Lockdown Day 47: A Little Bit of This / Encierro Día 47: Un Poco de Esto

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YESTERDAY WAS A WARM, SUNNY, cloudless day. I was out twice, once with recyling and once to do a bit of shopping at El Corte Inglés Supercor. (I’ve got no balls and needed more dried berries.)

Today’s photos are from my recent wanderings starting with the clear blue sky above Mesón Salvador yesterday afternoon. There’s a side view looking west from our terrace. And, since I was out of bed at 7 this morning to catch a bit of the sunrise, I’ve shared it with you. Oh, and Dudo lounging in the hall yesterday evening. Click the images and they’ll grow.

I DID SPEAK WITH THE Kid Brother Tuesday night. He was pleasant and warmed up over the course of our conversation. He finished with an Abbott and Costello routine, so I knew it was a good day. Work was “good” last week, as opposed to “fine.” And, in the language of The Kid Brother, good is better than fine. So… Good!


AYER FUE UN DÍA CÁLIDO, soleado y despejado. Salí dos veces, una con reciclaje y otra para hacer algunas compras en El Corte Inglés Supercor. (No tengo pelotas y necesitaba más bayas secas).

Las fotos de hoy son de mis recientes recorridos que comienzan con el cielo azul claro sobre Mesón Salvador ayer por la tarde. Hay una vista lateral mirando hacia el oeste desde nuestra terraza. Y, dado que me levanté de la cama a las 7 de esta mañana para ver un poco el amanecer, lo he compartido contigo. Ah, y Dudo descansando en el pasillo ayer por la noche. Haz clic en las imágenes y crecerán.

HABLÉ CON EL HERMANITO EL martes por la noche. Fue agradable y se animó en el transcurso de nuestra conversación. Terminó con una rutina de Abbott y Costello, así que supe que era un buen día. El trabajo fue “bueno” la semana pasada, en lugar de “fino”. Y, en el lenguaje de El Hermanito, lo bueno es mejor que lo fino. ¡Entonces… Bueno!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 47: A Little Bit of This / Encierro Día 47: Un Poco de Esto”

    1. David:
      And the sun is shining again. Finally… the Costa del Sol.

  1. A good couple of days all round by the looks of things!
    So unusual seeing your town so quiet and empty.
    Take care and have a ‘good’ day.

    1. Jim:
      At least we now see some activity but, yes, it’s so different. Tomorrow should show a bit more life again.

  2. Imagine you are loving those blue sky days and glorious sunrises you’ve captured so well even as they make you yearn to go out.

    The good day comment reminded me of my wedding day. My now DH called me that morning to have a little chat before the ceremony and actually ended the call with, “Have a good day”. He told me that as he hung up the phone he thought, WTH did I just say to her? Which is pretty much what I thought when I hung up. We’ve laughed about it over the years–and used it just as inappropriately whenever the opportunity arises.

    1. Mary:
      I used to often end phone conversations with “thank you for calling.” I had a good friend who finally begged me to stop saying that to her. Still, not as funny as your wedding day.

  3. Dudo looks like he’s watching a fly or a shadow or something. Beautiful colorful pictures! Do you have any indication when your lockdown will further ease so you can get out and about more?

    1. Steve:
      Dudo is always watching something and we often have no idea what. Tomorrow (Saturday) will have some more restrictions lifted. We’ll have hours during which we can walk or exercise outside… within a km of home. Progress.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Were you lying on the floor suspiciously eyeing the shadows?

    1. Judy:
      I think I remember years ago, once, asking how his day was and hearing the word “great.”

    1. Debra:
      He’s always contemplating something… and sometimes he’s controlled by EVIL spirits.

  4. I’m intrigued by the top floor (rooftop terraces maybe?) of the building to the right of Meson Salvador. Great photos. If you hadn’t said that was Dudo, I would have thought it was Moose in the last photo.

    1. Wilma:
      Many houses and apartments have rooftop gardens. The one you’re looking at is an apartment above a restaurant with a rooftop garden. The apartments that have rooftops as part of their living space are known as áticos (which is translated to penthouse). It’s odd that, despite how different in size Dudo and Moose are, there are times they’re easily confused.

    1. anne marie:
      Oh, how I miss Mesón Salvador! The hot menz will be honored by your comment.

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