Snot-nosed kids / Niños mocosos

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I TOOK CARE OF 2-YEAR-OLD Beckett Tuesday morning so Pedro could go to work and Kathleen could take her driving test. I was out of bed at 6:30 (dear god) and was worried Beckett was going to be upset when Pedro left and he was alone with me. Instead, he hugged me, took my hand, and we walked into the house.

He was perfection. He sat on my lap while he had a snack, and we browsed a toy catalog together. He told me when his nose needed wiping. He showed me a bunch of his toys and, when I suggested we go out for a walk, he put all his toys away! We together swept the patio. His idea. (He takes after his father.) He never once asked where Kathleen was, but when she returned, he ran down the path and gave her a huge hug. And he gave me a huge hug good-bye, too. The best part of all: Pedro changed Beckett’s diaper before I got there.

Speaking of snot-nosed kids, our nephew Matt and his wife, Lindy, are back in Spain for a visit. They used to come every year, but it’s been a long time since the last visit. After 25 hours of travel from South Dakota, they hopped in their rental car and came to have lunch with us Monday. They then headed to Málaga before heading off for a couple of other cities. And they’ll be back here for a week, having rented an apartment just minutes away from us. We adore them both and are so excited to have them here for a bit. Of our two South Dakota nephews and their two wives, Matt and Lindy are our favorite younger ones.

San Geraldo had his Covid booster shot this morning. I was given an appointment for the same time, which surprised me because I’m not in the age group and it hasn’t been 6 months since my second shot. When we arrived, I was told I wasn’t eligible yet. I wish the left hand knew what the right hand was doing. The process was a bit of a mess. There were walk-ins and people with appointments. People with appointments stood in line no matter the time of their appointment, while walk-ins were told to wait further back. ‘Until when?’ we wondered. We had read that walk-ins were only during specific days earlier this month and no longer permitted. One woman refused to wait and walked past everyone else, despite asking and being told several times that she was to wait in the “appointment line.” People were not happy with her.

They were also giving flu vaccines. So, there was confusion as to what people were there for, one or both. We both have already had the flu vaccine. I called it a cluster fuck. But SG was jabbed and that’s all that matters.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Twice Monday. Twice Tuesday. Once so far today.

Walking: Not much. I plan to take a walk this afternoon.
Gym: Neither yesterday nor today. Worked out at home yesterday afternoon. Better than nothing. Tomorrow and Friday, back to the gym.
Notes: No sweets, no alcohol.


CUIDÉ DE BECKETT, DE 2 años, el martes por la mañana para que Pedro pudiera ir a trabajar y Kathleen pudiera hacer su examen de conducir. Me levanté a las 6:30 (Dios mío) y me preocupaba que Beckett se molestara cuando Pedro se fuera y se quedara solo conmigo. En cambio, me abrazó, tomó mi mano y entramos a la casa.

Él era la perfección. Se sentó en mi regazo mientras tomaba un bocadillo y hojeamos juntos un catálogo de juguetes. Me dijo cuándo necesitaba que le limpiaran la nariz. Me mostró un montón de sus juguetes y, cuando le sugerí que saliéramos a caminar, ¡guardó todos sus juguetes! Juntos barrimos el patio. Su idea. (Se parece a su padre). Ni una sola vez preguntó dónde estaba Kathleen, pero cuando ella regresó, corrió por el camino y le dio un gran abrazo. Y también me dio un gran abrazo de despedida. Lo mejor de todo: Pedro cambió el pañal mojado de Beckett antes de que yo llegara.

Hablando de niños mocosos, nuestro sobrino Matt y su esposa, Lindy, están de regreso en España para una visita. Solían venir todos los años, pero ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la última visita. Después de 25 horas de viaje desde Dakota del Sur, subieron a su auto de alquiler y vinieron a almorzar con nosotros el lunes. Luego se dirigieron a Málaga antes de partir hacia un par de otras ciudades. Y volverán aquí por una semana, habiendo alquilado un apartamento a solo unos minutos de nosotros. Los adoramos a ambos y estamos muy emocionados de tenerlos aquí por un tiempo. De nuestros dos sobrinos de Dakota del Sur y sus dos esposas, Matt y Lindy son nuestros favoritos más jóvenes.

