Jerks and jackhammers / Cretinos y martillos neumáticos

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

DESPITE MY MOOD I MANAGED to get out for a walk yesterday morning. It was a sunny summer-like day with people on the beach and in the water. I saw more people without masks or wearing them down around their chins than I’ve ever seen here. Couples strolled by with masks wrapped around their arms. Did they not get the memo?!?

Masks have been a requirement for months. My understanding of our most recent regulations is that you must now wear a mask even when exercising. That’s always made sense to me. I’ve been “sprayed” twice by runners panting past me unmasked. The second time was yesterday and so infuriated me that I left the Paseo and wound my way home on the less traveled side streets. If we have to go back into lockdown, these jerks will blame the government.

Speaking of jerks, The Kid Brother is wondering why the almost-former president of the United States was being such a big one. Oh, he received another postcard. He was delighted. “I got a postcard,” he told me when I asked if he had received any mail. “From me?” “No.” “Susan?” “No.” “Can you read the name?” “No.” I then spelled the names of everyone I know has sent him a card. “No. No. No. No.” “You know who it’s from!!!” he finally snapped. “From David?” “Yeah!” (Remember when he said he didn’t know the name?) He said it was a picture of a woman but “not from these days” and he thought it was “a really good card.” Thanks, David Travel Penguin! You are a kind soul.

The work continues at Plaza San Rafael (click here if you haven’t been keeping up). We’re glad we don’t live directly on the plaza. For three weeks now the jackhammer has been pounding from 8 in the morning until at least 6 in the evening. But, while that continues, the new construction is well under way.

I had been recently thinking how much Dudo adores us. He spends every minute in bed with one or both of us and can’t get close enough. Well, San Geraldo rolled out the space heater in his office for these cold 65F (18C) autumn evenings and Dudo has been planted on SG’s office chair ever since. He’s not adoring; he’s cold (well, maybe a little adoring).


A PESAR DE MI ESTADO de ánimo, logré salir a caminar ayer por la mañana. Era un día soleado como de verano con gente en la playa y en el agua. Vi a más personas sin máscaras o vistiéndolas alrededor de la barbilla de las que he visto aquí. Parejas paseaban con máscaras envueltas alrededor de sus brazos. ¿¡¿No recibieron el memo?!?

Las mascarillas son un requisito desde hace meses. Tengo entendido que nuestras regulaciones más recientes es que debe usar una mascarilla incluso cuando hace ejercicio. Eso siempre ha tenido sentido para mí. Me han “rociado” dos veces los corredores que pasan jadeando sin mascarilla. La segunda vez fue ayer y me enfureció tanto que dejé el Paseo y me dirigí a casa por las calles laterales menos transitadas. Si tenemos que volver al encierro, estos cretinos culparán al gobierno.

Hablando de cretinos, El Hermanito se pregunta por qué el casi-ex-presidente de los Estados Unidos estaba siendo uno tan grande. Oh, recibió otra postal. Estaba encantado. “Recibí una postal”, me dijo cuando le pregunté si había recibido algún correo. “¿De mi parte?” “No.” “¿De Susan?” “No.” “¿Puedes leer el nombre?” “No.” Luego escribí los nombres de todas las personas que conozco que le enviaron una tarjeta. “No. No no no.” “¡Sabes de quién es!” finalmente espetó. “¿De David?” “¡Si!” ¿Recuerdas cuando dijo que no sabía el nombre? Dijo que era una tarjeta de una mujer pero que “no de estos días” y pensó que era “un posta realmente buena”. ¡Gracias, David Travel Penguin! Eres un alma amable.

El trabajo continúa en la Plaza San Rafael (haz clic aquí si no te has mantenido al día). Nos alegra no vivir directamente en la plaza. Durante tres semanas, el martillo neumático ha estado golpeando desde las 8 hasta al menos las 18:00. Pero, mientras eso continúa, la nueva construcción está muy avanzada.

Recientemente había estado pensando cuánto nos adora Dudo. Pasa cada minuto en la cama con uno o ambos y no puede acercarse lo suficiente. Bueno, San Geraldo instaló el calentador de espacio en su oficina para estas frías tardes de otoño de 18C (65F) y Dudo se ha plantado en la silla de oficina de SG desde entonces. Él no está adorando; tiene frío (bueno, tal vez un poco adorando).

San Geraldo’s most recent take on the traditional Spanish tortilla. Made with leftovers.
La versión más reciente de San Geraldo de la tradicional tortilla española. Elaborado con sobras.
A street cleaner pedaling the Paseo.
Un barrendero pedaleando por el Paseo.
Although she forgot to wear pants, she and her friends all remembered to wear masks. (Everyone who passed took a picture. I don’t think it was because of their masks.)
Aunque olvidó usar pantalones, ella y sus amigas recordaron usar mascarillas. (Todos los que pasaron hicieron una foto. No creo que fuera por sus mascarillas.)
Moose watching the crag martins get settled last night.
Moose viendo cómo se instalaban los roqueros anoche.
The remainder of the base that supported the statue of the false saint is being jackhammered to bits.
El resto de la base que sostenía la estatua del falso santo está siendo destrozada.
Four egrets in flight at sunrise today.
Cuatro garcetas en vuelo al amanecer de hoy.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

37 thoughts on “Jerks and jackhammers / Cretinos y martillos neumáticos”

  1. OMG! Could anything be worse than THAT photo? Answer – Yes a view of her front side!

    Thank goodness D & M are there to help assuage the trauma of the experience.

    1. Raybeard:
      Others along my side of the street were trying to get ahead of her to get ‘the other’ view.

  2. WHAT IS UP with that woman with no pants?!?!

    I must admit I don’t wear a mask on the street. My understand is as long as you’re outdoors there’s not much risk of transmission because of air movement. I only wear one indoors. But maybe the rules are different where you are. (And I’m not jogging or heavily respirating.)

