Lockdown Day 90 / Encierro Día 90: Heebie Jeebies

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I WALKED ON THE PASEO for about an hour yesterday. The wind was blowing, so I figured I’d avoid direct contact with the beach and another microdermabrasion treatment.

The wind picked up when I made the return trip. I was sprayed by sand and surf. The sand wasn’t too bad from that distance and the sea spray was exhilarating. Green flags are flying again on the beach, which means the lifeguards are on duty and it’s safe to swim. But the wind has destroyed some of the flags, which in my opinion sends a mixed message.

The photos begin with me reflecting on my coffee at Mesón Salvador. It was a better day — at least in my little world. The wind, however, has made both San Geraldo and me feel, as he describes it, “heebie jeebied.”

Do changes in air pressure give you the heebie jeebies? Do you have to look up the meaning of heebie jeebies?


AYER CAMINÉ POR EL PASEO durante aproximadamente una hora. El viento soplaba, así que pensé que evitaría el contacto directo con la playa (y la arena) y otro tratamiento de microdermabrasión.

El viento se levantó cuando hice el viaje de regreso. Me rociaron arena y olas. La arena no era tan mala desde esa distancia y el rocío del mar era estimulante. Las banderas verdes vuelven a ondear en la playa, lo que significa que los socorristas están de guardia y es seguro nadar. Pero el viento ha destruido algunas de las banderas, lo que en mi opinión envía un mensaje mixto.

Las fotos comienzan conmigo reflexionando sobre mi café en Mesón Salvador. Fue un día mejor, al menos en mi pequeño mundo. Sin embargo, el viento nos ha hecho sentir a San Geraldo y a mí, como él lo describe, “heebie-jeebied”.

Los “heebie jeebies” es una frase estadounidense que se originó en 1926, lo que significa un sentimiento de ansiedad, aprensión, o depresión; los nervios — como “poner los pelos de punta”.

¿Los cambios en la presión del aire te dan los heebie jeebies?


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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37 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 90 / Encierro Día 90: Heebie Jeebies”

  1. Yes, particularly in the fall. Usually it’s a warm breeze that signals that the rains are about to begin.

    1. Susan:
      So many weather changes seem to affect our moods and physical well-being. These last couple of days have been weird!

  2. I’ve just scrolled down looking for some pussy, but no. Even a double-helping of yourself can’t quite compensate. Que pena!

    1. Raybeard:
      Oh, I always have to think again when I see the word pussy, but I realized there was only one type you’d be looking for. I have a gazillion (maybe more) photos, so I promise to share some in the next few days.

      1. Raybeard:
        So, now you’d better look. Today’s post was all because of you!

  3. I seldom notice the weather, so it seldom bothers me. Is an umbrella width, far enough apart?

    1. David:
      We’re both very aware of weather changes. Either headaches, other aches and pains, or plain old heebie jeebies.

  4. I’m just glad the mirror wasn’t on your bedroom ceiling. I am old enough to know what heebie-jeebies are (hmmm… why did I feel the need to hyphenate that?) And I have longed believed that 90% of human behavior can be explained by changed in barometric pressure. (Let me also add that I really wonder what this comment says about me. 🤪

    1. James:
      As for your beliefs in barometric pressure changes behavior, I think you’re brilliant. The fact that you didn’t want to see me in my bedroom ceiling mirror shows you have NO taste… or is it GOOD taste… I’m not sure. But it shows something.

  5. a change in humidity makes the arthritis act up. what a lovely day on the coast. hopefully restrictions will ease a bit more next week for you and SG.

    1. anne marie:
      Except for our own awareness and the need for face masks, things really do feel much more normal around here. I think weather changes have serious effects on many people. (Like those Santa Ana winds in California!)

  6. Yes a change in barometric pressure does affect me. When it is overcast the weight of those rain-drenched clouds weighs on the this old body of mine. When it is sunny and clear no problem at all.
    We have gotten to predict whether it is low or high tide by how we are feeling physically. I know it is not the same a barometric pressure but since the moon’s gravity is pulling the tides in and out daily, it has a kind of similar effect. Oh, we generally get it correct as we drive by the ocean to have a look.
    Love your photos…….and sounds like you had a great walk and coffee.