San Geraldo recibió tercera vacuna contra el Covid esta mañana. Me dieron una cita al mismo tiempo, lo que me sorprendió porque no estoy en el grupo de edad y no han pasado 6 meses desde mi segunda inyección. Cuando llegamos, me dijeron que aún no era elegible. Ojalá la mano izquierda supiera lo que está haciendo la mano derecha. El proceso fue un poco complicado. Había personas sin cita previa y personas con citas. Las personas con citas hacían cola sin importar la hora de su cita, mientras que a las personas sin cita previa se les decía que esperaran más atrás. “¿Hasta cuándo?” nos preguntamos. Habíamos leído que las visitas sin cita previa eran solo durante días específicos a principios de este mes. Una mujer se negó a esperar y pasó junto a todos los demás, a pesar de que preguntó y le dijeron varias veces que tenía que esperar en la “línea de citas.” La gente no estaba contenta con ella.

También estaban administrando vacunas contra la gripe. Entonces, hubo confusión en cuanto a para qué estaba la gente, uno o ambos. Ambos ya nos hemos vacunado contra la gripe. Lo llamé “cluster fuck” [un follón]. Pero SG fue golpeado y eso es todo lo que importa.

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Dos veces el lunes. Dos veces el martes. Una vez hasta ahora hoy.
Caminar: No mucho. Planeo dar un paseo esta tarde.
Gimnasio: Ni ayer ni hoy. Hizo ejercicio en casa ayer por la tarde. Mejor que nada. Mañana y el viernes, de vuelta al gimnasio.
Notas: Sin dulces, sin alcohol.

• I spotted both boys on the terrace the other day.
• Vi a los dos chicos en la terraza el otro día.
• Dudo watches TV from the terrace. He finds “The Americans” fascinating.
• Dudo ve la televisión desde la terraza. Encuentra “The Americans” fascinante.
• New toys for the boys. They don’t like bells, so I had to remove it. Dudo prefers playing with the finger-ring end and runs away when I swing the red scrunchy pads around. San Geraldo caught them playing during the night on opposite sides of a bathroom door. Dudo pulled on the finger ring and Moose pulled on the rectangulate red pillow. Back and forth. Forth and back.
Nuevos juguetos para los chicos. No les gustan las campanas, así que tuve que quitármelas. Dudo prefiere jugar con el extremo del anillo y se escapa cuando muevo las almohadillas rojas. San Geraldo los sorprendió jugando durante la noche en lados opuestos de la puerta de un baño. Dudo tiró del anillo del dedo y Moose tiró de la almohada roja rectangular. De ida y vuelta. De vuelta y ida.
• Strolling with parasols. It’s important to protect oneself from the sun’s harmful rays.
• Pasear con sombrillas. Es importante protegerse de los rayos dañinos del sol.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

38 thoughts on “Snot-nosed kids / Niños mocosos”

  1. I love the image you draw (in words) of babysitting Beckett. How far things have come from the days of shy, hesitant baby Beckett. You must have felt pretty darn special because he clearly loves you. What a sweetheart. Pedro and Kathleen are terrific parents.

    When it comes to your photos, I’m a bit scared to say I recognize plaid-a-puss #2…or should I say..I recognize his outfit.

    1. Mary:
      Beckett is really something. So much fun. And SO good when he’s on his own. So different in personality from Luke, and equally sweet and fun. Two exceptional kids. I feel privileged to have the relationship we do. So, who’s plaid-a-puss? You or someone you love?

    2. Plaid-a-puss 2 was the guy in your second photo of the plaid-errors at the bottom of your post. The guy carrying the pink bag. I’m pretty sure you’ve caught that combination of plaids in your past photos. 🙂

    1. David:
      I love kids. As SG describes, I’m like his grandmother, immediately down on the floor playing. He’s like his grandfather, sitting in a chair not understanding why they have to be so active.

    1. silygirl:
      i haven’t seen one-leg-up-one-leg-down for a while. And now that the weather is cooler, it might be a while. I miss it. Might have to do it myself.

