Covid, Crocs, and Cocoa / Covid, Crocs, y Cacao

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MISTRESS MADDIE IS NOT GOING to be happy with me. (Click here to meet the Mistress.) Wednesday afternoon, I drove 15 minutes to McArthur Glen Outlet Mall in Plaza Mayor to pick up some things, cologne at Rituals (not at the outlet mall), moisturizer at L’Occitane en Provence). While there I stopped at the Crocs outlet.

Mistress Maddie hates Crocs and I’m a little afraid of him. But none of the slippers I’ve found have been as comfortable and stable as I like. And, if they are sturdy and stable, they’re not easy to slip on and off. I had a pair of Dawgs several years ago (imitation Crocs sold to me by two Canadian guys whom I met at a trade show). I have to admit those Dawgs were the most comfortable “shoes” I ever owned.

So, Wednesday, I bought a pair of Crocs for the house. I chose the most obviously labeled (photo above) — for Maddie’s sake. Go big or go home. But I then thought, “These would be great for walking across the street to the beach.” I can just stick them under the hose when I’m done. And so much more comfortable than my Nike sandals. So I bought another pair in a very stylish shade of “espresso walnut.”

But come on, Maddie, Pharell Williams wears Crocs. And Ruby Rose. And they have Pride Crocs that raised a lot of money for GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). Unfortunately, Crocs come in size 45-46 / 11-12. I wear 45. Dawgs are available in both 11 and 12; they fit better. But I paid €53 for two pairs of Crocs in the outlet shop. Not bad. Did you know Crocs even come in a loafer style and a deck shoe? (Maddie is going to kill me.)

I bought a new vase for my sea glass. My favorite little neighborhood pet supply and home decor shop, Dog & Love, had a very nice glass vase for only €6.99. Now I have room for a lot more sea glass. Another walk on the beach Friday and I brought home a few more pieces plus more of those mother of pearl shells, which I don’t have room for. I wore my beach Crocs and saw hordes of jelly fish. The shore was lined with them. I could see them floating in the water, but didn’t manage to get a decent photo.

We were supposed to finally socialize this weekend. It was time Saturday to celebrate Kathleen’s 40th (gasp) birthday. Pedro says risk factors increase after 40. His risk factors increased when he turned 40 just by having the nerve to tell us that! We were so excited, although a bit anxious about all being in the house together. Then Luke’s school had a run of Covid cases. Kathleen now teaches there and a little girl in her class tested positive. Beckett is in the pre-school. So we all decided a birthday dinner wasn’t a good idea. Then Luke tested positive and was throwing up. He sounded much better Saturday night but he was still feeling “crummy.”

But just ask me how miserable SG and I have been. Go ahead. Ask me. I dare you. On second thought, don’t ask. I bought two bars of chocolate.


MISTRESS MADDIE NO VA A ser feliz conmigo. (Haz clic aquí para conocer a la Mistress.) El miércoles por la tarde, conduje 15 minutos hasta McArthur Glen Centro Commercial Outlet en Plaza Mayor para comprar algunas cosas, colonia en Rituals (en Plaza Mayor), humectante en L’Occitane en Provence. Mientras estuve allí, me detuve en el outlet de Crocs.

Mistress Maddie odia los Crocs y yo le tengo un poco de miedo. Pero ninguna de las zapatillas de casa que he encontrado ha sido tan cómoda y estable como me gusta. Y, si son fuertes y estables, no son fáciles de poner y quitar. Tuve un par de Dawgs hace varios años (imitación de Crocs que me vendieron dos chicos canadienses a quienes conocí en una feria comercial). Debo admitir que esos Dawgs fueron los “zapatos” más cómodos que he tenido.

Entonces, el miércoles compré un par de Crocs para la casa. Elegí el etiquetado más obvio (foto arriba), por el bien de Maddie. Ve a lo grande o vete a casa. Pero luego pensé: “Estos serían geniales para cruzar la calle hacia la playa”. Puedo meterlos debajo de la manguera cuando termine. Y mucho más cómodo que mis sandalias Nike. Así que compré otro par en un tono muy elegante de “nogal espresso”. Pero vamos, Maddie, Pharell Williams usa Crocs. Y Rubí Rose. Y tienen Pride Crocs que recaudaron mucho dinero para GLAAD (alianza de gays y lesbianas contra la difamación). Desafortunadamente, los Crocs vienen en tallas 45-46 / 11-12. Yo uso 45. Dawgs están disponibles en 11 y 12; encajan mejor. Pero pagué 53 € por dos pares de Crocs en la tienda outlet. Nada mal. ¿Sabías que los Crocs incluso vienen en estilo mocasín y náuticos? (Maddie me va a matar.)