    1. I second that “emotion” ~~~~~~ We are controlled by the water all the time.

      PS: Love your reflection ~ your smile made me smile!

      1. Ron:
        I completely agree with you and Jim. And, thanks, re the photo and my smile. I actually liked that, too!

    2. Jim:
      I agree with you about the moon’s effect. How can it control tides without having an impact on all the water in our bodies?!? I DO love my walks. Will take another this afternoon… maybe two because I have to do a bit of shopping, as well.

  7. I lovelovelove that first photo, which I now call ‘Dots.’
    I also love your comment on my blog about SG and Moos,e and read it to Carlos so he can see how SG-like he is, and how Mitchell-like I am!
    He actually saw it, I think.

    1. Bob:
      So many great shots of the shadows on the empty beaches. I will share more. I’ve lost the cats/door/SG/night battle. I said, no, last night; SG asked a second time. I said, fine. But he didn’t open it after and call to the cats, so I wasn’t disturbed. THEN, he took responsibility for getting them both back inside — and even Dudo listened to him. However, I’m concerned that it’s going to encourage nocturnal requests from the cats and then it will be all on SG.

  8. That first photo, with the dark circular shadows left by the beach umbrellas, is terrific! I like your self-portrait too. I can never resist playing around with reflections when I have my camera. I usually like windy days, for some reason. The moving air is invigorating.

    1. Steve:
      I also love the art of shadows and I think of you when I take those pictures because I know how much you love those, too. I’ve got lots more to share. I also like my self-portrait — and that’s not a common occurrence. Wind is blowing again today. Not cyclonic yet, but I just watched an umbrella get blown across the beach with two people in pursuit and several dodging it.

  9. Nothing worst than flying sand and surf. It’s already a full time job shaking it out of the underalls.

    I LOVE that picture of the balconies. That would make an excellent postcard. You should reproduce it. That first made me extremely happy today for some reason.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      I have to take my gym bag back down to the beach and empty it. I could probably fill a quart bowl with the sand that’s inside. You can always tell who lives here year-round by the plants and flowers on the balconies. Our location makes it impossible, however, to have them hanging off the terrace. So, it’s rare to see such a display along the beach. When I do, it makes me smile.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      Well, I rarely miss my two cups of good cafe con leche. Nice way to start every day.

    1. Judy:
      We’ve still both got a bit of the heebie jeebies (although my way of describing it is “I feel a bit off today.” But, after lunch, I will be back out enjoying the sunshine.

  10. Changes in air pressure fire up my fibromyalgia, no idea why. It happens to Mom too. I am not keen on wind though. At least it is sunny where you are, dreary grey and rainy here. Where is our bloody summer?

    1. Cheapchick:
      Uff, the fibromyalgia would be awful. I have another friend who says the same thing. This is our time for sunshine… well, 330 days a year is our time for sunshine.

  11. I seem to be oblivious to changes in air pressure, although damp makes one knee (that I broke ages ago) ache now and again. Great photos today. I really the last one of the couple and dog with the giant umbrella it makes me happy.

    1. Wilma:
      I can’t remember a time when weather changes — winds, damp, pressure — affected my body and my mood. That couple was hilarious and extremely pleasant. They were elated that I took their picture. Unfortunately, my camera battery was on its last legs and I didn’t realize it (the camera finally turned itself off mid-photo), so the pictures were poor quality and the exposure was terrible. I had to adjust quite a bit in editing to make them visible. So glad I got these. But they were really fighting to keep their umbrella from taking off in the gusts.

  12. I am so looking forward to shorts weather. We had a little teaser in May and wore shorts, but June got chilly and we’re back in long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Send us some summer! The solstice is a week away, so officially it’s not summer yet. Ugh.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      Except for the wind, we’ve got perfect beach weather right now. Warm, not roasting. Wonderful for walks, too. I have a feeling you’ll soon be complaining about the summer heat.

  13. Nope didn’t have to look that one up. My mother used that all the time. But Ethel Water’s number was a new one on me. Many thanks.

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