Sometimes, both tops / A veces, ambos tops

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CHECK OUT DUDO’S APPALLED EXPRESSION. Moose decided he, too, needed to be on top. Dudo was not pleased, but tolerated his wayward brother, which was surprising. Still, the look(s) on his face while Moose got settled.

We had a wonderful neighbor and friend, Carol, in Georgetown (Washington, D.C.), who owned an antique shop. We loved visiting. She loved selling us things. She was a joy and a wheeler-dealer. I once stopped by and she couldn’t wait to show me an old mottled green table that looked like a large spool. It was from the 1920s or ’30s, she said, and was made of wood and tightly wrapped paper. She thought it would be perfect for our sunroom. I told her I thought it was one of the ugliest things I’d ever seen.

That evening, I arrived home, walked through the sunroom, and there was the table. San Geraldo had paid a separate visit to Carol and she tried again. We painted it, had a round piece of glass cut for the top, and it wasn’t so bad, afterall. But Carol heard it from me. That never happened again. Oh, Carol. We did get so many wonderful things from Carol.

We still have two sconces from her shop. The first is the one Isabel recently lovingly and gently polished. I need to find someone to weld the top candle holder back on. The other is art nouveau, but was unfortunately rebrassed before Carol found it. Heavy handed, but we still enjoy it. I haven’t found candles in town to replace all the dreary gray candles. I think I’ll shop online.

I bought flowers for SG yesterday. The purple and white caught my eye. It’s a lisianthus, something I’d never purchased before. I’m sure I’ve seen these in other colors, but I never took notice.

Lulu and her good friend, Rita, joined us for coffee and breakfast yesterday morning at Mesón Salvador. As it began to warm up, Lulu and SG began to vigorously wave their fans. José turned on the air conditioning, but stopped by to help cool Luly down while it kicked in. The service there is beyond belief.


COMPRUEBE LA EXPRESIÓN APELADA DE Dudo. Moose decidió que él también necesitaba estar en la cima. Dudo no estaba contento, pero toleraba a su descarriado hermano, lo cual era sorprendente. Aún así, la (s) mirada (s) en su rostro mientras Moose se acomodaba.

Teníamos una vecina y amiga maravillosa, Carol, en Georgetown (Washington, D.C.), que era dueña de una tienda de antigüedades. Nos encantó visitar. Le encantaba vendernos cosas. Una vez me detuve y ella estaba ansiosa por mostrarme una vieja mesita verde moteada que parecía un gran carrete. Era de los años 20 o 30, dijo, y estaba hecho de madera y papel bien envuelto. Ella pensó que sería perfecto para nuestra solárium. Le dije que pensaba que era una de las cosas más feas que había visto en mi vida.

Esa noche, llegué a casa, caminé por el solárium, y allí estaba la mesita. San Geraldo había visitado a Carol por separado y ella lo intentó de nuevo. Lo pintamos, cortamos un trozo de vidrio redondo para la parte superior y, después de todo, no estaba tan mal. Y Carol lo escuchó de mí. Oh Carol. Eso nunca volvió a pasar. Pero obtuvimos tantas cosas maravillosas de Carol.

Todavía tenemos dos candelabros de su tienda. El primero es el que Isabel recientemente pulió con amor y delicadeza. Necesito encontrar a alguien que vuelva a soldar el candelero superior. El otro es art nouveau, pero desafortunadamente fue rebajado antes de que Carol lo encontrara. Mano dura, pero aún lo disfrutamos. No he encontrado velas en la ciudad para reemplazar todas las tristes velas grises. Creo que compraré en línea.

Compré flores para SG ayer. El púrpura y el blanco me llamaron la atención. Es un lisianthus, algo que nunca había comprado antes. Estoy seguro de que los he visto en otros colores, pero nunca me di cuenta.

Lulu y su buena amiga, Rita, se unieron a nosotros para tomar un café y desayunar ayer por la mañana en el Mesón Salvador. Cuando empezó a calentarse, Lulu y SG empezaron a agitar vigorosamente a sus fans. José encendió el aire acondicionado, pero se detuvo para ayudar a enfriar a Luly mientras se activaba. El servicio allí es increíble.

• I love how he picked up the white of his legs as an accent in the shorts (skort?) and shirt.
• Me encanta cómo tomó el blanco de sus piernas como acento en los pantalones cortos (¿falda pantalón?) y la camisa.
• Wherever Lulu goes, she brings the sunshine with her.
• A donde quiera que vaya Lulu, trae el sol con ella.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

31 thoughts on “Sometimes, both tops / A veces, ambos tops”

    1. Jennifer:
      Dudo puts up with a lot. Well, sometimes he doesn’t put up with it. I’ll make a point of sharing more home shots. Thanks!

