Priorities / Prioridades

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I WENT FOR A WALK on the beach yesterday afternoon. To the northeast were rows and rows of heavy clouds, some dark, over a crisp and clear vista. To the southwest was a hazy view of windblown surf and sand. I chose the direction of the windblown surf and sand for my walk. It wasn’t the best idea. The wind blew hard through my left ear and out my right (it can happen); my ears and head began to hurt. I left the beach for a walk on some sheltered streets before going home. Still, it was beautiful, and my ears stopped hurting a few hours later.

While I was having coffee with Jessica Sunday morning, my eyes felt quite dry so I retrieved my eye drops from my bag as we talked. We both cleaned our hands with disinfectant wipes and I then found my fingers were too slippery to pull the lid off the eye drops bottle. I tried and tried. I wiped my disinfected hands, which shouldn’t have been slippery, on my jeans. I used a napkin. Finally, I put the bottle between my teeth to try and prise the cap off (stupid I know). But as I did so, I glanced down and saw the cap (which is blue and not white like the bottle) had been sitting on the table the entire time.

San Geraldo went grocery shopping yesterday evening. I reminded him to pick up Nescafé instant coffee for himself. It’s what he drinks every morning that we don’t go to Mesón Salvador and he was running low. He always buys a large jar. When he returned, he pulled a small jar of Nescafé from the bag. “Look what I got!” he announced proudly. I thought maybe they were out of the large. But then he turned the jar to display a KitKat bar taped to its side. “This came free with this size, so I bought it. For you!”

This morning, the cats began begging for their 10:30 treats at 9:15. I refused to give in. They got their treats at 10:30 — even if it meant that I kept myself from the kitchen that entire time so as not to get their hopes up. I then finally had my own breakfast, and made tea and coffee. Did I win?

San Geraldo came in and asked if I wanted a donut (yesterday’s post) with my breakfast. Three remained. SG took one for himself and gave me two, explaining that we needed to finish them up or the last one would “go bad.”


AYER POR LA TARDE FUI a dar un paseo por la playa. Hacia el noreste había filas y filas de densas nubes, algunas oscuras, sobre una vista nítida y clara. Hacia el suroeste había una vista nebulosa de las olas y la arena arrastradas por el viento. Elegí la dirección de las olas y la arena arrastradas por el viento para mi caminata. No fue la mejor idea. El viento soplaba fuerte por mi oreja izquierda y salía por mi derecha (puede pasar); me empezaron a doler los oídos y la cabeza. Salí de la playa para dar un paseo por unas calles resguardadas antes de volver a casa. Aun así, era hermoso y mis oídos dejaron de doler unas pocas horas después.

Mientras estaba tomando café con Jessica el domingo por la mañana, mis ojos se sentían bastante secos, así que saqué las gotas para los ojos de mi bolso mientras hablábamos. Ambos nos limpiamos las manos con toallitas desinfectantes y luego descubrí que mis dedos estaban demasiado resbaladizos para quitar la tapa del frasco de gotas para los ojos. Lo intenté y lo intenté. Me limpié las manos desinfectadas, que no deberían estar resbaladizas, en mis vaqueros. Usé una servilleta. Finalmente, puse la botella entre mis dientes para intentar quitar la tapa (estúpido, lo sé). Pero mientras lo hacía, miré hacia abajo y vi que la tapa (que es azul y no blanca como la botella) había estado sentada sobre la mesa todo el tiempo.

San Geraldo fue de compras ayer por la noche. Le recordé que comprara café soluble Nescafé para él. Es lo que bebe todas las mañanas que no vamos al Mesón Salvador y se le estaba acabando. Siempre compra un frasco grande. Cuando regresó, sacó un frasco pequeño de Nescafé de la bolsa. “¡Mira lo que tengo!” anunció con orgullo. Pensé que tal vez estaban fuera de lo grande. Pero luego giró el frasco para mostrar una barra de KitKat pegada a un lado. “Esto vino gratis con este tamaño, ¡así que lo compré! ¡Para tí!”

Esta mañana, los gatos comenzaron a pedir sus aperitivos de las 10:30 a las 9:15. Me negué a ceder. Recibieron sus aperitivos a las 10:30, incluso si eso significaba que me mantuve alejado de la cocina todo el tiempo para no hacerles ilusiones. Luego finalmente desayuné y preparé té y café. ¿Gané?

San Geraldo entró y me preguntó si quería una rosquilla (mi blog de ayer) con mi desayuno. Quedaron tres. SG tomó uno para él y me dio dos, y me explicó que teníamos que terminarlos o el último “saldría mal”.

And then there were none.
Y luego hubo nada.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

30 thoughts on “Priorities / Prioridades”

  1. SG is SO considerate of you! nasty looking day on the beach. and I could read the coffee jar without google translate!