Compré un jarrón nuevo para mi vidrio marino. Mi pequeña tienda favorita de artículos para mascotas y decoración del hogar, Dog & Love, tenía un jarrón de cristal muy bonito por solo 6,99 €. Ahora tengo espacio para mucho más vidrio marino. Otro paseo por la playa el viernes y traje a casa algunas piezas más y más de esas conchas de nácar, para las que no tengo espacio. Me puse mis Crocs de playa y vi hordas de medusas. La orilla estaba llena de ellos. Pude verlos flotando en el agua, pero no logré tomar una foto decente.

Se suponía que finalmente socializaríamos este fin de semana. Era el momento del sábado para celebrar el cumpleaños número 40 (jadeo) de Kathleen. Pedro dice que los factores de riesgo aumentan después de los 40. ¡Sus factores de riesgo aumentaron cuando cumplió 40 años solo por tener el descaro de decirnos eso! Estábamos muy emocionados, aunque un poco ansiosos por estar todos juntos en la casa. Luego, la escuela de Luke tuvo una serie de casos de Covid. Kathleen ahora enseña allí y una niña pequeña en su clase dio positivo. Beckett está en el preescolar. Así que todos decidimos que una cena de cumpleaños no era una buena idea. Entonces Luke dio positivo y estaba vomitando. Sonaba mucho mejor el sábado por la noche, pero todavía se sentía “mal.”

Pero solo pregúntame cuán miserables hemos sido SG y yo. Avanzar. Pregúnteme. Yo te reto. Pensándolo bien, no preguntes. Compré dos barras de chocolate.

• Blame it on the moon, Thursday night.
• Culpa a la luna, el jueves por la noche.
• Divine inspiration Friday morning.
• Inspiración divina el viernes por la mañana.
• I completely forgot about these three more unusual colors of glass I found a while back.
• Me olvidé por completo de estos tres colores de vidrio más inusuales que encontré hace un tiempo.
• My beach Crocs above. Famous and fashionable Crocs, below.
• Mis Crocs de playa arriba. Crocs famosos y de moda, a continuación.
• When it comes to Crocs, Moose agrees with Maddie.
• Cuando se trata de Crocs, Moose está de acuerdo con Maddie.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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44 thoughts on “Covid, Crocs, and Cocoa / Covid, Crocs, y Cacao”

  1. Those Crocs look very stylish…well they would if they didn’t have their name emblazoned on the side!!

    1. Frances:
      The name is always a bit overstated. I learned in psych class that’s a sign of insecurity.

  2. So, Wednesday, I bought a pair of Crocs for the house “WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh woe is me…. get me my smelling salts and powders!!!!!! And did I know Crocs even come in a loafer style and a deck shoe? They even come in a heel but you’re not about to see it upon my feet!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ohhhhhh dear…..this romance might have to be over….

    This news bomb may have me horizonal on the chaise all day…. excuse me….I need a lie down…

    Moorecock…bring me a double gin with bromide…….

    1. Mads, calm down and walk away from the stilettos! They are not weapons and Mitchell is your friend! Grab an Argentinian house boy or two. You’ll be fine.

      1. Listen to Deedles. She’s very wise. I’ll even let you have MY Argentinian house boy for the day.

    2. Mistress Borghese:
      And Travel Penguin’s frog blog only added insult to injury. Sincere apologies. I beg your forgiveness (but I’m not returning the Crocs).

  3. Yesterday at the mall (David finally broke down and bought a new phone, and I needed a new pillow) I actually found 2 types of shoe I thought were uglier than Crocs. I failed to take photos, and now I realize the cosmic confluences were prompting me to do so. Gotta heed those cosmic confluences when I feel them tickling my psyche…

    1. wickedhamster:
      You may have to make a return trip to the mall. There are a lot of shoes much uglier than Crocs.

  4. You go ahead and wear what feels comfortable – those naysayers need to keep their opinions to themselves – their feet aren’t in your shoes. Just sayin’.
    p.s. And wear them proudly!!!

    1. sillygirl:
      Well, I wasn’t REALLY proud when I crossed the street in them the other day, but they sure do the trick.

  5. Love those unusual colors of sea glass that you found! You must have the refurbished lamp on because I can see the reflection of the light sparkles in the vase. Did you have to wash the glass pieces when you moved them to the new vase?

    My favorite shoes for running in when I may have to get in the water are swiftwater mesh crocs. They and many of the other styles are perfect for the seaside. I’m sure you will enjoy them.

    1. Wilma:
      I think the lamp WAS on for that photo. I probably should have washed the glass, but I didn’t bother. Anyway, they were in the enclosed tea table, so no dust. I’ll have to check out the swiftwater mesh crocs (don’t tell Maddie). They don’t sell those at the outlet shop.

    1. Bob:
      Oh, please forgive me… as I have forgiven you your questionable fashion combinations.

  6. Twenty years ago My Rare One bought a pair of bright yellow Crocs. Her teenage nieces refused to walk down the street with her if she was wearing them because they said she looked like Donald Duck in them. (She still has them and wears them occasionally — those damn things are VERY durable!)

    I LOVE your new vase for the sea glass and what a wonderful display it makes! Yes, you must FILL it now with more sea glass!

