I can do that / Puedo hacer eso

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

THE MAYOR OF MIJAS, THE neighbouring city equal in size to Fuengirola (about 80,000 residents) has proposed that our two cities be considered one municipality for the sake of these current restrictions. Along the borders, you can’t tell one city from another. Cross a street, you’re in Mijas. Many people will even argue whether you’re in one or the other. Jesica lives in Mijas and we can’t meet for coffee and English lessons this week because she can’t enter Fuengirola. We await the verdict from the powers that be in Andalucía. However, it’s possible that we will only be merged with Mijas Las Laguna, the neighbourhood most closely aligned with Fuengirola. In that case, Jesica and I might have to try online lessons.

Some of the new rules are becoming more clear (kind of like mud). Restaurants must close before 6 p.m. That puts a major cramp in Spanish-style dinner, which doesn’t begin until at least 9 p.m. We may have to have our big meal some days at lunch (much healthier anyway), so we can enjoy the food at Mesón Salvador (and support them). The curfew begins at 10 p.m., but after 6, outdoor activities are limited. Sometimes, those activities are clear; other times, not. San Geraldo was able to go grocery shopping yesterday evening and I saw people out running (or maybe they were running from the police). I think I’ll have it all figured out by the time the restrictions are lifted (I hope) on 23 November. We’ll do what we need to do, even if we don’t completely understand.

There’s currently a 2 percent chance of rain, which means there are clouds in the sky. It’s very exciting. The chance goes up to 10 percent overnight. I’ve included photos of this morning’s Mediterranean skies. I love clouds — especially since we don’t see any for most of 320 days each year.

Last week, during those couple of days of rain, the surfers were out in force. The photo above is of a group that made it look easy (well, mostly). I can do that! I can also do what the two guys are doing in the animation at the end. Well, I couldn’t do that last week. But I’m pretty sure I can do it today. Oh, never mind, I just watched them again. There’s one move that is still not going to happen!

Flu shots today. San Geraldo’s is at 6:02 p.m. (18:02) and mine is at 6:06 (18:06) — on the dot (more or less).


EL ALCALDE DE MIJAS, LA ciudad vecina del mismo tamaño que Fuengirola (unos 80.000 habitantes) ha propuesto que nuestras dos ciudades se consideren un solo municipio por el bien de estas restricciones actuales. A lo largo de las fronteras, no se puede distinguir una ciudad de otra. Cruza la calle, estás en Mijas. Mucha gente incluso discutirá si estás en uno u otro. Jesica vive en Mijas y no podemos reunirnos para tomar un café y tomar lecciones de inglés esta semana porque no puede cruzar a Fuengirola. Esperamos el veredicto de los poderes que estén en Andalucía. Sin embargo, es posible que solo nos fusionemos con Mijas Las Laguna, el barrio más alineado con Fuengirola. En ese caso, Jesica y yo podríamos tener que probar lecciones en línea.

Algunas de las nuevas reglas se están volviendo más claras (algo así como barro). Los restaurantes deben cerrar antes de las 6 p.m. Eso pone un gran calambre en la cena al estilo español, que no comienza hasta al menos las 9 p.m. Es posible que tengamos que tener nuestra gran comida algunos días en el almuerzo (mucho más saludable de todos modos), para poder disfrutar de la comida en Mesón Salvador (y apoyarlos). El toque de queda comienza a las 10 p.m., pero después de las 6, las actividades al aire libre son limitadas. A veces, esas actividades son claras; otras veces, no. San Geraldo pudo ir de compras ayer por la noche y vi gente corriendo (o tal vez huyendo de la policía). Creo que lo tendré todo resuelto para cuando se levanten las restricciones (espero) el 23 de noviembre. Haremos lo que tengamos que hacer, incluso si no lo entendemos completamente.

Actualmente hay un 2 por ciento de probabilidad de lluvia, lo que significa que hay nubes en el cielo. Es muy emocionante. La probabilidad aumenta al 10 por ciento de la noche a la mañana. He incluido fotos de los cielos mediterráneos de esta mañana. Me encantan las nubes, especialmente porque no vemos ninguna durante la mayor parte de los 320 días del año.

