Lockdown Day 45: In Living Color/ Encierro Día 45: En Color Vivo

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I’LL BE BRIEF TODAY. AFTER the excitement Sunday due to the easing of the lockdown for parents and kids, the streets and the beach were still very quiet Monday. The colors (and textures) of this morning’s sunrise were majestic. And the colors of the plants and flowers on the terrace and on the street brighten the mostly cloudy days. I’ll be speaking, I hope, with The Kid Brother tonight. Wish me luck.

By the way, I’ve lost the war. The cats now have their “early afternoon treats” no later than 10:15 each morning. While I was able to ignore Dudo’s three hours of pathetic stares, Moose’s insistent wailing wore me down. When I finally caved a few days ago, openly cursing them both, Dudo looked at me with those innocent eyes, as if to say, ‘Don’t blame me. He did all the whining.’

Click the images to see the colors in all their glory. If you don’t, you’ll be hearing from Moose. And, trust me, he can be really annoying.


VOY A SER BREVE HOY. Después de la emoción del domingo debido a la reducción del encierro para padres e hijos, las calles y la playa todavía estaban muy tranquilas el lunes. Los colores (y texturas) del amanecer de esta mañana fueron majestuosos. Y los colores de las plantas y flores en la terraza y en la calle iluminan los días mayormente nublados. Espero hablar con El Hermanito esta noche. Deséame suerte.

Por cierto, he perdido la guerra. Los gatos ahora tienen sus “aperetivos de la tarde” a más tardar a las 10:15 cada mañana. Si bien pude ignorar las tres horas de miradas patéticas de Dudo, el lamento insistente de Moose me deprimió. Cuando finalmente cedí hace unos días, maldiciéndolos abiertamente a ambos, Dudo me miró con esos ojos inocentes, como si dijera: ‘No me culpen. Hizo todos las quejas’.

Haz clic en las imágenes para ver los colores en todo su esplendor. Si no lo haces, Moose tendrá palabras contigo. Y, confía en mí, puede ser realmente molesto.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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27 thoughts on “Lockdown Day 45: In Living Color/ Encierro Día 45: En Color Vivo”

    1. Jim:
      For some reason, Moose got distracted this morning and only nagged momentarily. Dudo arrived at 10:45. I held out.

  1. pretty pix!

    miss nyla (the queen cat) starts begging daddy for dinner at 2:30p now. she must wait til 4p. miss gigi and miss oreo get their dinner at 5p.

    today’s adventure – a trip to the grocery store for me while spouse works from home.

    1. anne marie:
      Ooh, a trip to the grocery store! Can you stand the excitement?!? I have paper recycling to take down from our filing project. I can’t wait. But have to shower and shave before I meet my public (which are the dumpsters).

    1. David:
      I had thought that once we start going out for coffee again, they’ll just have to learn to wait. But then I remembered we don’t go out until after 11 and they were expecting to be served at 10, so I’ve decided to try and hold out and drag them kicking and screaming back to a reasonable time.

  2. Our cats get treats every night after Carlos finishes practicing his trumpet. Consuelo has learned how to tell when he’s just about finished and then she sits outside the door waiting for him.
    I’d say they’re trained, but I think it’s us who underwent training.

    1. Bob:
      Yeah, sometimes they let us think we’ve trained them. We all know the truth.

  3. Beautiful sunrise! That plant in the fourth photo from the bottom looks like it’s growing out of a loaf of bread. 😀

    1. Steve:
      Isn’t that fascinating? It’s called jatropha berlandieri. The green completely dies off in winter leaving behind the “specimen,” which is called the globose caudex. It grows slowly and becomes more impressively sculptural with age.

    1. Cheapchick:
      And that’s why I’m out of bed so early many mornings. I glance out the window and can’t stay in bed.

  4. Beautiful pictures!!!! I hope your quick post didn’t have anything to do with needing therapy after taking the bee picture? Im so proud of you!!!!!!! Tis a rather good picture. It’s finally a warm sunny day here…These beautiful days certainly help.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      Since I’m not supposed to linger outside, I zoomed in and very quickly snapped the picture. I didn’t even realize there was a bee there until I downloaded! And THAT’s how I used to always get stung. (Hmmm… more stories to tell.)

  5. So much beautiful color! Moose ad Dudo are beautiful in black and white. You can certainly see how they differ in size from that perspective. Our dogs have us on a schedule and woe to us if the schedule is altered. They keep time better than many watches I have owned.

    Only blah sunrises and sunsets here, but the sea has been a gorgeous deep turquoise with white horses.

    1. Wilma:
      People often say they can’t tell the cats apart. But, not only are their markings very obviously different, their size gives them away in a flash. And at angles like that, you can’t miss it. Oh, I would love to see YOUR sea. So different everywhere you go. Today is clear and sunny. So, sunrise was nothing dramatic. I actually stayed in bed until 8.

  6. You have such beautiful photos always. Yes cats and dogs know how to wear us down, they have their ways. Our two are just the same, they constantly add items to the program. Food preparation they are in the way and the only way to get rid of them is to give them a nibble. Breakfast a little taste of peanut butter, after their dinner, a little piece of cheese, cocktail hour a small sliver of ice. Before bed time at 10pm they fixed the time for this, must come with a good night treat. Where do they learn all this, beats me.

    1. larrymuffin:
      From your stories, I’d say wire-haired dachshunds have lots of feline attitude. We’re very fortunate our cats didn’t develop an interest in people food. We wouldn’t let them as kittens and now they sniff it and walk away. If not, any meal would be a nightmare.

  7. Gorgeous color! I know all about the animules’ efforts to push ahead snack time. Cats and dogs. They conspire. Bert has morphed into a hobbit in that he eats half his breakfast first thing in the morning, then comes back for Second Breakfast around 9h00. Then at 10h00, it’s Elevensies (Catisfactions) which makes Tasha bark for a biscuit, which she gets. Tasha’s lunch is at 10h45. It started out at noon when she was a pup. Even now she’s nosing around for lunch at 10h30, but I’m doing my best to hold the line. Bert will make noise for kibble a few times during the afternoon and evening. We started to put it away to keep the neighbor cats from eating it, so we have to get it out for Bert, then put it away when he finishes. Who says confinement/lockdown is boring?

  8. As always, the pictures are gorgeous. I understand about the cats training us. Our cat, Nibbles, seems to know what time her afternoon snack is–2:30. Starts the caterwauling about an hour before. Also she knows when the can of nuts is opening, even when she is another part of the house.

    1. bethbfromindiana:
      We watch cable series during meals. Moose can tell when a show has ended and comes running into the living room from wherever he is to get cuddles. And, oh yeah, the sounds of treat wrappers or travel cages!

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