  1. That adorable face, then there is the kitties. Would a large upper deck help? I think I would be the one to buy the ugly table.

    1. David:
      That kitty condo has four levels. We thought that WAS a large upper deck. Both cats are big, although Dudo is slender. The ugly table wasn’t quite so ugly in my eyes after paint and glass. But I never loved it. Carol was a trip. In another time she would have been a snake oil salesperson. But we did get some great antiques, and she was a lot of fun.

    1. Judy C:
      Thanks. Give us another few years and we’ll have as much stuff as we had before we moved here!

  2. It is Dudo’s ears that give away his attitude. Beautiful flowers. Isn’t it wonderful to have someone in your life that lifts your spirits? I try to be that one where ever I go – we all need a little respite from the heaviness of life.

    1. sillygirl:
      Yes, those ears create the expressions. Like human eyebrows. Another friend, after meeting Lulu recently, said, “She carries her own light source, doesn’t she?” I hope I sometimes lift people’s spirits.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I agree with you about versatility. Dudo and Moose flip flop, but usually grudgingly.

  3. Dudo looks none too pleased at Moose’s intrusion — get off of my cloud, man! Moose looks a little thinner too — or is it just the camera angle? Time for twin cat beds, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Moose is definitely not a little thinner. Most of the black fur you see is his! I bought the cats separate cat beds years ago. Moose would pile on top of Dudo and leave the other one empty. I finally gave the beds away.

  4. Poor Dudo! His limits are certainly being pushed.
    Now…..that outfit is certainly making statement! What exactly not quite sure.
    I need a fan! Had one at the shop but it vanished!

    1. Jim:
      Oh, have we got fans. I bought Jerry a bunch in different colors. His is a pericón, an extra large size for flamenco dancers. It produces quite a breeze.

  5. Dudo gives great WTF face!!!

    I noticed that the fashionista also has a red stripe in his sandals to tie the sandals to his, um, for lack of a better phrase, fashion statement.

    1. Bob:
      Yes, Dudo does. And often. I noticed that red stripe in the sandal, too. The guy’s style is so chic… or do I mean shit?

  6. Lisianthus — that’s the same type of flower I found on the street several days ago. I’d never even heard of them then, and now you have some! Funny story about Carol. That was some chutzpah, selling the table to SG after she heard what you thought of it. LOL

    1. Steve:
      I was stunned when Carol did that. I just mentioned in another reply, in earlier times Carol would have been a snake oil salesperson. But she was a lot of fun.

  7. When I saw Dudo’s expression in that photo–before I even read your first line–I laughed out loud. Soooo aggrieved to find a portly gentleman sharing his space!

    Must say that going from the photo of those lovely (unknown to me) flowers) to the next one with the shocking display of clashing colors and inharmonious style was almost too much for my delicate sensibilities. Okay…so who am I kidding. I don’t have delicate sensibilities…but sheesh.

    1. Mary:
      Some color combinations make my face hurt. And, now that I think about it, I DO have delicate sensibilities. Dudo’s expression was hilarious. H

  8. Ugly graphic paired with another ugly graphic – the white legs are the least of it! I like plaids, stripes, and florals much better.

    Dudo was clearly expecting some corrective action on your part.

    What a haven you have in Meson Salvador.

    1. Wilma:
      Yeah, I’ve grown accustomed to plaids, stripes, and florals, but those graphics were a bit much for me. And the colors. And the fabrics.

      You could almost see the thought bubble above Dudo’s head [help me].

      Mesón Salvador was the first place we had a meal when we were apartment hunting in Fuengirola and had just seen (our) apartment 3 minutes away. We had no idea how lucky we were.

  9. Dudo’s eyes say it all–exactly the same as Penelope’s face when Franklin flopped on a doggy bed with her. The flowers are beautiful.


  10. The flowers are Lisianthus, I know them because in Jordan flower shops would have them. So beautiful. I do not know or I have never seen them in other colours. Apparently they come in pink and solid mauve, but I have not seen such. Nice flowers. Your apartment is beautiful so tasteful.

    1. Laurent:
      I had asked the flower vendor for the name, which is the only reason I knew. He said they’re sometimes known as rosas francés. Thanks for the kind words about the apartment.

  11. They are beautiful flowers. I don’t think I’ve seen that kind before. But, unless they grow wild in the vineyard, I don’t see many flowers.

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