Five Guys, two cats, and us / Five Guys, dos gatos, y nos dos

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DURING MY SHOPPING SPREE (NOT really a spree) at Plaza Mayor and the McArthur Glen Outlet mall a couple of weeks ago, I suggested San Geraldo join me so we could have lunch at Five Guys, the recently opened American burger joint.

When I mentioned a while back that Five Guys had opened, the feedback from many readers wasn’t positive. Still, we had never even heard of the chain, so thought we should at least give it a try. We couldn’t remember the last time we had had an American hamburger. We each had a bacon burger with everything and we shared an order of French fries. The verdict? We enjoyed it. Yes, it was messy, as I had been told. But it was substantial and surprisingly tasty. However, the total bill was €32. We can have lunch at Mesón Salvador for €32! And we did a few days later.

Nutrition and fitness report:
I stretched twice more Saturday for a total of four. I’m about to head to the gym. Back and arms workout today and a new sciatica exercise (which I hope doesn’t strengthen my sciatica). No sweets, except San Geraldo.


DURANTE MI SALIDA DE COMPRAS en la Plaza Mayor y el centro comercial McArthur Glen Outlet hace unas semanas, sugerí que San Geraldo se uniera a mí para que pudiéramos almorzar en Five Guys, la hamburguesería estadounidense recientemente inaugurada.

Cuando mencioné hace un tiempo que Five Guys había abierto, los comentarios de muchos lectores no fueron positivos. Aún así, nunca habíamos oído hablar de la cadena, así que pensamos que al menos deberíamos intentarlo. No podíamos recordar la última vez que comimos una hamburguesa americana. Cada uno de nosotros tenía una hamburguesa de tocino con todo y compartimos una orden de papas fritas. ¿El veredicto? Lo disfrutamos. Sí, estaba desordenado, como me habían dicho. Pero era sustancial y sorprendentemente sabroso. Sin embargo, la factura total fue de 32 €. ¡Podemos almorzar en Mesón Salvador por 32 €! Y lo hicimos unos días después.

Informe de nutrición y estado físico:
Estiré dos veces más el sábado para un total de cuatro. Estoy a punto de ir al gimnasio. Entrenamiento de espalda y brazos hoy y un nuevo ejercicio de ciática (que espero no fortalezca mi ciática). Sin dulces, excepto San Geraldo.

• Five guys behind the counter at Five Guys.
• Cinco tipos detras de la encimera en Five Guys. [Cinco Tipos].
• San Geraldo brought his book with him and, after lunch, sat and worked at Starbuck’s while I shopped. (He had a mocha Frapuccino and chocolate/chocolate chip muffin.)
• San Geraldo trajo su libro con él y, después del almuerzo, se sentó y trabajó en Starbucks mientras yo compraba. (Él tenía un Frappuccino de moca y un muffin de chocolate / chispas de chocolate).
• San Geraldo is the filling in that Oreo.
• San Geraldo es el relleno de esa Oreo.
• My shrimp and avocado salad at Mesón Salvador. I had already dug in before I remembered to take a picture.
• Mi ensalada de camarones y aguacate en Mesón Salvador. Ya había cavado antes de recordar hacer una foto.
• My croquettas puchero (filled with chicken and tasting a bit like chicken soup; puchero means stew, soup, or stewpot).
• Mi croquettas puchero.
• San Geraldo had ribs.
• San Geraldo tenía costillas.
Sergio, and Cuñado behind the bar: I’ll take these two guys over the five guys any day. (NOTE: Cuñado means brother-in-law and that’s what he is to Sergio. His real name is David, but when he joined Mesón Salvador years ago, Chef David was already in the kitchen. So, everyone calls him Cuñado. It’s not uncommon to call one’s brother-in-law or sister-in-law “Brother-in-law” or “Sister-in-law.” Rolls right off the tongue, doesn’t it? In the Andalucian dialect, the name sounds more like Coo-NYA-oh).
Sergio, y Cuñado detrás de la barra: Llevaré a estos dos tipos por encima de los cinco cualquier día. (NOTA: Cuñado es el cuñado de Sergio. Su verdadero nombre es David, pero cuando se incorporó a Mesón Salvador hace años, el Chef David ya estaba en la cocina. Entonces, todos lo llaman Cuñado. No es raro llamar a un cuñado o cuñada “Cuñado” o “Cuñada.” Se sale de la lengua, ¿no? En el dialecto andaluz, el nombre suena más como Cu-ÑA-o).

