Return to the Carpathians / Volver a los Cárpatos

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

AFTER LUNCH TODAY, WE FINISHED off the last two slices of San Geraldo’s first Carpathian Mountain Cream Cake (yesterday’s post). I thought it was exceptional to begin with but felt it got better with with every tasting. It seemed to thrive under refrigeration. San Geraldo finally agreed with me. He approved. So, I’ve decided to share the recipe with you. It’s worth it.

Besides, it’s funny (typical) that San Geraldo would watch a video, that had the ingredients printed beneath it but no instructions, and would write the instructions long-hand as he watched over and over again, I’m sure, to get the details correct.

SG even provides measurements in both metric and US form (avoirdupois — I love that word). I did some research. Did you know 2 smidgens equal a pinch, 2 pinches are a dash, 2 dashes are a saltspoon (which is also called a scruple), and 2 scruples are a coffeespoon? Note: This will be on tomorrow’s quiz. I find it fascinating and might even be willing to learn to cook, except I don’t think I have any scruples.

Earlier in the week, SG made another three loaves of banana bread. It’s always been good, but it’s even better in Spain. The secret is in the Canary Island bananas. And lots of them. Overripe. While San Geraldo was in the middle of baking the tarta karpatka, I went for a walk in a different direction. So, here are some more views of Fuengirola.


DESPUÉS DEL ALMUERZO HOY, TERMINAMOS las dos últimas rebanadas de la primera tarta karpatka de San Geraldo (la entrada de ayer). Al principio pensé que era excepcional, pero sentí que mejoraba con cada degustación. Parecía prosperar bajo refrigeración. San Geraldo finalmente estuvo de acuerdo conmigo. Él lo aprobó. Entonces, he decidido compartir la receta contigo. Vale la pena.

Además, es gracioso (típico) que San Geraldo mirara un video, que tenía los ingredientes impresos debajo, pero sin instrucciones, y escribiría las instrucciones a mano mientras miraba una y otra vez, estoy seguro, para obtener los detalles correctos.

Incluso proporciona mediciones en forma métrica y estadounidense (avoirdupois, me encanta esa palabra). Investigué un poco. ¿Sabía que 2 “smidgens” [unos poquitos] equivalen a una “pinch” [pizca], 2 “pinches” [pizcas] son un “dash” [guión], 2 “guiones” son un “saltspoon” [cucharada de sal] que también se llama a “scruple” [escrúpulo]) y 2 scruples [escrépolos] son un coffeespoon [cucharada de café]? Nota: Esto estará en el cuestionario de mañana. Me parece fascinante e incluso podría estar dispuesto a aprender a cocinar, excepto que no creo que tenga ningún escrúpulo.

A principios de semana, SG hizo otras tres hogazas de pan de plátano. Siempre ha sido bueno, pero es aún mejor en España. El secreto está en los plátanos canarios. Y muchos de ellos. Demasiado maduros.

Mientras San Geraldo estaba horneando la tarta karpatka, salí a caminar en una dirección diferente. Entonces, aquí hay algunas vistas más de Fuengirola.

Banana bread and one of our two new, large, tea cups (half price at our gourmet tea shop). The handle has to be big enough for San Geraldo’s fingers.
Pan de plátano y una de nuestras dos tazas de té nuevas y grandes (a mitad de precio en nuestra tienda de té gourmet). El mango debe ser lo suficientemente grande para los dedos de San Geraldo.
Scratch the image for the fragrance. Then lick your fingers for the flavor.
Rasca la imagen de la fragancia. Luego lame sus dedos para el sabor.
Two of several hotel/apartments in Fuengirola. These are about 10 minutes uphill from the beach.
Dos de varios hoteles / apartamentos en Fuengirola. Estos son unos 10 minutos cuesta arriba de la playa.
15 minutes uphill from the beach. A charming corner, if you see it from the right direction.
A 15 minutos cuesta arriba de la playa. Un rincón encantador, si lo ves desde la dirección correcta.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

24 thoughts on “Return to the Carpathians / Volver a los Cárpatos”

  1. never mind the scratch-n-sniff, I WANNA PIECE OF BANANA BREAD!

    sorry, I cannot read jerry’s handwriting.

    and are you SURE those new tea mugs will not shatter and scare the cats?

    1. Kirk:
      Zoom. It’s a large scanned meant to be viewed full size (which is bigger than SG’s handwriting, which is microscopic)!

    1. Tynan:
      Just read it with a Derbyshire accent. You’ll get it. And zoom… It’s meant to be read full size.

  2. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I’m not sure I’ll ever get that ambitious but I can dream! SG has very neat handwriting, actually. Those are beautiful hibiscus.

    1. Steve:
      The problem with SG’s writing is that it’s microscopic. Being able to zoom this recipe makes all the difference. You should try reading his editorial notation. Magnifying glass!

    1. David:
      The town changes a lot as you wander. Some areas more picturesque than others.

  3. I am just not a fan of banana bread. It is ok toasted with butter. Thanks for sharing SG’s recipe. I can read it just fine and will compare it with the recipe I downloaded.
    That hibiscus!

    1. Wilma:
      We used to love to toast it with butter. Also cream cheese is great. But now, because we’re so healthy (cough cough), we eat it plain.

  4. I love the up the hill scenery …and the view of the sea!
    Carlos sent the morning making ME an orange banana cake, though I did remind him that the last cake he made for ME, I got one slice and he ate the rest.

    1. Bob:
      SG is very generous with what he bakes. But, hey, I’d be happy with one slice of orange banana cake… well, on second thought.

  5. That does sound rather good…i must try it. After i got the Hubble Telescope to zoom in and read it!!!!!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      You CAN view the recipe full size, which is quite large… a lot larger than SG’s original handwriting. He writes so small, he has to use the finest point pen he can find.

  6. I love the color of that hibiscus! Funny, I can read SG’s handwriting without much trouble. I will not be making this however. Really, who owns a whisk? I will just resume my fantasies of SG wearing a deep red sparkly gown with black gloves, fans and a black luscious wig, going by the drag name of Tarta Karpatka.

    1. Deedles:
      I thought if you viewed the recipe full size, it wouldn’t be a problem. I wonder if not everyone did that. You had SG laughing for a long time last night. “Really, who owns a whisk?” You reminded him of The Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey when she asked, “What is a week end?!? We LOVE his new drag name. He may have to do drag just to use it. YOU are so clever!

      1. @deedles – we own 3 whisks, all different sizes. 🙂

      2. anne marie:
        Yeah, but Deedles was talking about cooking.

  7. Thanks for sharing the recipe…….I’ll put it on the back burner….so to speak.
    I haven’t made banana bread in a long while. Won’t be getting Canary Island bananas around here anytime soon but will substitute them with organic ones. Never thought to toast banana bread as one of your follower’s comments suggested. Will try it.
    Those Hibiscus are beautiful. Waiting for ours to bud and produce blossoms this summer.

    1. Jim:
      We used to toast and butter the banana bread. Now we just eat it plain. I’m constantly surprised by the variety of hibiscuses around town.

    1. Urspo:
      The first time I had a Canary Island banana in Sevilla, I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. Sweeter, none of that dry effect on the tongue, creamier. I assumed it was imagination. I was so enamored with Spain that I figured I was imagining EVERYTHING was better. Then i read an article that said, “If you think Canary Island bananas are better, you’re not mistaken.” Seriously, delicious. And I love bananas to begin with. These are smaller than typical bananas and grow in big bunches. I think the tree is a Dwarf Cavendish.

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