A Sacred Cow / Una Vaca Sagrada

La versión español está después de la versión inglés.

Lately, our local sand sculptures haven’t really excited me, and I was just Wednesday morning thinking about how much I’ve missed Paul Blane. He lives nearby and, during our first few years in Fuengirola, I could find him on the beach most days creating exceptional works of art (click here). He’s got the perfect combination of skill, talent, creativity, intelligence, and wit.

Paul has been busy with other things these couple of years and I had thought of writing him this week. So, what a great surprise to be out for a walk and come upon Paul creating something for Christmas. He may only be available temporarily but he brightened up my week. He’s still applying the finishing touches. So I’ll be back.

Ultimamente, nuestras esculturas de arena locales realmente no me han emocionado, y el miércoles por la mañana estaba pensando en lo mucho que extrañaba a Paul Blane. Él vive cerca y, durante nuestros primeros años en Fuengirola, lo pude encontrar en la playa casi todos los días creando maravillosas obras de arte. (haz clic aquí). Él tiene la combinación perfecta de habilidad, talento, creatividad, inteligencia, e ingenio.

Paul ha estado ocupado con otras cosas estos dos años y había pensado escribirle esta semana. Entonces, qué gran sorpresa salir de paseo y encontrar a Paul creando algo para la Navidad. Puede que solo esté disponible temporalmente pero alegró mi semana. Él todavía está aplicando los toques finales. Así que volveré.

Wednesday. / El Miércoles
Paul replenishing supplies. / Paul, reponiendo suministros.
Thursday / El Jueves
Friday / El Viernes
Mary looks like she just got away with something. What could it be? / María parece a alguien que se salió con la suya. ¿Que podría ser?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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26 thoughts on “A Sacred Cow / Una Vaca Sagrada”

  1. Mary, Mary, Mary…..what HAVE you started! here?!
    Must be interesting to watch Paul create his pieces of art.

    1. Deedles:
      Yep, Paul said the cow was probably the worst he’s ever done but he was behind where he wanted to be on the rest, so he decided to leave it that way. But it’s all still pretty amazing.

    1. Bob:
      I know! I didn’t get back today. I know he was going to add a bit more wall and then a tile floor. Who knows what other surprises. the wind has been blowing all evening. Hope it holds up!

  2. Why is Mary smiling? She knows she’s about to become a celebrity (too bad she gets no royalties all those ceramic garden sculptures.)

    1. Kirk:
      She had no idea how many times she would appear on someone’s lawn in an upright bathtub.

  3. Mary does have a rather smirky smile – maybe she left a poop present somewhere in the nativity lol. I love the sheep in the little pen in the back, an extremely talented sand sculpturer he is.

    1. Parsnip:
      I hope Paul has time to continue his work on the beach for a while. His creations are so much fun.

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