You see my problem is this / Ves que mi problema es este

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I FOUND A CRAB! DON´T worry, it wasn’t on me. I found it during my walk this morning. It even stopped and smiled at me (don’t burst my bubble). So, the big scratch on my forehead has nothing to do with crabs. I did it myself. In my sleep. Again (click here). And my nails had already been trimmed. I did it Monday night, but it scabbed over and became glaringly obvious overnight Tuesday. There’s even a bump. So I put some ointment on it today. I did get some looks when I was out walking. I seriously need to get myself sleep mittens. I suppose I could wear a ski mask to bed.

After accomplishing my legal stuff yesterday, I find myself a bit unmotivated today. So, I made a list and will work my way through it after lunch. Stretching and working out (and stretching and stretching and stretching) are on the list. All the walking is great, but it doesn’t work everything and it tightens my already tight muscles.

I had a very happy conversation with The Kid Brother last night. He said he “got some mail” and “it’s good,” but he’ll “show it to me when [I] visit.” As I said before, I think all the spelling over the phone got to be too much for him.

I forgot to mention, I was required to bring my own blue pen to the consulate yesterday to sign the documents. I forgot. So, on my way there, I stopped at a bazaar and bought a pen clearly labeled BLUE. It was cheap. When I began to sign the letter, red ink rolled out. I suppose if I want real blue, I’ll have to pay more.


¡ENCONTRÉ UN CANGREJO! NO TE preocupes, no estaba en mí. Lo encontré durante mi caminata esta mañana. Incluso se detuvo y me sonrió (no reventes mi burbuja). Entonces, el gran rasguño en mi frente no tiene nada que ver con los cangrejos. Lo hice yo mismo. En mi sueño. De nuevo (haz clic aquí). Y ya me habían cortado las uñas. Lo hice el lunes por la noche, pero se formó una costra y se hizo evidente durante la noche del martes. Incluso hay un bache. Así que le puse un ungüento hoy. Recibí algunas miradas cuando salía a caminar. Realmente necesito conseguirme guantes para dormir. Supongo que podría llevarme un pasamontañas a la cama.

Después de cumplir con mis asuntos legales ayer, hoy me encuentro un poco desmotivado. Entonces, hice una lista y la revisaré después del almuerzo. Estirar y hacer ejercicio (y estirar y estirar y estirar) están en la lista. Todo el caminar es genial, pero no ejercita todo y aprieta mis músculos ya tensos.

Anoche tuve una conversación muy feliz con El Hermanito. Dijo que “recibió unos correos” y “está bien”, pero que “me lo mostrará cuando [yo] lo visite”. Como dije antes, creo que toda la ortografía por teléfono fue demasiado para él.

Olvidé mencionar que ayer tuve que traer mi propio bolígrafo azul al consulado para firmar los documentos. Me olvidé. Entonces, en mi camino hacia allí, me detuve en un bazar y compré un bolígrafo claramente etiquetado AZUL. Era barato. Cuando comencé a firmar la carta, salió tinta roja. Supongo que si quiero azul real, tendré que pagar más.

• At first glance I thought they were real.
• A primera vista pensé que eran reales.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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32 thoughts on “You see my problem is this / Ves que mi problema es este”

    1. Bob:
      Yep. We think alike. That was my first thought when Maddie suggested a padded bed.

    1. Debra:
      Dudo and Moose would never. They just yowl in my face, at the door, and all around the house… like this morning.

  1. Yikes. Think that covers some of your photos–the first one (must be nicer to yourself), and for sure, the latter two,

    1. Mary:
      The fashion on the street is not what it used to be with so few tourists here, but sometimes I’m not disappointed. Besides, the first guy was British.

      Some nights when I go to bed I worry about what I might wake up to.

  2. The red ink…that just sums up the whole lawyer thing, doesn’t it. Hope it’s all in the past soon.

    1. Chrissoup:
      Yep, the red ink was completely appropriate. I was stunned, however, when the agen actually gave me a pen to use. She probably through it out after.

  3. Looks like you took that “blue” pen into bed with you! I have scratched my face bloody while sleeping, too. It happens if I fall asleep with my hand along my cheek and then at some point I have a little spasm that curls my fingers into my skin. And I often bite my tongue, lips, and cheeks enough to hurt. Not fun or funny!

    Cute pups on the balcony.

    1. Wilma:
      I’ve never known anyone else who does this to themselves in their sleep! And the tongue, lips, and cheeks! It’s a bit of a relief to know but I’m truly sorry you go through this, as well.

    1. Steve:
      I should have been more specific. The package only said BLUE. But I didn’t even notice any ACTUAL BLUE packages. They must have been out of stock.

  4. As I tell a certain somebody regularly those ‘weapons’ he carries around need to be trimmed…..or else someone will be hurt/cut/scratched. …….to no avail.
    Young and old alike appear to LOVE mixing their prints/colours.

    1. Jim:
      My weapons were short and well-trimmed. They’re now stubs! The young guy with the great hair made me happy.

  5. I’m into Hawaiian shirts…they hide my belly (or at least I think they do). But I try to coordinate gaily.

    1. Frank:
      I love Hawaain shirts, although the big bold patterns don’t always look good on me. But I wouldn’t pair one with patterned shorts. That’s just me. Not daring.

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      The dog DOES look like Murphy. I love it. I don’t see many fashionistas around with the tourists gone. I saw a guy the other day from a great distance that was one of the wildest combinations I’d seen. He turned a corner before I could get my camera out. I nearly took chase. Later, as I was walking up the stairs, I looked out a back window and saw him coming around the corner right behind our building. But he was then immediately hidden by a wall. All I could see was his head.

  6. That crab is definitely smiling. At first glance, I thought the doggies on the balcony were real and had to look again. Someone who knits needs to make you some big, brown Bernie mittens. Stop doing shit to yourself!


    1. Janie:
      I really did think how sweet it was the dogs were hanging out with their legs through the rails. I need sleep mittens that don’t make my hands sweat!

  7. Mistress Maddie might be on the right track… time for a padded headboard, LOL? I’d try thin cotton gloves from the gardening shop first as they can do double duty for intensive hand moisturizing at the end of a long spa day…

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Thin cotton gloves would be great … and mousturizer. The padded bed can only do so much.

  8. Love the green shirt, the crab looks happy, I would like bark at the dogs, restraints – I stumbled across this shop in San Francisco one time . . . the mind boggles

    1. David:
      Do you like the plaid shorts and the camo backpack, too? WHAT shop in San Francisco?

  9. First, please be assured that crabs do smile. I know this from watching Sponge Bob. I have had mysterious wounds and bruises for years now, and I’m quite certain they happen in my sleep. I’ve come to just say “Oh again” and apply Neosporin if it looks dangerous. I’ve always been a rough sleeper.

    1. wickedhamster:
      I’m reassured to know I’m not the only dangerous sleeper. I hadn’t thought of Sponge Bob (Bob Esponje). I just checked out a bunch of the crab characters. They DO smile. I always have a tube of something on hand for my wounds.

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