Lockdown Day 62: Better Now / Encierro Día 62: Ahora, Mejor

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I’VE BEEN WAKING EARLY MOST mornings with a bit of sciatic pain. Sometimes, I’m able to get back to sleep but, most days, the only relief is to get out of bed and start moving. It’s usually immediately improved and within an hour the pain is completely gone (although a trampoline would be out of the question).

This morning I winced as I got out of bed, and walked gingerly across the apartment. I tried to sit down, but I suddenly had jolts of pain emanating from my hip to my foot and up into my chest. I had cramps below my rib cage on one side. I moaned. I whined. I swore. I hobbled around the house while making the worst noises. I was a big baby. I apologized to San Geraldo, but I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t walk, stand still, sit, lie down, without excruciating electrical jolts and muscle-cramping pain.

After about 15 minutes, I decided to try an isometric glute exercise (the standing glute squeeze). Either that helped or it was simply time for the pain to begin to ease. I’ll add it to my repertoire — just in case.

Moose followed me around the house the entire time, trying to get my attention (for his own selfish reasons). I apologized. Dudo simply watched from a safe distance. But when I began pacing on the terrace, he too thought he was adorable enough for me to forget about myself. The photos of Dudo were taken on another adorable day; today was not the day for the camera.

Once I felt a bit better, I went for a walk on the Paseo (walking briskly usually feels great and it did, finally, today), stopping before-hand to pay the flower vendor to put aside another hibiscus for me. On my way home I picked it up and brought San Geraldo some more color.

Speaking of color, click Dudo to see the vibrance in those eyes.


LA MAYORÍA DE LAS MAÑANAS me he despertado temprano con un poco de dolor ciático. A veces, puedo volver a dormir pero, la mayoría de los días, el único alivio es salir de la cama y comenzar a moverme. Por lo general, mejora de inmediato y en una hora el dolor desaparece por completo (aunque un trampolín estaría fuera de discusión).

Esta mañana hice una mueca cuando me levanté de la cama y caminé con cuidado por el piso. Traté de sentarme, pero de repente tuve una sacudida de dolor que emanaba de la cadera hasta el pie y subía al pecho. Tenía calambres debajo de la caja torácica en un lado. Yo gemí. Me quejé. Lo juré. Cojeaba por la casa mientras hacía los peores ruidos. Yo era un bebé grande. Me disculpé con San Geraldo, pero no pude evitarlo. No podía caminar, quedarme quieto, sentarme, acostarme, sin insoportables sacudidas eléctricas y dolor muscular.

Después de unos 15 minutos, decidí probar un ejercicio isométrico de glúteos (el apretón de glúteos de pie). O eso ayudó o simplemente era hora de que el dolor comenzara a disminuir. Lo agregaré a mi repertorio, por si acaso.

Moose me siguió por la casa todo el tiempo, tratando de llamar mi atención (por sus propios motivos egoístas). Me disculpé. Dudo simplemente observaba desde una distancia segura. Pero cuando comencé a pasear por la terraza, él también pensó que era lo suficientemente adorable como para que me olvidara de mí mismo. Las fotos de Dudo fueron tomadas en otro día adorable; hoy no era el día para la cámara.

Una vez que me sentí un poco mejor, salí a caminar por el Paseo (caminar enérgicamente, por lo general, se siente genial y, después de ese comienzo difícil, también lo hace hoy), deteniéndome de antemano para pagarle al vendedor de flores para que me dejara otro hibisco. En mi camino a casa lo recogí y traje a San Geraldo un poco más de color.

Hablando de color, haz clic en Dudo para ver la vitalidad en esos ojos.


Although I was walking “gingerly,” that’s not me above. (In case you don’t know, the redhead is Ginger from TV’s Gilligan’s Island.)
Ese no soy yo. (En inglés, si quiere decir “caminé cautelosamente”, también puede decir “caminé gingerly [con jengibre]”, que significa lo mismo y proviene de la palabra inglesa para jengibre. (No me preguntes por qué.) De todos modos, ella que tiene el pelo de jengibre arriba es Ginger del programa de televisión de la década de 1960 “Gilligan’s Island.”

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

22 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 62: Better Now / Encierro Día 62: Ahora, Mejor”

  1. Happy to hear that pain went away…..eventually. Sounds horrid! Yes, keep flexing those glutes!
    Dudo is a real performer, eh? What a sweetheart!

    1. Jim:
      Moose is currently performing. He’s practicing his scales. Non-stop. 34 minutes to go. Pain again this morning. Not severe like yesterday but lasting a lot longer. This is really annoying!

  2. why ginger, you transgendered! my spouse has sciatica; hurts like a mofo. cats have fascinating eyes, don’t they; they see all, they know all.

