Things that make you go hmmm… / Cosas que te hacen hmmm…

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

THESE ARE JUST A FEW random sights (sightings) that made me smile this week. I hope they do the same for you.


ESTAS SON SOLO ALGUNAS VISTAS (avistamientos) que me hicieron sonreír esta semana. Espero que hagan lo mismo por ti.

As Mrs. Lovett said in Sweeny Todd: “Me in a nice navy. You in stripes, perhaps.”
Como dijo la Sra. Lovett en Sweeny Todd: “Yo en un lindo azul marino. Usted en rayas, tal vez. “
Does anyone really care that one leg of his shorts is shorter than the other?
¿A alguien le importa que una pierna de sus pantalones cortos sea más corta que la otra?
Really. Do you care?
Seriamente. ¿Te importa?
I loved how the arc of the flag aligned with the beach umbrella.
Me encantó cómo el arco de la bandera se alineaba con la sombrilla.
This entire scene just struck me as funny. Maybe it’s the merman.
Toda esta escena me pareció graciosa. Tal vez es el tritón.
In the middle of town.
En el medio de la ciudad.
And to get a rise out of Mistress Maddie (click here) — although these aren’t even real Crocs.
Y para obtener un aumento de Mistress Maddie (haz clic aquí), aunque estos ni siquiera son Crocs reales.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Things that make you go hmmm… / Cosas que te hacen hmmm…”

  1. Inspiring images, THANK YOU! And no I don’t care that one is higher than the other.

    1. David:
      I’m so glad that doesn’t bother you. I so worry the poor guy is embarrassing himself.

    1. Judy:
      The colors are uplifting (I say as I sit inside in the air-conditioning). I was out to run some errands earlier and the heat and humidity really got to me. Not easy to breathe the hot humid air through the mask.

    1. Debra:
      Real Crocs are at least not so sweat-producing. These cheap rubber imitations must be awful. We DO have a real Crocs outlet store at Plaza Mayor! I’m still hoping to find the Balenciaga platform Crocs (with adornments) for less than €800! I would love to send a pair to Maddie.

    1. anne marie:
      I just don’t know what everyone is on about. What else was there to look at?

    1. Anonymous Jim:
      So much fun. But what I wouldn’t give for a good rainstorm. (Well, I wouldn’t actually GIVE anything… but you know what I mean.)

    1. mcpersonalspace54:
      True confessions. I was really relieved that he had one leg folded up shorter than the other. It gave me an excuse to snap a picture and share it. Yeah, it was only because of the shorts.

  2. It was hard taking my eyes off those two guys in the second picture from the top, but it wasn’t the unevenness of the shorts I was paying attention to 😍

    1. Kirk:
      You mean there was something else to look at? I must have missed something. Are they wearing Crocs? Plaids?

  3. You seem to have a thing about shorts with different leg lengths–because its funny looking, annoying, tacky, just interesting that there seem to be so many–all of these??

    1. bethbfromindiana:
      Well, I don’t actually have a thing with the shorts myself, but I have a thing about all these people who have a thing with doing it. And I love to share that thing with you! I have no idea why it’s such a common sight here, and I haven’t found anyone yet I’ve wanted to approach to ask. I’m afraid I’ll either make someone self-conscious, offend them, or piss them off.

  4. I’m totally envious of your proximity to the beach….greetings from the Land of Entrapment.

    1. Frank:
      My heart is with you (and so many others) but especially those of you stuck in the USA right now with the Idiot in Chief. Anyway, sometimes, walking across the street seems like such a long distance to go.

  5. Miles of smiles! My first thought with photo #1: When that guy sits in his chair, he’ll completely disappear!

  6. That’s a lotta stripes! (In photo one.) As for photo two, no, I do not care. He can wear them however he wants. (Or not.)

    1. Steve:
      That was truly a lot of stripes. I loved it. I couldn’t DO it but I loved it. Yeah, I’m grateful “the guy with the shorts” wore them that way. Otherwise, what excuse would I have had to share a photo?

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