La semana pasada, durante esos dos días de lluvia, los surfistas salieron con fuerza. La foto de arriba es de un grupo que hizo que pareciera fácil (bueno, en su mayoría). ¡Yo puedo hacer eso! También puedo hacer lo que los dos chicos están haciendo en la animación al final. Bueno, no pude hacer eso la semana pasada. Pero estoy bastante seguro de que puedo hacerlo hoy. Oh, no importa, acabo de verlos de nuevo. ¡Hay un movimiento que todavía no va a suceder!

Vacunas de la gripe hoy. San Geraldo’s es a las 18:02 y el mío es a las 18:06 — en el punto (más o menos).


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

22 thoughts on “I can do that / Puedo hacer eso”

  1. Got to LOVE our respective surfing communities, eh?!
    They are a unique bunch.
    Good luck with the flu shots! Hope all goes well and the times were were correct.

    1. Jim:
      All went perfectly. See today’s post. Yes, I always enjoyed your surfer shots. So different from here (and our eyes see things so differently, too).

  2. Gee, I can still do those moves, too..though not on a surfboard in the water. That would involve a lifeguard rescue. No doubt.

    1. Mary:
      I saw that one woman nearly fall off her board… on sand! Maybe I’ll try it without the board.

  3. This morning’s COVID news here in the US is dire. Hospitals filling up, more people dying. But we still have no “plan” or nationwide leadership while our president continues his endless temper tantrum about losing. Kind of reminds me of “let them eat cake.” Only now, it’s “let them die.”

    1. Frank:
      I can’t stop obsessing about the news from the States. Trump may have lost but the times are still frightening.

  4. Moose’s picture sums up it. Of course you could also put on your wet suits and join the surfers!!!!!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      I could put on a wet suit and join the surfers, but I am NOT getting on a board and heading out to sea… at least I don’t think I am. (SG is afraid of sharks, which are almost unheard of along our beaches.)

  5. I wish the US would be more restrictive, because our numbers are soaring. Hopefully in January when sanity and dignity and humanity and intelligence return to the White House.

    SIDENOTE; while living in California I called the DMV to make an appointment to renew my license. I was told the be there at 8:12 AM the next Tuesday. I told the woman that didn’t work for me, and did she have something closer to 8:19. Silence she gave me.

    1. Bob:
      Ha! I would have loved to have seen that 8:12 bureaucrat’s face! I remember those appointments at the DMV in Laguna. Appointment at 8:19 (or so). Got there a half hour early. Waited for 2 hours!

  6. It looks coooooold! We be going socially distance camping for the next two nights and a day. Peace amongst the trees. The way things have been going, we’ll end up getting ticks 🙁 I hope the flu shot goes okay.

    1. Deedles:
      Hope you’re having a great time camping (without ticks)! Flu shot appointments went perfectly. My arm is a bit sore, but I’m so relieved to have that done.

  7. I wish I had tried surfing when I was in Florida, Jimmy says you are never too old for a Long-Board.

    1. David:
      I’ve thought about it. I wanted to try all those years we lived in California, but I never had the confidence and the idea of some macho straight American dude giving me lessons made me uncomfortable. Here, I wouldn’t have any problem… except that I’m a lot older and wouldn’t recover as well from the damage I’d do. I’ll be happy to give the boys some extra cuddles from you!

  8. That’s a lot of surf and surfers! Best not to dwell on the things we can’t do (as we get older) and keep doing what we can. I guess that holds true for covid restrictions, too. Regardless – stay healthy! And give Moose and Dudo a cuddle for me; I miss my old cats.

    1. Wilma:
      I am giving those boys so many cuddles; it’s a pleasure. That was a mob of surfers! That part doesn’t look like fun to me. Had flu shots. Feeling less at risk. Still being excruciatingly careful.

  9. Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learnin’ how…

    I’ve never had a flu shot. I wonder if I should re-think that now that I’m in my 60s. The last time I had the flu was probably about 20 years ago.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      We’ve both had flu shots every since we had a family flu in 1989. Both on the sofa bed in the family room, too ill to even get upstairs. It was hell. I got the flu every year before that and always awful. SG got it sometimes, not usually so bad. But that was the first time we got it together. Never again, we said. In the US they recommend everyone gets a flu shot. Here, it’s at-risk populations.

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