Up a lazy river / Sobre un río lento

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

SAN GERALDO NEEDED PLANT FOOD, so yesterday afternoon we drove over to the shopping center in town that has an Akí store. It’s a bit like Home Depot or B and Q but on a smaller scale. While we weren’t looking, Akí had become Leroy Merlin (a French chain of home improvement/gardening stores). No problem.

It was a quick drive and, after an even quicker shop, SG was ready to go home. I was not. He waved from the car as I walked over to the Fuengirola River and continued to the castle (Castillo Sohail) before heading home.

My scenic route made it a 6-km (4-mile) walk in the sun, 2 km along the river and 4 along the Mediterranean Sea. It was warmer and more humid than I appreciated and, although I had a great time, I looked like I had been in a wet T-shirt contest (wet underwear, too) by the time I got home to find San Geraldo baking an apple cake. As he put it in the oven, he didn’t set the timer but simply announced the time out loud so as not to forget.

Actually he didn’t announce the time. He sang it. Because the number, 19:20, immediately brought a song to his mind.

“Nineteen-twenty, open your pearly gates,” he sang. He looked to me for his next line.

I said, “You do realise that’s not really the song, don’t you?”

“Oh, wait, it’s San Francisco, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I said, “and it’s ‘open your GOLDEN GATE’.”

And since that moment, we haven’t stopped singing “San Francisco, open your PEARLY GATES, which is why I’m sharing a different song here today. The Mills Brothers were (was?) Alice’s (my mother-in-law’s) favourite group. And this is one of their classics.

And, finally, three photos of the cats waiting for their treats this morning. The first two shots were taken at 9:05 when I got out of bed. The last was at 10:30. So, I figure I sort of won.

I’ve included thumbnails of the photos if you’d like to see them in all their glory (specifically the cats). So, click them!


SAN GERALDO NECESITA ALIMENTOS PARA plantas, así que ayer por la tarde fuimos al centro comercial de la ciudad que tiene una tienda Akí. Es un poco como Home Depot o B y Q, pero a menor escala. Mientras no buscábamos, Akí se había convertido en Leroy Merlin (una cadena francesa de tiendas de jardinería / mejoras para el hogar). No hay problema.

Fue un viaje rápido y, después de una compra aún más rápida, SG estaba listo para irse a casa. Yo no estaba. Saludó desde el coche mientras caminaba hacia el río Fuengirola y continuaba hasta el castillo (Castillo Sohail) antes de irme a casa.

Mi ruta escénica la convirtió en una caminata de 6 km bajo el sol, 2 km a lo largo del río y 4 km a lo largo del mar Mediterráneo. Hacía más calor y más humedad de lo que apreciaba y, aunque la pasé muy bien, parecía que había estado en un concurso de camisetas mojadas (ropa interior mojada también) cuando llegué a casa y encontré a San Geraldo horneando una manzana. pastel. Cuando lo metió en el horno, no configuró el temporizador, simplemente anunció el tiempo en voz alta para no olvidarlo.

En realidad, no anunció la hora. Lo cantó. Porque el número, 19:20, inmediatamente le trajo una canción a la mente.

“Nineteen-twenty, open your pearly gates [mil novecientos veinte, abre las puertas de perlas]”, cantó. Me miró en busca de su siguiente línea.

Le dije: “Te das cuenta de que esa no es realmente la canción, ¿no?”

“Oh, espera, es San Francisco, ¿no?”

“Sí”, dije, “y es ‘open your golden gate’ [abre la puerta de oro]”.

Y desde ese momento, no hemos dejado de cantar “San Francisco, open your pearly gates, por eso te comparto una canción diferente aquí hoy. Los hermanos Mills eran (¿era?) el grupo favorito de Alice (mi suegra). Y este es uno de sus clásicos.

Y, finalmente, tres fotos de los gatos esperando sus aperitivos esta mañana. Las primeras dos fotos se tomaron a las 9:05 cuando me levanté de la cama. La última fue a las 10:30. Entonces, supongo que gané.