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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19 thoughts on “Five Guys, two cats, and us / Five Guys, dos gatos, y nos dos”

  1. The burger looks yummy and messy, but at that price? My office had an intern a few summers ago, whose ambition was to be the first Five Guys franchise in Paris. The last I knew she had married an international investment banker and was trying to decide where to have the second vacation home.

    1. David:
      We had once considered opening the first Starbuck’s in Bergen, Norway. But we were told Starbuck’s decides where to open… not us.

    1. Debra:
      And that was an indulgence. Had never even heard of the chain until this one opened.

  2. That burger doesn’t look bad at all! Every year here there is a ‘burger week’ competition amongst the restaurants. Some are out there and others are incredible!
    Haven’t had an oreo in years.

    1. Jim:
      Oreos are our regular treat for road trips. We haven’t had a road trip for a while. And I won’t be doing Oreos the next time we do. Burger Week sounds like great fun. My favorite is Red Robin’s Royal Red Robin burger. Smoked bacon, sunny-side-up egg, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. A better cheese would be nice, but I never complained.

  3. That’s one costly mess of a burger.
    I’ll take croquettes any day!!

    I kinda played Where’s Moose and Dudo in that picture. They were hard to spot at first!

    1. Bob:
      Maybe I could do a book of Where Are Moose and Dudo photos. Maybe not. But I thought it was hard to find them, too.

  4. No 5 Guys in Santa Fe…but El Milagro has the Best Green Chili Cheeseburger (green chili on the side please) and fresh cut potato fries for $6.95. We don’t eat much beef…but once in a while one just needs a burger.

    1. Frank:
      We actually don’t eat much beef either, now that I think about it. I was definitely craving a burger. I had never even heard of Five Guys until it was announcing this one was opening.

    1. Wilma:
      Cherubic. Moose stood outside the bedroom door yesterday morning and yowled incessantly for a half hour because I wasn’t up. While we watched TV last night, I opened and closed the terrace slider 17 times (yes, I counted) for them. Once, as Dudo was about to walk in, Moose ran up behind him, jumped on his back, and wrapped his jaws around his neck. Cherubic.

  5. Well, I’m glad someone enjoyed that slop! I couldn’t stand it. I gives me a good laugh though that you two enjoyed it, and go to Stabucks, when I’m trying to escape both!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! I WILL do Starbucks if there is not another coffee house nearby though. Just leave me at that Mesón Salvador or with the cats.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Starbucks at the outlet mall is in a beautiful octagonal free-standing building in the middle of a charming plaza. Outdoor tables circle the building. So it’s a great place to relax for SG while I wander. But he does enjoy his mocha frapuccino and chocolate-chocolate chip muffin. As for Five Guys, I wonder how much we would have enjoyed it if we still lived in the States with so many great places for burgers. It may have simply been the novelty. A definite yes to Mesón Salvador every time. Moose sat outside the bedroom door yesterday morning (SG was already in his office) and yowled non-stop for a half hour until I got up. Do you still want him?

      1. Im sending postage to mail him now. Buster says he would love a cat brother!!!!!

  6. I’ve also not had a Five Guys burger, but I’d certainly try one. And Mesón Salvador. I’m lucky in that we make and grill our own burgers at home. We grind the beef ourselves. Is that like grating the Parmesan? Just call us two guys, a cat, and a dog.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      If you share photos of grinding the beef, it could definitely become like grating the parmesan. I think you’d enjoy Mesón Salvador… and probably Five Guys (which was fun for a change).

  7. I don’t blame you for preferring Meson Salvador to Five Guys! I’ve never had a Five Guys burger, but it looks like Wendy’s burgers USED to look way back in the ’80s, when they were big and messy. I miss those old Wendy’s burgers. (But my blood vessels don’t.)

    The butterflies look like they have the healthiest lunch of all.

    1. Steve:
      I never had a Wendy’s burger. I don’t know why. And then Dave Thomas dropped his advertising when Ellen Degeneres came out, and I decided I never would. I wonder what the politics are of Wendy herself, now that she’s in charge. I’m taking a lesson from the butterflies, however, not the ones I saw sucking up sugar water.

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