Durex: Black Friday is coming / Se acerca Black Friday

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

I SPOKE WITH THE KID Brother last night and he was in great spirits. I spoke to him twice last week, Tuesday before his first day of work and Thursday to see how the first day went. Thursday, his answers were monosylabbic and he left me sad and concerned. But last night he was looking forward to work and was kind of chatty.

I was Jimmy Olsen to his Perry White (Superman), Costello to his Abbott, and we did the “I’ll have a cup of coffee and a sweetroll…. We don’t have sweetrolls!” routine (see the video). I was able to determine that his new store (“It’s small!”) is also a Rite Aid, it’s modern and not run-down, he already knows his way around the store, and “It’s small!”

I’m now thinking perhaps I’ll get to New York in April, but the jury’s still out. I don’t know about making it across the country at that time to see Susan in Oregon and Judyshannonstreetwhat (click here) in Washington, and my cousins who just moved to Washington. In addition to Covid-19, an American civil war could add another level of complexity. Nah, that can’t happen. Correct?

Today’s photos have their own stories to tell.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretch: Four times Tuesday, twice so far today.
Gym: Went this morning. Arms and shoulders.
Walking: Maybe some wandering this afternoon.

Sweets: Apple cake after breakfast.
Note: Another pair of 32-inch waist Levi’s 501s fit.


ANOCHE HABLÉ CON EL HERMANITO y él estaba de buen humor. Hablé con él dos veces la semana pasada, el martes antes de su primer día de trabajo y el jueves para ver cómo iba el primer día. El jueves, sus respuestas fueron monosilábicas y me dejó triste y preocupado. Pero anoche él tenía muchas ganas de trabajar y hablaba un poco.

Yo era Jimmy Olsen para su Perry White (Superman), Costello para su Abbott, e hicimos el “Tomaré una taza de café y un dulce … ¡No tenemos dulces!” rutina (mira el video). Pude determinar que su nueva tienda (“¡Es pequeña!”) También es un Rite Aid, es moderna y no está deteriorada, él ya conoce toda la tienda, y “¡Es pequeña!”

Ahora estoy pensando que tal vez llegue a Nueva York en abril, pero el jurado aún está deliberando. No sé cómo cruzar el país en ese momento para ver a Susan en Oregon y Judyshannonsstreetwhat (haz clic aquí) en Washington, y a mis primos que se acaban de mudar a Washington. Además de Covid-19, una guerra civil estadounidense podría agregar otro nivel de complejidad. No, eso no puede suceder. ¿Verdad?

Las fotos de hoy tienen sus propias historias que contar.

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: cuatro veces el martes, dos veces hasta ahora.
Gimnasio: Fui esta mañana. Brazos y hombros.
Caminando: Quizás algunos deambulando esta tarde.
Dulces: Tarta de manzana después del desayuno.
Nota: Usé otro par de Levi’s
501 con cintura 32.

• A couple of crackers. San Geraldo rolled his eyes. I will forever be an adolescent.
• Un par de picos. San Geraldo puso los ojos en blanco. Siempre seré un adolescente.
• Fibbers, a charming-looking Irish bar on the Paseo, about to move to a big new space in the next building.
• Fibbers, un bar irlandés de aspecto encantador en el Paseo, a punto de mudarse a un gran espacio nuevo en el edificio de al lado.
• An interesting promotion for the new Fibbers Irish Bar.
• Una interesante promoción para el nuevo Fibbers Irish Bar.
• From the front, the flowers went straight across the waistline and it looked like a skirt and blouse. So, I snapped a photo after she passed. The patterns belong together. So much for my fashion sense.
• Desde el frente, las flores atravesaban la cintura y parecían una falda y una blusa.Entonces, tomé una foto después de que ella falleció. Los patrones van juntos. Demasiado para mi sentido de la moda.
• Being raffled off at Mesón Salvador, in time for Christmas. Of course we bought tickets. If we win (hah!), our friends will be well fed (and liquored). I’ll keep the ham, sausage, and asparagus spears.
• Sorteo en Mesón Salvador, a tiempo para Navidad. Por supuesto que compramos boletos. Si ganamos (¡ja!), nuestros amigos estarán bien alimentados (y bebidos). Guardaré el jamón, la salchicha, y los espárragos.
• Yesterday’s sunrise from the terrace.
• Amanecer de ayer desde la terraza.
• A few minutes later, from the beach.
• Unos minutos después, de la playa.
• A poster in the window of a nearby pharmacy. A Black Friday with Durex? Oh the places my mind went. I’ll let yours wander on its own.
• Un anuncio en el escaparate de una farmacia cercana. ¿Un Black Friday con Durex? Oh, los lugares a los que fue mi mente. Dejaré que el tuyo divague por sí sola.


