Book ’em, Danno / ¡Arrestenlo, Danno!

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PICK A FINGER! I WAS back at my gym again today. Although masks are required (and it’s the law), some members insist on wearing their masks below their noses or below their chins. For what purpose? I understand under the nose. Those are the mouth breathers. I talked to staff on my way out Wednesday. They said, “We try.” One of the staffers had his mask below his nose.

San Geraldo wonders why supermarkets do not hesitate to enforce mask rules while gyms find it difficult. I’m thinking of having a T-shirt printed that reads, simply: “Masks up!” and includes a photo of my hand with one finger pointing up. I just can’t decide which finger.

The sea is rough and the wind has been blowing without stop for more then 36 hours. We are so relieved we had the glass curtain repairs done. It wouldn’t have survived this.

The title of this post is from the old TV show, Hawaii Five-O. The original (’60s and ’70s) was a favorite of The Kid Brother’s, if only for that one line. We talked about the jerks who don’t follow the rules. I reminded him that people don’t have to wear masks where he lives. He said, “I don’t care. I still am!” I said that was fine and I will, too, when I visit. But I explained that here, it’s the law. He said, “Somebody should call the cops!” and then he added, “Book ’em, Danno.”

In case you’re wondering, I’m Danno. (I’m also Ed Norton to his Ralph Cramden, Bud Abbott to his Lou Costello, Jimmy Olsen to his Perry White, and any of the Three Stooges other than Moe.)


¡ELIGE UN DEDO! YO ESTABA de vuelta en mi gimnasio hoy,en mi gimnasio de nuevo, aunque se agregan máscarillas, algunos miembros insisten en usar sus máscarillas debajo de sus narices o por debajo de sus barbillas. ¿Con qué propósito? Entiendo debajo de la nariz; esos son los respiradores bucales. Hablé con el personal en mi salida miércoles. Me dijeron: “Lo intentamos”. Uno de los empleados tenía su máscarilla debajo de su nariz.

San Geraldo se pregunta por qué los supermercados no dudan en hacer cumplir las reglas de máscara, mientras que los gimnasios les resulta difícil. Estoy pensando en tener una camiseta impresa que lee, simplemente: “¡Máscarilla arriba!” e incluye una foto de mi mano con un dedo apuntando hacia arriba. Simplemente no puedo decidir cual dedo.

El mar es áspero y el viento ha estado soplando sin parar durante más de 36 horas. Estamos tan aliviados que teníamos las reparaciones de cortinas de vidrio realizadas. No habría sobrevivido a esto.

El título de este post es del programa de televisión antiguo, Hawaii Cinco-O. Los originales (de los añnos 60 y 70) fueron los favoritos de El Hermanito, aunque solo para esa línea.

Hablamos sobre los idiotas que no siguen las reglas sobre mascarillas. Le recordé que la gente no tiene que usar máscarillas donde vive. Él dijo: “No me importa. ¡Aun lo estoy!” Dije que estaba bien y también lo haré, cuando visito. Pero le expliqué que aquí, es la ley. Dijo: “¡Alguien debería llamar a la policía!” Y luego agregó: “Arrestenlo, Danno”.

En caso de que te estés preguntando, soy Danno. (También soy Ed Norton a su Ralph Cramden, Bud Abbott a su Lou Costello, Jimmy Olsen a su Perry White, y cualquiera de los tres chiflados que no sean Moe.)

• All of the above are from Thursday; the below were taken today.
• Todos los anteriores son del jueves; a continuación se tomaron hoy.
• This one was caught with the iPhone.
• Esta foto fue capturada con el iPhone.
• Kathleen and Pedro, and the boys, left a box of chocolates at our door to congratulate San Geraldo (and his F$%#”@G assistant) on completion of the book, which is at the printer.
• Kathleen y Pedro, y los niños, dejaron una caja de chocolates en nuestra puerta para felicitar a San Geraldo (y su puta asistente) al finalizar el libro, que está en la impresora.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

35 thoughts on “Book ’em, Danno / ¡Arrestenlo, Danno!”

  1. Chuck is right, book-em, It is so pretty there. And the chocolate. Between the weather and work, I haven’t been out of the house in days.

    1. David:
      I try to get out whatever the weather, but I don’t have to deal with snow, slush, and ice. That would keep me indoors.

  2. Drop your temps a few degrees ~ et viola you could be in N.S. ~ alas another storm is on the horizon ~ batten down the hatches ~ chocolates please!!!

    1. Ron:
      Yep, just a FEW degrees. Hope the storm isn’t too cruel. The winds have finally subsided here.

  3. Gorgeous pictures all around for the day!!!!

    I think that is the reason why everywhere is getting laxed. Places have sign up to wearing masks, but yet it’s not being enforced. It is out of control here. Although one local owned supermarket will go right up to a person and tell them no mask, leave! A friend tells me there is one gym like that here too. A gym? I see people going to the gym in the morning here, and I see people out the window walking, running, and makes me think, I should really get up out of the chair and go get another G&T.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      You actually had me going and the “get another G&T” surprised me. I should have known better.

  4. Who IS that above?!! lol
    I would have an absolute an absolute ball with KB.
    Looks so fresh and inviting on your beach……even if you may blow away.
    Major fines here if a mask is not being worn where is should be.

    1. Jim:
      KB would take to you in a heartbeat! Major fines here, too, but the police don’t much like having to deal with it (I don’t blame them). I just don’t understand why it’s so difficult for the gym staff to walk around every so often and remind people, nicely, to wear their masks properly.

