Crepes, balls, cats, cheesecake / Crepes, bolas, gatos, tarta

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

ISABEL IS HERE RIGHT NOW cleaning. The house looks and smells so good. Isabel Day is the one day now we’re fairly certain to be at Mesón Salvador for coffee. Our friend Lulu usually tries to join us, which is what she did today.

When Angel came to the table, Lulu said in Spanish: “Do you have any cheesecake? I hope not!” To her pretend disappointment, he did. She had a small piece. Lulu is someone who simply glows with life and love. In my snapshots, I have never managed to capture her beauty and energy, but I hope you can get the idea.

Yesterday, I needed printer cartridges and supplies for overnight oats. So, rather than stay in our neighbourhood, I took a long walk across town to our large El Corte Inglés (Spain’s popular department store) and then stopped at a supermarket on the way back — about 6 miles (10 km) all told. My mood has been great (touch wood) for two days — despite current events.

My walk yesterday began on the beach, where for the first time ever I saw two guys with balls hanging from their heads. Watch the video and you’ll understand.


ISABEL ESTÁ AQUÍ AHORA MISMO limpiando. La casa se ve y huele tan bien. Isabel Day es el único día que estamos bastante seguros de estar en el Mesón Salvador para tomar un café. Nuestra amiga Lulu suele intentar unirse a nosotros, que es lo que hizo hoy.

Cuando Angel se acercó a la mesa, Lulu dijo en español: “¿Tienes tarta de queso? ¡Espero que no!” Para su fingida decepción, él lo hizo. Ella tenía una pequeña pieza. Lulu es alguien que simplemente brilla con vida y amor. En mis instantáneas, nunca he logrado capturar su belleza y energía, pero espero que puedas hacerte una idea.

Ayer, necesitaba cartuchos de impresora y suministros para la avena nocturna. Entonces, en lugar de quedarme en nuestro vecindario, di un largo paseo por la ciudad hasta nuestro gran El Corte Inglés (los grandes almacenes populares de España) y luego me detuve en un supermercado en el camino de regreso — a unos 10 km en total. Mi estado de ánimo ha sido excelente (toque madera) durante dos días, a pesar de los acontecimientos actuales.

Mi caminata de ayer comenzó en la playa, donde por primera vez vi a dos tipos con bolas colgando de la cabeza. Mira el video y lo entenderás.

Early evening Wednesday.
Miércoles por la tarde.
Almost home Thursday.
Casi en casa el jueves.
• You can see the airborne yellow ball at center. This guy was more shy than his friend (in the video below).
• Puede ver la bola amarilla en el aire en el centro. Este tipo era más tímido que su amigo (en el video a continuación).
• Happy cats on the dining room rug. Apartment photos still to come.
• Felices gatos en la alfombra del comedor. Fotos de apartamentos aún por llegar.
• Lulu with the cheesecake she had hoped they didn’t have.
• Lulu con la tarta de queso que esperaba que no tuvieran.
• A friend had a crepe filled with chocolate (it was delicious, he said). He put artificial sweetener in his café con leche. He didn’t think he was being inconsistent.
• Un amigo comió una crepe rellena de chocolate (estaba deliciosa, dijo). Puso edulcorante artificial en su café con leche. No pensó que estaba siendo inconsistente.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “Crepes, balls, cats, cheesecake / Crepes, bolas, gatos, tarta”

    1. Debra:
      My friend said it was better than he had hoped, and overloaded with chocolate. I controlled myself… and drank my coffee.

  1. OM NOM NOM NOM! wish meson salvador could open up a branch in my neighborhood! lulu looks like a fun friend. and of course the boyz…

    1. anne marie:
      Don’t know what we would do without Mesón Salvador these days. I was back there in the afternoon to meet an old friend. She grew up in town, but said every time she’s there she feels like she’s in my living room. Lulu is wonderful. And, of course, the boyz!

  2. Looks like Summer still for you, it’s -3C here today going up to a balmy 4C and little white stuff falling with a strong cold wind. I wonder what would S.G. say about that?

  3. Oh my…that crepe and other earthly delights looks so good……you found a way to my heart.

    Always something of interest on your beach. But I think if that boy were naked while playing with that punch ball it would be even far more interesting !!!!!!!!

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      The crepe was overloaded with chocolate and delicious, I was told. I managed to control myself.

      I agree about naked ball playing, but I’d miss the ball more than I’d punch it and I’d be afraid what it might hit on my errant swings.

  4. I love how the sea melts into the horizon in your first photo – a magical time of day. I had never seen balls like that before.

    1. Wilma:
      I had never seen that kind of ball game either. From a distance I didn’t know he had a headband and I couldn’t figure out why the hell he was doing.

      That beach view took my breath away. It looked mystical.

  5. Ha! I laughed at the artificial sweetener with the crepe. I’m reminded of an old Garfield cartoon, where he was swigging Diet Coke and he said something like, “Twenty more of these and I’ll be thin as a rail!”

    1. Steve:
      I LOVED that Garfield cartoon. (But I wonder how many Trump supporters actually believe it works that way.) Dudo just reached up and punched me. I guess I can’t hold out much longer with their treats.

    1. Bob:
      From a distance I had no idea how that ball was staying up in the air all the time. If you’d ask Dudo, they’d tell they’re lives are very difficult. “He makes us what until some random hour for treats!”

  6. My daughter once brought home a boyfriend who made crepes for us. I wish she had kept him.


  7. I want Lulu to be my friend too. I want to pal around with people who order cheesecake with no hesitation.

    1. Ann:
      Lulu is such a joy. SG met her in Spanish class several years ago and they instantly connected. Don’t YOU order cheesecake with no hesitation?

  8. Oh my! That ‘early evening Wednesday’ photo is beautiful!
    The cats are appreciating the new rug I see.
    And Lulu has very kind eyes.

    1. Jim:
      Wasn’t that beach scene stunning. It was otherworldly and the photo did capture it perfectly. The cats love the new rugs! Lulu DOES have kind eyes. She is an exceptional person. So lucky.

  9. I don’t understand… is that supposed to be exercise? If I tried that, the ball would end up hitting me in the face. Then I’d be done.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I loved watching that guy play. But, I agree, I’d poke an eye out with that thing.

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