Get your head out of my shorts / ¡Saca tu cabeza de mis pantalones cortos!

La versión en español está después de la vesión en inglés.

IN A CALVIN KLEIN ADVERTISING campaign in 1980, a 15-year-old Brooke Shields said, “You want to know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.” Here, Moose regularly gets between me and my Calvin’s (see below) — and San Geraldo can whenever he likes.

We took dinner to Pedro and Kathleen’s again last night. San Geraldo made breaded chicken, potatoes and onions (and some without onions for Luke), peas (well, Kathleen cooked those, but we brought them), and apple cake for dessert. We picked up whipped cream in a can for the kids.

I completed chapter 16 of SG’s book before lunch today. He’s working on the final chapter. Then we’ll both need to review all chapters, plus complete the index. We’re almost there.

Last night we had a surprise FaceTime call from friends in England who escaped Spain just before lockdown last year. A wonderful surprise — when SG was supposed to be cooking the potatoes — that had us scrambling to get out the door. After dinner, I skyped with Susan in Oregon. After that, my dreams were sweet. Tonight we’ll FaceTime with Nick and Alyson in Colchester (home of Colchester Castle). One of these days, we’ll visit them — and the castle. This lovefest is going to leave us feeling lonely tomorrow.

My throw pillows were ready to be picked up Friday at Maisons du Monde. I didn’t think my back could handle getting in and out of the car, so I decided to go Saturday morning instead. But the barometric pressure changed and the earth was spinning (and shaking) at a different rate than me. I felt seasick. Not a good day to get behind the wheel. So, I figured I’d wait until Monday. Then I remembered Monday is All-Saints Day (a national holiday here). By the time I pick up the pillows, I’ll want new ones.

The Kid Brother told me he needs to get a new phone (remember, the other one “got bent”). I asked him how much the first one cost. He said, “$900.” I have no idea where he got $900, but I told him to not do anything until I get there (whenever that may be). I’d like to set him up so we can do video chat, but not with a $900 phone. Otherwise, the only thing he uses it for is to take pictures! I thought someone from the office that runs his apartment had gone with him, but he told me, “They don’t do nothin’!”

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretch: Four times Saturday, three times so far today.
Walking: Nothing Saturday because the ground was spinning. This morning, 6.5 km / 4 miles.
Sweets: A beer with Pedro last night. A small slice of SG’s apple cake, too.
Note: My Levi’s 501s, size 32, were even more comfortable last night. And in profile, my chest sticks out more than my belly!


EN UNA CAMPAÑA DE PUBLICIDAD de Calvin Klein en 1980, modelo Brooke Shields, de 15 años, dijo: “¿Quieres saber qué se interpone entre mis Calvins y yo? Nada.” Aquí, Moose se interpone regularmente entre mi Calvin y yo (ver más abajo) — y San Geraldo puede cuando quiere.

Anoche volvimos a cenar a casa de Pedro y Kathleen. San Geraldo hizo pollo empanizado, papas y cebollas (y algunos sin cebolla para Luke), guisantes (bueno, Kathleen los cocinó, pero los trajimos) y pastel de manzana de postre. Recogimos crema batida en una lata para los niños.

Terminé el capítulo 16 del libro de SG antes del almuerzo de hoy. Está trabajando en el capítulo final. Luego, ambos tendremos que revisar todos los capítulos y completar el índice. Casi estámos allí.

Anoches, recibimos una llamada sorpresa de FaceTime de amigos en Inglaterra que escaparon de España justo antes del encierro el año pasado. Una sorpresa maravillosa, cuando se suponía que SG estaba cocinando las patatas, que nos hizo luchar para salir por la puerta. Después de la cena, hablé con Susan en Oregon. Después de eso, mis sueños fueron dulces. Esta noche tendremos FaceTime con Nick y Alyson en Colchester (hogar del Castillo de Colchester). Uno de estos días, los visitaremos a ellos y al castillo. Esta fiesta de amor nos dejará sintiéndonos solos mañana.

Mis cojines estaban listos para ser recogidos el viernes en Maisons du Monde. No creía que mi espalda pudiera soportar entrar y salir del coche, así que decidí ir el sábado por la mañana. Pero la presión barométrica cambió y la tierra giraba (y temblaba) a un ritmo diferente al mío. Me sentí mareado. No fue un buen día para conducir. Entonces, pensé que esperaría hasta el lunes. Entonces recordé que el lunes es el Día de Todos los Santos. Para cuando recoja las almohadas, querré unas nuevas.

