More walls / Más paredes

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I HAVEN’T JUMPED OFF ANY walls this weekend. I think I’ve learned my lesson (click here). However, yesterday after my exercise walk, I decided to sit on the beach and relax without my mask for 15 minutes. I had done so the day before, which I’ll tell you about in a moment.

This time, I thought I’d sit on a wall across the street from us. It’s off to the side, away from people, and greatly elevated from the sand. My triceps are strong, so I knew I could easily hoist myself up. The jump down wouldn’t be bad from a sitting position especially with the sand below, but I figured I could also just turn myself around and exit on the pavement side, which is not at all high (seriously). I put both palms on the wall and pressed. Ouch!!! I forgot about my bruised left palm, swollen ring finger, and sore right wrist — because they had all improved significantly. The ring finger is now more swollen, the palm more bruised, and the wrist more sore. I nixed that idea and instead leaned against the wall and looked out to sea. Ten minutes later, I headed upstairs for more paracetamol.

The day before, I had the brilliant and simple idea of sitting on the very low wall of rocks around a mound of lawn that was created to frame the giant fingers sculpture — with a palm tree where the palm of the hand should be. (Get it? Palm Tree?) Unfortunately, when I got there I discovered the mound had depleted from the rains over the years and most of the rocks were now below sand level. So, I lowered myself carefully to the sloping grass instead. I am trainable.


NO HE SALTADO DE NINGUNA pared este fin de semana. Creo que aprendí mi lección (haz clic aquí). Sin embargo, ayer después de mi caminata de ejercicio, decidí sentarme en la playa y relajarme sin mi máscara durante 15 minutos. Lo había hecho el día anterior, de lo cual te hablaré en un momento.

Esta vez, pensé que me sentaría en una pared al otro lado de la calle de nosotros. Está a un lado, lejos de las personas y muy elevado desde la arena. Mis tríceps son fuertes, así que sabía que podría levantarme fácilmente. El salto hacia abajo no sería malo desde una posición sentada, especialmente con la arena debajo, pero pensé que también podría darme la vuelta y salir por el lado del pavimento, que no es del todo alto (en serio). Puse ambas palmas en la pared y presioné. ¡¡¡Ay!!! Olvidé mi palma izquierda magullada, el dedo anular hinchado, y la muñeca derecha adolorida — porque todos habían mejorado significativamente.. El dedo anular ahora está más hinchado, la palma más magullada, y la muñeca más dolorida. Yo rechacé esa idea y en su lugar me apoyé contra la pared y miré hacia el mar. Diez minutos después, subí las escaleras para tomar más paracetamol.

El día anterior, tuve la brillante y simple idea de sentarme en la pared muy baja de rocas alrededor de un montón de césped que fue creado para enmarcar la escultura de los dedos gigantes — con una palmera donde debería estar la palma de la mano. (¿Lo entiendes? ¿Palmera?) Desafortunadamente, cuando llegué allí, descubrí que el montículo se había agotado por las lluvias a lo largo de los años y que la mayoría de las rocas estaban ahora por debajo del nivel de la arena. Entonces, me bajé cuidadosamente a el cespéd inclinado. Soy entrenable.

The black dog kept trying to jump up on the wall for a peak.
El perro negro seguía intentando saltar en la pared para echar un vistazo.
Walls with hibiscus.
Paredes con hibiscos.
Friday, sitting on the grass.
El viernes, sentado en la césped.
Where I sat, in front of the “palm tree.”
Donde me senté, frente a la “palmera”.
A jump I knew I’d survive… and I did.
Un salto que sabía que sobreviviría … y lo hice.
Saturday, the view of where I sat on Friday.
Sábado, la vista de donde me senté el viernes.
The triceps weren’t the problem.
Los tríceps no eran el problema.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

25 thoughts on “More walls / Más paredes”

  1. you are crazy! you won’t heal if you keep re-injuring yourself. all the boyz will dig the hairy legs.

    1. anne marie:
      Kind of disgusted. I was hoping to start working out at the exercise stations along the beach in the morning (if I could work up the nerve to work out in public), but still can’t use the dip bars or pull-up bars! Do you remember when Joe Namath did that panty hose commercial?

    1. Deedles:
      Happy Friendship Day to you, too! I need to attach a pool noodle to the top of my head so I can keep my distance from everything (and everyone). If the pool noodle touches it, it’s too close.

    1. David:
      I used to have a “flip stick” I took on hikes. Looks like a walking stick, lightweight, but I could flip a little seat and rest when my bursitis was acting up. THAT was when i was in my 30s!

  2. I feel your pain, Mitchell. In my mind I can do all the things I used to do, too. My shoulder still is not the same from an injury back in February. I continue to brush my teeth lefthanded. The hibiscus wall is gorgeous.

    1. Wilma:
      And will we learn? Probably not! Those walls of hibiscus are repeated all along the Paseo. They must have sprayed for bugs because they are all suddenly bursting with flowers. SG just did the same on our terrace. More photos of ours soon.)

  3. I’m’a hafta put my foot down, since you seem to keep putting your feet and hands and wrists and arms down!
    Knock it off!

    That said: nice gams!

    1. Bob:
      The gams aren’t too beat up either! I am clearly a danger to myself… but not to others.

  4. Ha ha, I think you might have worse injuries than I do. Seriously, be careful out there.

    1. Urpso:
      He seemed really sweet and clearly would have enjoyed running down to the water.

  5. We also have a iow wall running along our promenade as I suppose most sea-side towns have as an extra insurance, I suppose, against slightly higher tides or waves. It disappoints me to see dog-walkers going along with their pets on a leash yet not giving any recognition to the natural curiosity of the animal to see what’s on the other side. Even if they are afraid of their dog wanting to jump right over the least they can do is to give way just a bit to the poor thing’s natural inquisitiveness, even if it means lifting them up so they can walk along the wall.

    1. Raybeard:
      The dog “skater” had just arrived on the Paseo. The first thing he did was stand at the wall while all the dogs jumped onto or looked over the wall and scanned the beach excitedly. Then he TRIED to skate with them. It took some coordinating. The black dog continued to go to the wall at first. The others got all tangled up. But they quickly got in synch and took off happily.

      1. I think that once most dogs have had their initial curiosity satisfied they’ll be content and be more manageable.

      2. Raybeard:
        I think you’re right about that. These dogs all seemed awfully happy.

  6. I bet you almost forgot what it was like to not wear a mask. A little bit of bliss — as long as it is at a distance from others.

    1. Mary:
      Masks are required on the beach unless you’re in the water or sitting/lying down. I kind of knelt against the wall, which was a compromise… but that’s why I left quickly. But the spot I leaned is far from the path and any sunbathers. I need to find more spots for sitting after my walks so i don’t have to drag a beach towel around with me.

    1. Steve:
      My biggest danger has always been me. Pathetic. I haven’t hurt myself today, but I still have a few hours.

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