

      1. Deedles,
        I know what you mean. I just went into shock when I realized our nephew is now older then us!

      1. Deedles:
        As I told Bob, I should have done a training video. The vaccuum cup and test tube were fascinating. Have you ever heard of it?

      2. Scoot, I’m trying to figure out what a vacuum cup looks like. I’m picturing a teeny tiny pubic Roomba rolling around down there 🙂 During all of my years of giving samples, I have yet to come up with a process that’s female friendly. At least I can use those hat thingies on the toilets now. I did miss one of those once too, though.

      3. Deedles,
        I’ll send you a link when I’m back at my computer. It’s no more female friendly than anything you’ve seen before. You’d still want to use a funnel. Maybe that’s what those hat thingies are?

  2. I’m guessing that the biggest part of tourist season must be over and that you are ready to come out and play! I have signed up for another yoga retreat at the end of October. I hope that Delta has finished its rampage through Belize by then; if not I will cancel.

    1. Wilma:
      Oh, yeah, it’s so much quieter here. October is usually a pleasure. I’m trying to get a handle on the regs for travel between the USA and Spain. Would like to get that trip to The Kid Brother taken care of. Looks like I’ll have to hold off longer on my plans to visit the West Coast. Sorry Belize is experiencing a rampage. We’re finally doing well here. (Touch wood.)

  3. Food and company look perfect!
    Your ‘kebab’ looks like our ‘donair’…..meat on a vertical spit and sliced off.

  4. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. The food looks scrumptious. Haven’t made it to a restaurant yet. No desire to do so…1) because of our numbers; and 2) lousy, overpriced food at most places around here. Certainly not up to the standards of the places you usually go.

    Love the sunrise photo…and ouch for Moose’s tuft. As for rain…had about two inches yesterday morning…having had about half an inch or more the night before. Man, I wish I could send it west.

    1. Mary:
      Oh, how we’d love a good rain here in town. Other nearby towns had floods. We had drizzle. We’ve I think reached our limit of staying home and to ourselves. Have been enjoying going out and being a bit more social. Still being very careful. And the places we go are rarely expensive. Cheap and mid-level. Amazing what we can get around here.

    1. Steve:
      I did have some few friends in the States who would invite people out for their birthday dinner and then treat, but it was unusual. Here in Spain, it’s very common. We love doing it.

  5. Ever since I began watching Netflix,I noticed many people’s eyes in the European etc shows are different shades of beige/caramel colours. I am so drawn to this colour. Mine are hazel which I have always liked.

    1. Ron:
      I’ve seen some very unusual-colored eyes since we’ve moved here. And beige and caramel are good descriptions. I wonder if many of the eye colors are influenced by the North African and Middle-Eastern genes. Beautiful. I’ve always loved hazel eyes. I have what my smart-ass blue-eyed friends called shit brown. SG, on the other hand, thinks brown eyes are stunning. And his uncle, one of very few members of their family with brown eyes, was so disappointed when his 3 kids ended up with blue eyes. The grass is always greener.

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