    1. anne marie:
      Has your spouse found a successful treatment? My doctor suggested pilates, but there’s no scientific proof pilates has those kinds of healing/treatment qualities. A cortisone shot is sounding awfully good to me about now! Also, any ideas what causes a flare up? I can go weeks with it being just a whimper and then, suddenly, boom!

      And cats eyes sure can be soulful.

    1. David:
      I actually just gave that question a lot of thought… and I have no clue. I’m not like any of them. Well, except if I DID go on a 3-hour tour, I too would want to pack enough clothes to last me at least three television seasons.

  3. WhileI think I dance like Ginger, Carlos dances like Mrs. Howell … after her stroke.

    1. Bob:
      On a good day, I can dance like Ginger (as long as it’s a GIF snapshot). I’ll bet Carlos could perfect a little hip swivel if he tried… again, just enough for an animated GIF.

  4. Sounds rough, Mitchell. Hope the standing glute squeeze continues to do the trick for you. Dudo on his head is too cute for words. What a ham.

    1. Wilma:
      Whine whine whine. Not as bad this morning but lasting longer. Standing glute squeeze feels good but is not the cure. Another one bites the dust. I have no idea what brings it on and what relieves it. I love when the cats go into their contortions to get our attention. It works every time.

  5. These unexplained pains are frightening, especially when they come out of nowhere. From your description I don’t think I’ve experienced what you went through and wouldn’t like to, though I do get twinges, sometimes painful in my lower areas, often feet – and often in the mid of night, leaving me just begging them to go away and leave me alone, which so far at least they’ve eventually done. But I do have a fear that one day they’ll appear and they’ll just stay, which is what I’m sure went through your mind. I hope that IF, Heaven forbid, it does re-visit, it’s shorter and less concerning – but I appreciate just how scary it can be.

    From those recent pics of Dudo I’d have guessed that he was in a frisky mood, but if that was so I think he’d have had pupils dilated to HUGE. No, I think it’s the ‘I want something – and I want it NOW’ look.

    1. Raybeard:
      I’ve had leg cramps and twinges, but when sciatica is bad, it tops anything else I’ve got. And I have no idea what, if anything, brings it on (other than time in bed, but not always). And I’ve found nothing that makes it better. It turns out those glute squeezes just happened to be well timed yesterday. They didn’t cure me today. And you’re right about that fear. Yesterday was the first time I could get no relief no matter what I did. Usually, simply walking feels good. I’m sure it lasted only briefly but it felt like forever. The rest of the day was fine. Dudo is often frisky. We were out in the sun on the terrace, so no chance to see those pupils in bloom. (Right now I’m getting stared at from two directions. Treat time in 21 minutes!)

  6. Not to detract from Dudo’s eyes or the ravishing new hibiscus, but I LOVE the “Gilligan’s Island” clip! That’s from the episode where they form a pop group called the Honeybees.


    (Yes, I am a lifelong fan of “Gilligan’s Island,” probably one of the stupidest shows ever made for television.)

    I’m so sorry to hear about the sciatica. (Or sciatic pain — that’s sciatica, right?) I’m glad it eventually subsided and here’s hoping you’ve learned some valuable coping strategies should it recur in such severe form.

    1. Steve:
      Another curative theory bites the dust. Although the glute squeezes felt good today, they did nothing to stop the pain after they were done. No idea the cause or the cure. Will really have to push with the doctor… once I can go back. I know people who live with sciatica forever with no resolution. I sure hope I don’t have to do that. Maybe just one shot of cortisone could do the trick. I had tennis elbow a long time ago. Horrible for two entire weeks. I couldn’t even shake hands and I was in marketing! One shot of cortisone and I was cured.

  7. “standing glute squeeze” — sounds kinky! And Dudo is just so darn cute!

    1. Debra:
      A glute squeeze in any position could be kinky but, trust me, there was nothing kinky about it yesterday — unless you were passing by and only heard my howls of pain. I love these cats more every day… even if it is all about them.

    1. Cheapchick:
      Hmmm… acupuncture. It might be worth a try. Now I just have to find someone reputable. I really want to get up to our huge nursery to see what hibiscus they’ve got. So uplifting. They can open again as of Monday but, if they do, I think we need to make an appointment to visit.

    1. Judy:
      Oh, I’m such a whiner. But I sure hope I can get this resolved. It’s been nearly 3 years of on again, off again. And yesterday was the worst. But I can still walk… and it never hurts when I do. Some days, I’m on the move for hours at a time.

    1. Urspo:
      That’s perfect! And, yes, it’s true. Thanks for the diagnosis.

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