El Hermanito me dijo que necesitaba un móvil nuevo (recuerde, el otro “se dobló”). Le pregunté cuánto costaba el primero. Él dijo: “$900.” No tengo idea de dónde sacó $900, pero le dije que no hiciera nada hasta que yo llegara (cuando sea que sea). Me gustaría configurarlo para que podamos hacer un chat de video, pero no con un móvil de $900. De lo contrario, ¡lo único para lo que lo usa es para tomar fotografías! Pensé que alguien de la oficina que administra su apartamento se había ido con él, pero me dijo: “¡No hacen nada!

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Cuatro veces el sábado, tres veces hasta ahora.
Caminar: Nada el sábado porque el suelo daba vueltas. Esta mañana, 6.5 km / 4 millas.
Dulces: Una cerveza con Pedro anoche. También un pequeño trozo de tarta de manzana de SG.
Nota: Mis Levi’s 501, talla 32, eran aún más cómodos anoche! ¡Y de perfil, mi pecho sobresale más que mi barriga!

• Luke gave me Halloween candy. I’m supposed to share it with SG. I should have snuck it back to Kathleen before we left.
• Luke me dio dulces de Halloween. Se supone que debo compartirlo con SG. Debería habérselo devuelto a Kathleen antes de que nos fuéramos.
• Beckett is up and he’s down and he’s up and he’s down and….
• Beckett está arriba y abajo y arriba y abajo and….
• Is it time?
• ¿Es hora?
• This is what I saw last night when I went downstairs to pick up the whipped cream.
• Esto es lo que vi anoche cuando bajé a recoger la nata.
• Taking the shortcut to Kathleen and Pedro’s.
• Tomando el atajo a Kathleen y Pedro’s.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

15 thoughts on “Get your head out of my shorts / ¡Saca tu cabeza de mis pantalones cortos!”

  1. Another term for Beckett’s age is a Jack in the Box. Boing. Boing. Boing. Have a two year old GS who is never, ever still. A chair is simply a climbing implement. Sitting on one for more than 15 seconds at a time is unthinkable. Kathleen and Pedro will completely understand this observation.

    Just back from a two week visit to the UK. Travel was not difficult. Don’t know if I was just particularly lucky, but I (solo traveler) went on virtually every form of transport there is–including ferries–while I was over there. Was in London and different places in Scotland and had no problems. Felt safe. Wore my mask even when others didn’t (Scotland is tighter about that on transport and indoors than folks are in the south). Had a wonderful time meeting up with (vaccinated) friends. Hope you get to visit your Colchester friends soon (I used to live in a village not too far from there when I was a kid). Took my UK Day 2 test and my online supervised test a couple of days before returning to US–both negative. Heathrow Terminal 2 was eerily quiet upon arrival and departure. Not sure how long that will last with places (US next week) opening up, but it was fine for me.

    Good luck to Jerry and you as you finish editing his book.

    1. Mary:
      Yep, Jack in the Box describes him perfectly. Two weeks ago, I looked into the living room and asked, “Um, is Beckett allowed to stand atop the back of the wing chair?” (He isn’t.) So glad you got to take that trip and enjoyed it. When we FaceTimed last night (a joy) we talked about when we’ll next see each other.

  2. What do you have to do, where do you have to go, to get a little privacy around the house? I am back able to comment on your blog, for some reason my I-Pad and your comments don’t get along.

    1. David:
      With cats, there is no such thing as privacy. One of our California cats used to sit outside the shower doors when I showered and attack the drips of water as they ran down.

    2. David:
      Forgot to mention… I often can’t comment on blogs from my iPad. Sometimes it works, so I have no clue what the problem is. I clear disk cache, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. As a result, I tend to comment from my desktop.

  3. Happy Hallows to you both my dears! Those two have the cutest kids. Does Beckett like Halloween yet? And those Calvins!!!!! BWHAHAHAHAHA . My friend Hedda Lettuce has a chihuahua named Lupe who does the same thing most mornings. Curls right up in his dropped drawers.

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      Beckett is having a ball with Halloween. They decorated the entire downstairs of the house, and Luke keeps adding things. They are two great kids.

      It’s nice to get head in my Calvins.

  4. A good day for you then, except for the spinning world and the aching back! will you get your pillows on Tuesday? Becket and Luke seem pretty happy with dessert.

    1. Wilma:
      Haven’t spun since Saturday. AND… I just had two power sneezes and not a twinge from my back. I sure hope to pick up the pillows tomorrow!

    1. Debra:
      Happy Día de los Muertos. Kathleen, Pedro and kids are celebrating it with a shrine of their own and photos and memories of their loved ones.

    1. Urspo:
      Just a literal translation. I don’t think I’ve ever said it even in English. Have you?

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