    1. Debra:
      Glad your Rare One wore her yellow Crocs proudly. Besides, Donald Duck is adorable.

  7. OK, your sea glass DOES look much better in that vase. You were right. I love that purple piece!

    I’ve never worn Crocs but I don’t really get the enmity people feel toward them. I’m indifferent.

    1. Steve:
      I can’t believe I forgot about that purple piece. A rare find. Yeah, I honestly don’t get the enmity either. But I do enjoy when Maddie gets going on the subject. (Crocs are unbelievably comfortable, don’t sweat or smell, and clean easily)

  8. Oh, your sea glass looks so beautiful in that vase!
    Crocs… hmm. I trust you, Mitchell! If they are good for your feet, wear ’em, darn it! I’ve never even touched a pair, or been close to a pair in any store, and I guess that’s why I just have never understood how it is that they are comfy. Maybe I should look more closely.
    Covid spread from kids at daycare or pre-school is a big thing here. Fortunately, everyone seems to be coming out of it okay, and the adults they are spreading to are triple vaccinated, so have only felt crummy for a little while. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t socialize!

    1. Judy C:
      Despite my apologies to Maddie, Crocs are SO comfortable and practical. Try a pair some time just to know why they’re so popular. Was relieved that Luke was only ill for a day and is now feeling perfect again.

  9. Oh, dear, where to start? At the risk of losing Mads’ love forever (not to mention never receiving anymore of his Mexican Spice cookies in the mail) I kind of like these. At half a century, sweet Maddie is too young to know the need for comfort over fashion, bless him. I’ve learned the hard way what works best for my feet and back. I haven’t sunk to Crocs (yet) but I’m willing now. Those look like a covered version of my flip-flops (sorry, Mads, another fashion faux pas).
    I like the sea glass vase, immensely.
    I feel bad for Kathleen (so young) and her family. My vaxxed daughter-in-law has worked from home for months now. She went to the dentist and caught covid. A coworker of my son’s tested positive so everybody was sent home for a while. I haven’t visited them and vice versa, because we aren’t stupid (depends on who you ask). This post was another mood lifter, sort of. Thanks, Scoot!

    1. Deedles:
      Thank you for, as always, being so wise. I had my Dawgs when I was Maddie’s age! I love seeing all the sea glass in one place again. Can’t believe the vase was so cheap. What a find. You really should check out Crocs. Not rubber or plastic, never smell, don’t cause your feet to sweat (not that yours EVER would), and they wash off in an instant. Kathleen and family are all doing fine now, except for Kathleen’s increased risk factors.

  10. Your sea glass collection looks much nicer in their new glass home! I hope your friends recover quickly so you and SG can again visit them… perhaps even with a tasty lemon cake?

    Enjoy your Crocs if they really bring comfort to your feet, Mitchell, just please, please, please do not start collecting (and wearing) all the teddy bear, rainbow, tea cup, rocket and flower clips to snap into the holes like little kids do, or poor Maddie’s eyes may explode or cause him a stroke!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Kathleen and family are all well now. Maybe another few weeks though before we’ll all feel comfortble getting together. Never worry about me collecting those clips. Blech!

  11. That ‘divine’ is lovely! And of course your moon shots are always wonderful!
    Feeling now that I want to search for sea/beach

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I like patronizing Dog & Love, so was really pleased to find what I wanted. I love it.

    1. Kirk:
      I’ve always called them rubber, but I was wrong. Here’s what I found: They’re made of Croslite, which comes from crue oil polymers, not rubber, not plastic. Non-toxic to human feet, resist odor, inhibit bacterial growth, shock-absorbing, don’t absorb sweat or water, and they weigh next to nothing. They’re recyclable but not biodegradable. And they are REALLY comfortable.

  12. “I can’t imagine a more aesthetically offensive item of footwear than Crocs. That little strap! I shudder…I know Crocs are affordable. Well, so are Converse and lots of other brands that don’t look like hooves.” – Tim Gunn

    I’m with Mr Gunn (and Maddie)! Jx

    1. Jon:
      And, honestly, Crocs aren’t even as cheap as one might expect. Although I don’t ALWAYS agree with Tim Gunn. Besides, what’s wrong with hooves?

  13. What’s wrong with crocs??
    I have two pairs and use them every day indoor. And in the summertime outdoors as well. 🙂 😃

    1. Elin:
      Oh, it’s just the fashion police. They mean well. They’re actually wonderful people. They just have limited appreciation for the TRULY finer things. But don’t tell them I said that. I can’t imagine a better shoe for where you are and what you do. And the next time we visit, I’m bringing mine!

  14. I was wearing crocs at the hospital when I tripped and smashed my knee. Be careful make sure they fit.
    Love love love the vase for your sea glass.
    cheers, parsnip

    1. Parsnip:
      Thanks. They’ve been so far much more stable than anything else I’ve worn around the house or on the beach. But I DO wish they came in exact sizes. I wear 45. They’re 46. So there’s a bit more space than I would like.

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