Lockdown Day 56: Surfal Distancing / Encierro Día 56: Distancia Surfeal

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WHEN OUR LOCKDOWN RULES WERE eased slightly this past Saturday, Alexander, Tynan and Elena’s son (click here), was elated. He waxed his surfboard (in the house, apparently) and was ready to catch a wave. We had calm seas until late Wednesday.

The surf finally kicked up and Thursday evening, during our 8 to 11 release from lockdown, surfing was good. I had the idea to find Alexander and take some pictures. I looked from the terrace and saw surfers directly across from us. When I arrived on the beach, I saw that the nearest small group was using paddle boards. However, less than a kilometer to my left, I saw a mob of surfers. Or do surfers swarm? Since Alexander has an app (of course) that tells him where to go for the best surf, I figured he must be there.

At that point, my camera battery died and I hadn’t brought the reserve, so I had to switch to my iPhone camera, which is great under perfect lighting, but not as the sun is setting. And forget about long-distance detail. I continued along the beach anyway and tried to find Alexander in the crowd of surfboards.

I started to video and then some asshole walked up behind me and started talking (from a safe distance), completely disturbing my audio of the pounding surf. I turned to discover it was Tynan. I’m always happy to see that asshole. He, too, had come down to find Alexander.

We scanned and scanned and finally both saw him off to the right with his best surfing buddy. We recognized Alexander by his stylish floppy hair and beard, and his friend by his tight, dark hair and beard. Oddly, Alexander never caught a wave. He barely tried. And as it was approaching dinner time, we parted company.

Later, Tynan texted to tell me Alexandar had just returned and said we were in the wrong spot. He was about the same distance from my apartment in the other direction. Hard to believe there could be another surfer with floppy hair and beard who had a friend with dark hair and beard. What are the odds? (Overwhelming.)

The waves were not so good Friday morning but Tynan texted and told me where I would find him watching Alexander surf. I finally got there about 45 minutes later (I had a hard time getting out of bed). A guy on a paddleboard got more action than the few surfers that were out. Alexander saw me when he and his friends came out of the water (it was almost 10 and our time was up). He said the surfing had been great Thursday. But that morning it was simply good to be on the water. He looked blissful.

For me, it was simply great to see Tynan one day and Alexander the next. The first photo below was taken from the terrace Thursday night. The video at the bottom was taken with my iPhone. The second photo is of Tynan heading off into the sunset. All the rest were taken Thursday morning.

WE’RE CURRENTLY IN PHASE 0 of the easing of lockdown restrictions. Phase 1 begins Monday but, sadly, not for us here in Málaga, nor in about half the country. So, we’ll continue doing what we’re doing and hope for better news over the next two weeks.

Click the images and the waves will get bigger.


CUANDO LAS REGLAS DEL ENCIERRO se suavizaron ligeramente el sábado pasado, el hijo de Alexander, Tynan y Elena (haz clic aquí), estaba eufórico. Enceró su tabla de surf (en la casa, aparentemente) y estaba listo para atrapar una ola. Tuvimos mares tranquilos hasta el miércoles por la noche.

Las olas crecieron y el jueves por la noche, durante nuestro lanzamiento del bloqueo de 8 a 11, el surf fue ideal. Tuve la idea de encontrar a Alexander y tomar algunas fotos. Miré desde la terraza y vi surfistas directamente frente a nosotros. Cuando llegué a la playa, noté que el grupo pequeño más cercano estaba usando tablas de remo. Sin embargo, a menos de un kilómetro a mi izquierda, vi una multitud de surfistas. Como Alexander tiene una aplicación (por supuesto) que le dice dónde ir para el mejor surf, supuse que debía estar allí.

En ese momento, la batería de mi cámara se agotó y no había traído la reserva, así que tuve que cambiar a la cámara de mi iPhone, lo cual es excelente con una iluminación perfecta, pero no cuando se pone el sol. Y olvídate de los detalles de larga distancia. Seguí por la playa de todos modos e intenté encontrar a Alexander en la multitud de tablas de surf.

Comencé a grabar un video y luego un gilipollas se acercó detrás de mí y comenzó a hablar (desde una distancia social), perturbando por completo mi audio del golpeteo de las olas. Me volví para descubrir que era Tynan. Siempre estoy feliz de ver ese gilipollas. Él también había bajado a buscar a Alexander.

Escaneamos y escaneamos y finalmente ambos lo vimos a la derecha con su mejor amigo de surf. Reconocimos a Alexander por su elegante cabello y barba, y a su amigo por su cabello y barba apretados y oscuros. Curiosamente, Alexander nunca atrapó una ola. Apenas lo intentó. Y cuando se acercaba la hora de la cena, nos separamos de la compañía.