    Geez, that construction on the plaza looks like a nightmare.

    As for Dudo, yes — cats are ever-practical.

    1. Steve:
      I assumed they were coming from the beach and that she was wearing a thong bikini. But it sure didn’t seem appropriate street wear.

      Mask rules are very different here. But, it’s definitely safer outdoors… except when someone pants in your face from two feet away and then sprays spittle all over your arm.

      The demolition is going well but SO noisy. I don’t know how people living on the plaza stand it. However, at the moment I don’t hear any jackhammering. Maybe that part is done.

  3. WTF was that woman thinking?!?! Sorry, everything else about this post flew from my mind when I saw that photo! And now I can’t unsee it!! At least she was wearing a mask, I guess. Hahhaha.

    1. Jennifer:
      I’m sure there was a thong bikini under that T-shirt but that thought doesn’t really help. Her mask was obviously bigger than her bikini.

  4. Think (hope) that might be “The Case of the Disappearing Thong”. No matter. Bring back the mismatched plaids! Iy yi yi!

    1. Mary:
      I’m sure it was a thong bikini. But it doesn’t make much difference … especially from the rear!

    1. sillygirl:
      I’m sure she was wearing a thong bikini. I assumed they were coming from the beach. So, not a mental health issue just a judgment issue.

  5. One must always be circumspect when judging feline motivations. They ain’t like us, ya know. Pantless photo was quite frightening, but the two gentlemen with their backs to the camera look quite promising (slobber).

  6. I missed the pants-less woman until everyone pointed her out!!

    I sent a card to Chuck; it’s been a hair over a week, but I think our USPS is still on voting delay time???

    1. Bob:
      Well, I bet if it had been a pants-less man, you wouldn’t have needed any help. I told Chuck to watch for your name. An easy one for him to recognise.

  7. Sprayed by a RUNNER?!?!?!? THAT is NASTY!!!!!!

    But San Geraldo can cook for me anytime sugar. And Moose! I knew he was a deep thinking philosophical cat.

    And WTF is that woman with no bottoms on doing!?!?!?!?!?!? Please tell me she as on butt floss???? Second…why can’t it be the man in blue shorts bottomless???? It’s always the wrong people…..always.

    1. Mistress Maddie:
      It WAS disgusting despite the fact that he was a very fit and hot, shirtless runner. In a different time maybe.

      I’m sure the woman was wearing a butt floss bikini, although there was no sign of it. And, yes, blue shorts should have been wearing the thong!

    1. Debra:
      Well, I was in shorts and a tank top myself. But had I been wearing MY thong, I would have worn a longer T-shirt.

    1. Wilma:
      Glad you haven’t been hit too hard by the storms. When I saw that young woman, I kept thinking “What would her grandmother say?”

  8. One of these days, Moose, one of these days….
    Maybe half-naked lady is pre-menopausal ? Strange indeed.
    WOW for that sunrise pic!!
    There are those maskless selfish jerks everywhere. Where are the enforcers?

    1. Jim:
      MOSTLY naked lady was way too young for pre-menopausal. It was simply I think a thong bikini and questionable judgment. The police find it very frustrating trying to enforce the mask laws. Everybody has an excuse. The claim of ignorance is not uncommon… and SOMETIMES understandable; the rules are hard to follow.

  9. I assume chuck got my flamingo on roller skates card? and people that don’t wear masks should get COVID and die!

    I’m sorry, but that woman has no respect for herself. I have a fat ass myself and would NEVER allow myself to be seen in public like that; it would gross people out. now in my own home is another story…

    cats and sunrises and SG’s food creations and street life – love it all.

    1. Now Carebear, maybe she is homeless and has a rash! Nah, I don’t think so either. Well, looks like my positivity just met with a quick death.

    2. anne marie:
      Chuck hasn’t yet received your card. I’ll definitely write about it when he does. I don’t care what size the ass, walking through town in a thong (even one buried in your ass crack) shows questionable judgment. I sure hope she wasn’t going to sit in a chair in some nearby cafe. (I’ve seen THAT, too.)

      1. anne marie:
        Oh, the sights we’ve seen. Bikini-clad sweaty people! This was before there pandemic and I always though the furniture needed to be disinfected before anyone else used it. I’m hoping Chuck receives your card this week. I told him a couple of weeks ago to watch for a flamingo; that would be from Anne Marie in Philly. He told me last night — thinking of you — that HIS team, Philadelphia lost to “those Giants.” He was NOT happy about that, but he’s so happy about everything else right now.

  10. From the title of this post (don’t you hate when I start off this way?), I was expecting a titillating tutorial about man-handling. Silly me! I want to say something positive, for once. This is going to be hard, but I’ve been practicing. I think that lady’s assets are okay. I wouldn’t put my similarly shaped butt out there because of modesty and my thighs look like Sharpeis from behind. Her thighs look great! My corneas are a bit damaged, but that’s okay too! With a little rest and staring at the sun they should heal up just fine 🙂

    1. Deedles:
      I don’t care what kind of body someone has, they should think twice before walking though town in a thong bikini. She probably sat in a nearby cafe and had a drink. Would you want to sit in that chair after her?

  11. Well you never know what you are going to see next. The Lady “not from these days” the Mona Lisa – oh that smile.

    1. David:
      Oh my god. The Mona Lisa?!? That is hilarious. He must have seen that painting at some point. Still, he would never get that specific during the first conversation — as in, “it’s a lady from an old painting.” Oh, this is SO good!

  12. Bert enjoys sitting on top of radiators in the morning. The one in the living room and another one up in the loft are his favorites.

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