  2. I picture you trying to get that lid off and growing more frustrated, while the lid sits in front of you. I picture it, because it could’a been me!
    You might “think” you won, but the cats always win!
    SG should’a bought two Nescafe; then he would have the right amount as a normal jar and you’d have TWO treats.
    And then he gave you the extra donut? That’s love!

    1. Bob:
      And there was no hiding it. Jessica was across from me watching the entire time. If SG really wanted me to have a KitKat bar, he could have been practical about it by buying a large jar of coffee and, separately, a KitKat bar. But SG is rarely practical and this was a lot more romantic. Regarding the donut: He had 2 the day before and I had 1. That extra was MY donut.

  3. Nothing worse than whirling sand! It PINGS any exposed skin. We have discovered that it is really bad for cameras as well!
    I will go check the colour of our eye drops container now…….

    1. Jim:
      Fortunately, the sea spray was worse than the sand. So I was chilled and and not sandblasted.

  4. Awwww, a free Kit Kat bar and giving you the last extra donut . . . San Geraldo is such a romantic!

    1. Debra:
      Regarding the KitKat bar, yeah, he’s a romantic. Regarding the extra donut. He ate an extra one the day before. He was simply giving me what was mine.

  5. Your comment of the wind blasting in one ear and out the other reminds me of a side trip I took to Point Reyes National Park after a business meeting in SF. After walking up the path (above the lighthouse) and stepping out from behind a tall rock outcropping to gaze at the Pacific Ocean, I discovered that PR’s reputation as the windiest place on the West Coast is all too true. The wind–probably between 40-50mph at the time–whipped through my one ear and seemingly out the other. Made me question whether I was truly empty-headed. Man, it hurt.

    Don’t feel bad about the “easy” top situation. There are days when I literally want to smash off the top of glass containers just to get to contents that seemed to be sealed as if they were a kind of Tutankhamun;s Tomb (and just as cursed–i.e. me doing the cursing). The idea that a top on any bottle could be so easily removed is antithetical to our usual expectation.

    SG earns his wings every day—a kit kat, two orange donuts–all for you. What a prince.

    1. Mary:
      Point Reyes is not only windy but it’s that Bay Area wind. Chills you to the bone… or the bone in one’s head. SG IS a prince. But he had an extra donut the day before… that second donut was my due.

  6. The storm clouds are impressive and gorgeous! I love to see weather like that. Good thing, since we often do. Good job keeping the donuts from going bad. SG is a thoughtful and considerate, even for a saint.

    1. Wilma:
      SG is thoughtful and considerate, and fair. He ate an extra donut the day before. He’s also a bad influence. I though ONE donut was a major treat. Now, I’m going to make him his coffee and have myself a KitKat bar!

  7. Ah! Lovely beach weather moving in, very nice. Re bottle caps: been there, done that. Sand blowing in one ear and out the other… I don’t even want to think about that. 😣

    1. wickedhamster:
      Runners are all out in winter gear this morning, so if I go out I think I’ll go hooded [and masked] or maybe stocking cap.

  8. Your brain has been sandblasted! Seriously, that DOES look a little intense, all that windblown grit.

    How nice of SG to sacrifice some of his coffee to get you a free candy bar. But what a weird promotion! Why do they think people who buy Nescafe would necessarily want a Kit-Kat?

    I actually like instant coffee, but I don’t pretend it’s coffee. I think of it as another drink entirely.

    1. Steve:
      Thankfully, there was more mist in the air than sand, but it was raw and cold on the ears. Nescafé has done that promotion before. KitKat DOES taste really good with coffee, but I don’t at all like instant (except for the smell).

    1. Kirk:
      Even with perfectly strong teeth, what I did wasn’t a good idea. Luckily, I thought better of it before biting down to twist off the non-existent cap.

  9. You need a nice warm bobble hat for your windy walks. I know that pain in the ear from the wind!
    I have been reading you for a few weeks now, and love to see your photos and hear about your day to day different life to mine.
    I see your name on comments on many of the blogs I have read for years and finally came to see you!

    1. Frances:
      Thank so much for saying “hi.” I’ve got a couple of knit caps. I’m going out shortly and will probably wear one. I just had a terrace window open and, although the sun is shining brightly, the wind felt raw and cold. So strange that 62F/17C can feel raw and cold. I hope you’ll visit here often!

  10. I don’t know of anyone who drinks instant coffee. I thought thems who drank coffee consider it not proper coffee.
    About the KK bars – in Japan they have some of the most outrageous flavors.Try some some time why don’t you.

    1. Urspo:
      I’ve seen those odd KitKat flavors advertised. As for instant, surprisingly very popular. Not for me.

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