He incluido miniaturas de las fotos si desea verlas en todo su esplendor (específicamente los gatos). Por lo tanto, ¡haz clic en ellas

I wondered why this guy was standing in the water. Then I zoomed in. Fishing.
Me pregunté por qué este tipo estaba parado en el agua. Luego hice zoom. Pesca.
I noticed the river was quite high, and then I reached the beach and saw it’s being contained at that level.
Noté que el río estaba bastante alto y luego llegué a la playa y vi que estaba contenido a ese nivel.
The pedestrian bridge, Spanish Armada Bridge, was built in 2006; Sohail Castle in 956 AD. Roman ruins on the castle grounds date to 300 BC.
El puente peritoneal, Puente de la Armada Española, fue construido en 2006; Castillo Sohail en 956 d.C. Hay ruinas romanas en el terreno del castillo que datan del 300 a.C.
Looking southwest. Fuengirola beach continues for another kilometre or so (5/8 of a mile).
Mirando al suroeste. La playa de Fuengirola continúa durante un kilómetro más o menos (5/8 de milla).


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

23 thoughts on “Up a lazy river / Sobre un río lento”

  1. That looks like a the type of walking area I would love to do!…..some river and then some sea.
    The cats are always fun to see….ever ready for their treats.
    ‘Up Th Lazy River’ was one of my father’s tunes he would play on the piano and we all would sing along when we were little kids. Thanks for those memories!
    Oh, just realized that you are an ‘old soul’. That is a good thing.

    1. Jim,
      I’ve never thought of myself as an old soul, so thank you. I’m so glad the song made that connection for you. When Alice told me how much she loved the song and The Mills Brothers, we we were in a music shop, so I bought us both a cd. I can never hear them now without thinking of her. And THAT’S a good thing.

  2. You take the best walks!

    As for Dudo and Moose and their wide-eyed looks, I’m not sure you won …I see revenge in your future.

    1. Bob,
      Moose gets revenge daily by waking us up at 2 a.m.

      We have lived in two amazing places for walks here in Spain.

  3. Sure. You won. Believe what you need to believe, Mitchell.
    I enjoyed the walk and the video very much. Not to mention the Pearly Gates!

    1. Wilma,
      We’re still singing about the pearly gates!

      I once read that a winner is a dreamer who never gives up.

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      The swan is on its way. I sent an ugly duckling. It’ll be a swan by the time it gets there.

      I saw a teenager yesterday wearing Crocs with plastic frog appliqués!

    1. Debra,
      Sorry! I’ll take a picture today. It’s been done so many times, I thought you wouldn’t care.

  4. I don’t know, Mitchell. Given that death stare in the middle of the cat series, I’d be careful of being ambushed by a cat (or two) in the next day or so. Retribution may be around the corner. Maybe you only think you won.

    1. Mary,
      Fortunately, these cats are so gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Well, they WOULD and DO hurt flies… and each other, but never us. However, Moose WAS kind of bossy all day and night. He wanted to go out at midnight, and wanted his treat at 2:30 a.m.!

    1. David,
      I had recently been thinking my walks were boring (ingrate that I am). This reminded me there are plenty of ways to do them.

  5. Ha! Those cats are FOCUSED.

    Looks like a great walk. Very scenic! Do they contain the river to conserve drinking water?

    I wonder how SG adapted “San Francisco” into “nineteen, twenty”? I guess they share the same number of syllables, but that’s where the similarity ends!

      1. Steve:
        I suppose it’s like naming everything in the Southeastern US after a Civil War battle, although the Confederacy DID at least have some ones over the years.

    1. Steve,
      The number of syllables is the only reason. I need to tell some other lyrics stories.

      There are clean, clear, maintained reservoirs north of us. I sure wouldn’t want to drink from the river water. I think they just contain the river at times to maintain a good level for recreation and wildlife.

  6. flamingo paddle boats! and moose & dudo! pearly gates is a friend of maddie’s. the mills brothers are cool.

    1. Anne Marie,
      That’s who we’ve been singing about all week! I love the pedal boats. Went on them here with my niece and her son, who was 4 at the time. The joy on his face put joy on mine.

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