  5. I just got back from the grocers and some woman in one aisle was coughing and hacking and snorting, maskless, and I stood way back.
    She gave me a dirty look, and said, “I don’t have it.”
    I said, with my own dirty look, “You have SOMETHING and I don’t want that EITHER.”

    One more reason why I don’t like most people.

    1. Bob:
      Oh, these people who say “I don’t have it” as if you’re the idiot. Perfect response.

  6. You are the ultimate sidekick! I love how your brother and you interact using those old TV/movie routines. When I was a kid, I loved the original “Hawaii Five-O” too. I simply can’t watch the current remake. Jack Lord is, and always will be, the one true Steve McGarrett!

    1. Debra:
      I’m with you about the old vs new Hawaii Five-O. The old had a level of class. We tried watching the new but the storylines got bizarre  — no matter how good the new McGarrett looked with his shirt off. And the new Danno too often sounded like Lou Costello.

  7. I don’t know how political it has gotten around you… I’ve wondered if the anti-mask contingent exists in other countries as strong as it is here. In St Louis, MO, it’s a constant conflict. In rural Missouri, masks are simply not worn, not required, not expected, and things just spread. I just read a comment from a teacher in rural Missouri who is exhausted… 27% of her students are out because of Covid, and she’s about the only one wearing a mask. She never has any idea which students to expect in class on any given day… pretty hard to keep education up when 1/4 of the class has missed many days, and they are all different days.

    *hops off of soapbox to enjoy the beautiful photos on this wonderful blog*

    1. Judy C:
      Anti-maskers and anti-vaxers are a tiny, teeny, miniscule minority here. And, as I mentioned, mask wearing is not a problem in supermarkets or most shops. It’s one of the things that stresses me about my upcoming trip to NYC, although my cousin has said NYC is one of the better places to be during this mess.

  8. I, too, am a fan of the original Hawaii 5 O. Jack Lord and James MacArthur (the original Danno). Interesting fact…Helen Hayes was James MacArthur’s mother. Depending on how old you are readers, you either know who she was or are currently googling her name. Talented family.

    Going to be windy here (again) Sunday 30-50mph winds with, hopefully, just rain, not snow. But we have so many severely damaged trees from the snow storm last week that it won’t take much to topple a lot of the ones that are barely hanging on. More power outages, no doubt. Sigh.

    1. Mary:
      Oh, to have to google the name Helen Hayes (AND James McArthur and Jake Lord). Skies and sea are finally calm. Read for my walk. Stay safe!

  9. I think I’d rather deal with blowing snow than blowing sand… you do take a very nice selfie though! And I bet those chocolates didn’t get a chance to blow away in the wind, LOL!

    1. Tundra:
      I think the chocolates HAVE been blowing away in the wind. I haven’t eaten a single one [more like 12] and they continue to disappear.

      1. Too bad there aren’t any classes to teach “Retorts and Zingers”, eh? Saying exactly the right thing at the exact right moment you mean to say it is immensely satisfying, but it does occasionally lead to remorse. Better to be kind, say nothing, and scream into a pillow when you get home!

  10. Lo qué pasa es que en un gimnasio al someterse a un ejercicio físico extenuante , la mascarilla por encima de la nariz podría afectar el rendimiento , de hecho existen entrenamientos con máscaras de Hipoxia que se han hecho populares en estos años . Pero si la persona no está acostumbrada se va a asfixiar

    1. richercollections:
      Eres muy generoso con tu perdón a los deportistas. La mayoría de los que usan sus máscarillas incorrectamente en realidad no están haciendo ejercicio tan vigorosamente. Y tampoco reajustan sus máscarillas cuando simplemente están caminando por el gimnasio.

      1. Bueno en realidad no puedo hablar por ellos solo le busco una explicación jajajaja , hay rutinas que aparentemente al ser de pesas no involucran cardio , entre intervalos los ves caminando porque están recuperándose para el siguiente set de repeticiones .

  11. A big fine here if you aren’t wearing your mask in public, even if you are outside. Also a big fine if you are out after curfew. And both things are enforced diligently. My niece was here for a visit for 8 days. We traveled a bit and everyone was masked. We were able to stay distanced and we did some testing with the rapid, home tests that she brought with her. We managed to have a fantastic time and stay covid-free. We will all test again on Sunday just in case we caught something while seeing her off at the airport. Good thing we weren’t experiencing the high winds you have had – that would have made it tough to stay outside!

    I vote for the middle finger.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      SG doesn’t do well during these wind storms. I mostly just enjoy the view (although I do at times worry about what might break away).

    1. Kirk:
      I remember some of the actors and characters, like Zulu as Chin Ho. But no stories, and that’s the only line that sticks in my head. And KB won’t let it be forgotten.

      1. No! Kam Fong was Chin Ho. Zulu was Kono. (I know this only because I’ve subjected Dave to endless Hawaii Five-O marathons in recent years.) 🙂

      2. Steve:
        How could I screw that up?!? Of course Zulu was Kono and Kam Fong was Chin Ho. I’m so ashamed.

  12. Well, at least you have laws mandating masks. Here people are urged to wear them in certain circumstances but there’s no real enforcement. Even during the lockdown a lot of stores said they weren’t going to enforce masks. I think they were afraid of putting their staff in a position to be abused, especially because masks got so ridiculously political.

    1. Steve:
      We have had very little pushback regarding masks here. People may be lax at times, but it hasn’t become political. There are pockets here and there in Spain, but nothing like what’s been experienced in the UK and the States. Thankfully, stores are firm in their enforcement.

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