  2. Im assuming the pictures of the work out cats was after Becketts visit????? Lol!!! I think it’s cute you baby sat!!!

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      I love to babysit (or as I call it “have a play date with my friends”). I went to Beckett’s house. He would need constant supervision in our place. Too many breakables and too many things to run into. AND, the cats would be out of their minds terrified.

    1. Debra:
      Yes, sweet! I can’t remember the last time I changed a diaper. I was told I would only have to change a wet one, but you never know. I was grateful to be off the hook.

  3. Nanny Mitchell! I see anew career looming ….

    Our cats aren’t into any toys any longer, unless it’s us or one another.

    And the fashions? Camouflage? NEVER!!!!!!

    1. Bob:
      I had a friend in Boston in the early ´80s who thought I should open a daycare center. I don’t know if it was because she had a brand-new baby, saw how much I loved kids and how good I was with them, or simply thought I immatiure and would enjoy the company.

      Our cats have SO many toys and just when I think it’s time to throw one out, I find that one of them has dragged it around the house again.

      I have a hard time with the idea of camouflage. I expect to see a rifle.

  4. The parasols would do a good job of blocking those unsightly fashion statements. Maybe you can find a micro version for your camera! What fun to have family visit! My niece is planning to visit us in January and I am so excited. I haven’t seen her face to face since 2016, or was it 2014?

    1. Wilma:
      We hadn’t seen our nephew and niece-in-law since 2016 either. Can’t believe it had been so long. They make me so happy.

  5. What a wonderful time with Beckett! I’m so glad that SG has had his booster, and will be glad when you get yours.

    1. Judy C:
      Beckett has turned out to be my pal. But I was shocked at how easy our time together was. What a sweetheart. I have until January before I’m eligible for my booster shot. I look forward to it.

  6. Dudo is right — “The Americans” IS fascinating! We loved that show.

    That’s a great picture of the cats through the window. I love their tails hanging down. Glad the child-minding went well. Beckett sounds like an unusually responsible kid! (He’ll probably return his library books on time.)

    SG’s booster experience sounds a bit like mine. I had an appointment but had to wait in line with everyone else, regardless of our appointment times.

    1. Steve:
      We’ve been doing a The Americans marathong, and we’re so disappointed when an episode ends. At night we watch two and are tempted to continue.

  7. Beckett sounds like a dream child to babysit — changing a loaded diaper is on my list of things I really don’t like doing, LOL!

    1. Tundra Bunny:
      Ew. I really don’t like loaded diapers, although I can at least change one without gagging. However, I don’t think I even know how modern disposable diapers work.

    1. Jim:
      Beckett was a so good. Made it really fun. The “kids” are traveling now and having a blast. But I can’t wait for them to settle in here for a week.

    1. Frances:
      I think he’s adorable but had no idea he would be so easy to take care of for a couple of hours. They’ve got two amazing kids.

  8. PS. Just realised that my 4th grandchild….now aged 5 weeks, has got Mitchell as one of his ” middle” names. (It is his Mum’s surname.)

    1. Frances:
      I used to hate my name. I’ve grown to like it. Oddly, when I met someone else with the name, I liked the sound of it.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I never tire of seeing them there. I’ve thought of waving when they’re up and around. But only thought of.

  9. I recently went to the doctor and had a flu shot, a shingles shot, a tetanus shot, and some blood drawn while there. The next day I went to the eye doctor, and they tested for glaucoma by blowing into my eyes! So I spent my vacation with two sore arms and one hell of a headache. Nobody said anything about the necessity of a Covid booster shot, but I guess I’ll get it once I become eligible or whatever, and then have a sore arm from that. Sometimes the line between health and sickness can seem very thin indeed.

    1. Kirk,
      And sometimes getting healthy makes you sick… but not as sick as you’d have been if you hadn’t gotten healthy. I think I’m supposed to have the shingles shot… and something else I can’t remember.

  10. I adore a sweet child. You are an outstanding babysitter. Beckett knows you and knows you are kind. He reacted to that, in addition to having good parents.


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