Más tarde, Tynan me envió un mensaje de texto para decirme que Alexandar acababa de regresar y dijo que estábamos en el lugar equivocado. Estaba aproximadamente a la misma distancia de mi apartamento en la otra dirección. Es difícil de creer que pueda haber otro surfista con elegane cabello y barba que tenga un amigo con cabello oscuro y barba. ¿Cuáles son las probabilidades? (Abrumadoras.)

Las olas no fueron tan buenas el viernes por la mañana, pero Tynan me envió un mensaje de texto y me dijo dónde lo encontraría viendo a Alexander surfear. Finalmente llegué allí unos 45 minutos después (me costó mucho levantarme de la cama). Un chico en una tabla de paddle consiguió más acción que los pocos surfistas que estaban fuera. Alexander me vio cuando él y sus amigos salieron del agua (eran casi las 10 y nuestro tiempo se había acabado). Dijo que el surf había sido genial el jueves. Pero esa mañana fue simplemente bueno estar en el agua.

Para mí, fue simplemente genial ver a Tynan un día y a Alexander al día siguiente. La primera foto de abajo fue hecho desde la terraza el jueves por la noche. El video en la parte inferior fue hecho con mi iPhone. La segunda foto es de Tynan saliendo hacia la puesta de sol. Todo lo demás fue tomado el jueves por la mañana.

ACTUALMENTE ESTAMOS EN LA FASE 0 de la flexibilización de las restricciones del encierro. La fase 1 comienza el lunes, pero no para nosotros aquí en Málaga, ni en aproximadamente la mitad del país, lamentablemente. Entonces, continuaremos haciendo lo que estamos haciendo y esperamos mejores noticias durante las próximas dos semanas.

Haz clic en las imágenes y las olas se harán más grandes.



Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 56: Surfal Distancing / Encierro Día 56: Distancia Surfeal”

  1. Have you learned to surf? Just walking along the waters edge for an hour looks heavenly. Enjoy!

    1. David:
      Never did learn to surf, even with all the years living on the Pacific Ocean. And, yes, just walking IS heavenly.

  2. These surfers must be elated to be able to get back onto the water.
    Our beaches are still closed and the local surfers must be going a little batty by now.
    Great photos!

    1. Jim:
      Our beaches aren’t open to swimming or sunbathing, but walking and water sports (ahem) are permitted. It’s wonderful to see.

  3. Anything out of the ordinary that breaks the monotony of lockdown is welcome, isn’t it!

    1. Anne Marie:
      I know. I ended up singing every time I blog about surfing. But I’m not going to Surf City if it’s two to one!

    2. Debra:
      Absolutely. This has been a long haul. We should be grateful for the progress.

  4. I could’ve used this yesterday. It got to at least 96F here! I could’ve skinny dipped mentally with these pix 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      Oh, the temperature extremes. So far, it’s been a pleasure here. Mostly cloud (oops, there’s the sun) today, but in the low 70s. Have you seen the snow!?! Our cousin in Northern Norway shared stunning photos, but it’s expected there this time of year. Winter until June! But New York. In May! Stay cool and comfortable.

  5. Happy people and good photo ops for you! Not much surfing in these parts. We don’t have to look at the clock to tell when it is 8:00AM and the curfew is over – we are alerted by the sound of numerous small boats as they pass by from Monkey River Village (pop 250) just to our south as they head north to get to stores in a larger village.

    1. Wilma:
      Your life there sounds so idyllic (Monkey River Village, for example). I know it’s not ALL an idyll, but it seems like you made a great choice.

    1. Judy:
      I don’t know how they don’t kill each other crowded together like that. I’ve never seen Alexander and his friends in that kind of mob scene; I should have known. And, yes, the sound of the surf. I love lying in bed in the morning with the window open when the surf is rough. So relaxing.

    1. Cheapchick:
      If he didn’t, it something he WOULD say. It’s why we get along so well.

    1. Parsnip:
      I’m so happy to have this right at our door. But your views are pretty spectacular.

  6. It must be such a drag to not be able to do something you love for so long. Glad Alexander finally got back out on the waves.

    1. Steve:
      Alexander is 19. More missed than the surfing just might be his girlfriend. They’re now allowed to visit over the garden wall! He’s done surprisingly well through all this. He’s got a surfer dude, laid back attitude that serves him well.

    1. Urspo:
      Social distancing is still required, and hours outside are monitored and patrolled. Really, not a lot has changed for us yet. And we intend to be careful for a good (or bad) long time. Not everyone follows the rules, but they DO usually get stopped if they don’t.

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