¡Se nos acabaron los bollos dulces!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

22 thoughts on “Durex: Black Friday is coming / Se acerca Black Friday”

  1. Some people just don’t listen!!! Funny video!
    Sounds like KB is almost accepting his his new job. Change can be difficult for the best of us.

    1. Jim:
      Yes, it does sound like Chuck is adjusting quickly to the change. A suprise. I’m hoping the other staff have been welcoming; it seems like that must be the case.

  2. I refuse to comment on that cracker…or the combo of an outfit. But yes…I think your right…a civil was is brewing. I have noticed the the pandemic hit i have refrained to staying home more then usual…even though Im safe enough form the virus. I think it just opened my eyes to what a don’t like…humans i don’t trust them. The political scene is scary.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I’m trying to not be alarmist, but things sure are ugly. Of course, they were ugly in the 70s, too, and many other times. As for that outfit, the fedora didn’t help the look.

    1. 3€ gets you 5 numbers. (I think there are 300 numbers, maybe more.) We bought 10 numbers.

  3. Why would any designer ever put those patterns together on purpose? And why would any customer ever buy it?
    I hope it will be easier on KB to adjust to the new Rite Aid than to a totally different kind of store. It was very caring of his former boss to arrange a transfer.
    That towering gift basket is awesome! Hope you win it!

    1. Wilma:
      Thank you for agreeing with me about that dress! I was surprised to find KB so happy this week. He seems to be adjusting very quickly. I’m guessing people there have been nice to him.

  4. My mind went there just from your headline, but yeah, the photo reinforced those images! (And then there were those crackers. Dave does the same kind of thing. I always tell him he has a middle-school sense of humor.) That’s a CRAZY gift basket! Glad your brother seems to be settling into his SMALL new store.

    1. Steve:
      I didn’t have this sense of humor when I was in middle school. I’m a late bloomer. Did I mention the new store is small?

    1. DG:
      Argh. Black Friday in Spain. The shops don’t get the premise. We have Black Friday Week and Black Friday Month! The Durex Black Friday special is month-long.

  5. That is the biggest raffle basket of goodies I’ve ever seen! I hope you win just so we all get to see the photos of you and SG wrangling it into your car, LOL!

    Good news about your brother’s new job — a nice, new store in which to work and for the same employer, which should ease his adjustment to change.

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Easier to simply wheel it home (we’ll borrow a cart from Mesón Salvador). We live 3 minutes away.

  6. How do they do that? I know the plastic wrapping is holding it all together, but it didn’t start out that way. Asparagus spears? For Christmas? Do you guys ever do “The Susquehanna Hat Company?”

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I tried to peak behind it yesterday for a photo, but it’s too tightly tucked in the corner. I think I remember there being a board behind it. Although it’s nice to imagine everything floating in space as it’s wrapped. And, oh yeah, Susquehanna Hats and Niagra Falls. Slowly I turn. KB laughs uncontrollably.

    1. Urspo:
      There are Irisih pubs all over the States. Why not in Spain? But, honestly, I don’t know of one in Sevilla. Fuengirola caters to lots of international visitors and their tastes. We’ve got it all.

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